CC Chapter 2, Part 4: The Fighting Pits

“Ah, a fuckin noob! What the hell are ya waiting around for! Get over here, ya ginger cunt!” Although she had been guided many times before as a slave, she never entered the Fighting Pits as a gladiator. Thus, she was a little surprised that the receptionist was talking to her the moment she entered the gates.

The entryway was mostly made out of stone, with artificial torches for lighting. Obviously they couldn’t use real fire, because it would be extremely inefficient and the ventilation was bad enough as it was.

When she walked up to the wooden counter, the brown-skinned goblin frowned. After a few seconds, he yelled “What the fuck are you waiting for, Bitch?! Take off your damn glove so I can scan your Rune!”

She hurriedly removed the black-leather glove from her right hand and the little man’s right eye shot out a bunch of red lasers. A moment later, he asked “Alright, are you gonna make an appointment or are you a walk-in? The upcoming available matches are on the screen over there… Now get the fuck outta the way! You ain’t the only one here, Asshole!”

On Wrath, verbally abusing people was polite. If someone really hated you, they wouldn’t bother with words. Even the weaker demons were still incredibly strong though. There was one time when Iris saw one of the tiny goblin receptionists, tear apart five of the beefy enforcers. It was best to never underestimate the staff.

Arrogance and honor were commonplace on the planet Asura-1, Pride, but on Asura-6… It was best to always be cautious and careful. No matter how powerful you became, it was important to never become overconfident.

As Iris put her glove back on, she looked at the huge touchscreen computer and saw hundreds of matches lined up. There were ten different Fighting Pits and each one was constantly in use. Most of the battles were essentially just hand-to-hand combat on small stages. The audience was never more than a few people, but everything was streamed live on the Rageborn Arena’s website. As long as someone was within the Asura System, they would be able to watch the fights.

In fact, on the screen that Iris was looking at, there were ten different squares at the center. It was possible to see the current state of all the Fighting Pits simultaneously. She ignored that though and simply scanned through the upcoming matches for openings. There were three other gladiators behind her who were doing the same as well.

The slaves were all fairly weak, in the sense that they were only humans without any Powers. They were also all Unranked, without any sort of level to determine how strong they actually were. However, it was possible to make guesses based on their age, size, sex, how many Souls they were betting and most importantly… The Kill-Death Ratio.


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