CC Chapter 2, Part 3: Anael

The four-armed giant snickered, as she grumbled “Where I come from, it’s typically frowned upon to eat living creatures… Cannibalism is also a pretty big taboo. So yeah, it does piss me off a bit. I guess it just gives me even more of a reason to make their deaths excruciatingly painful…”

Joseph smirked, many of the gladiators shivered in fear when they met his gaze, but Iris was actually talking to the manager of the arena as if it was totally normal. He ‘gently’ patted her on the shoulder and she winced in pain, nearly falling to the ground. However, it only took her a moment to stand up straight again.

“I watched some of your fights, ‘Anael’. Hehehe~, I’m really looking forward to seeing you take all that rage out on these brats. Anger is an excellent source of power, especially for someone like you. Anyway, don’t take too long in here… I’m heading over to the Fighting Pits now. I’ll be betting on you, so don’t let me down Kid!” Once he was gone, the noise level in the Cafeteria rose back to the usual incessant roar of chattering voices.

Iris went through and decided to sit down inside of an italian restaurant. Eventually a tall and blonde waitress came over to take her order. She picked a simple plate of spaghetti and a glass of iced tea. There were options to add calamari, shrimp, scallops, mussels, baby polar bears, penguin eggs and other aquatic delicacies, but they weren’t free.

She had to take off her mask so that she could eat. However, the moment she finished eating, she covered her face again. As Iris was leaving the Cafeteria, there was a commotion up ahead.

“Hurry up, you wastrels! Stop dragging your feet!” A red-skinned man, with only two arms and giant antelope horns coming out of his temples, was herding a group of fifty slaves towards the Arena.

Witnessing that scene, a small woman close to Iris whispered “I heard that they’re going to be fighting some beasts…”

The tall bald man that she was talking to shook his head, then quietly said “They’re executing a Kitsune… I think it’s a Sifian. That’s why they need so many slaves.”

At that moment, there was a deafening roar. It was so loud that the entire cavern started rumbling. A few of the children who were being herded towards the arena collapsed onto the floor and started crying. Even some of the older men and women were so horrified that they couldn’t move. However, once the red-skinned demon began whipping them and shouting, they all hurriedly followed his orders.

Iris sighed and shook her head, before walking towards the same direction. The entrance to the Arena and the Fighting Pits were right next to each other. As soon as she entered inside of the large ominous gateway, the familiar stench of blood, urine, feces and death bombarded her nostrils. She could also hear furious jeers and excited cheers in the distance, along with shouts and screams.


6 thoughts on “CC Chapter 2, Part 3: Anael

  1. Kitsune like in DoDK, or kitsune like a fox spirit thing? I don’t remember any Sifian Kitsune as a species, but you obviously didn’t tell us every species on the planet. So I’m just double checking.

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