Chapter 36: Class-Change

Elina was cowering on the ground and crying, while clutching the key in both of her hands. She prayed “Goddess forgive me, I’ve taken the life of one of your children…” It was actually the first time that she had ever killed another person before.

Paladins or Crusaders of different sects or races slaughtering each-other was fairly normal, but she was a Priestess of Light, who specialized in healing. Similar to how sex was a taboo, ending the life of another person of the Light Affinity, was an incredibly grave sin.

Contrary to her fears of divine punishment, she received a message: “Light Affinity has reached level-5.” Something that she had been meditating, praying, and working towards for so long, had been achieved after she committed such a terrible crime.

While she was suffering from a large amount of mental shock, Sarah’s body began glowing brightly. Then a monotonous feminine voice resounded “You have reached level-7.”

Before she had the chance to invest any stat-points, she received notification: “Class-Change Quest Completed: A Thief who kills for the sake of stealing a person’s belongings and becoming wealthy, is considered a Bandit. However, an Assassin is also, in the end, someone who murders for a profit. You desire something more, you crave the bloodshed, you love the brutality, and most importantly… you despise yourself for being weak. There is great power in Darkness, but the proper path cannot be chosen for you.”

After that, she was shown three different weapons: A dagger, a sickle, then a slightly curved short-sword, which had only a single blade. They were each simple, dull and unimpressive, so there was certainly no difference in quality between them.

She grumbled “Ugh, what the fuck is all this bullshit? Some kinda test?” Then she turned to the weeping Priestess and yelled “Hey, Dumbass, stop crying like a little bitch and help me decide something!”

Elina immediately snapped out of her shock and looked around her, noticing that all of the white-clothed Inquisitors had been dyed completely red, from their own blood. The corpses were sprawled out onto the inn’s rubble, and a horrible stench was wafting through the air.

Those dark clouds were still blocking out the sunlight, and she witnessed countless incorporeal spirits wandering around the ruins. After gazing up at Sarah, she asked “Why would you help me?”

The Bloodworm-Goblin scowled, before complaining “The hell are you talking about? I killed them because of a Quest; the same reason why I followed you here, and now I need to pick between a dagger, a sickle and a short-sword for some reason. I can use either of the three, but I’m pretty sure the one I choose, is gonna decide what my new Class turns into. Whaddya think?”

Elina grabbed a leather money-pouch off of one of the corpses and placed the rusty key inside, then muttered “A sickle is used by Farmers, Ninja, and Cultists or Necromancers; Daggers and short-swords are too vague… explain their appearances more clearly.”

Sarah tilted her head and said “Let’s see… well, the dagger is kinda wavy, like a slithering snake. The sword has only one edge, and its curved slightly, aside from that, there’s a mark on the hilt of each one. Fuck it, I’ll just go with the…”

When she had finally decided, a pitch-black fog enveloped her body and swirled around rapidly for a few moments, before condensing into the form of a weapon. The Priestess immediately used her ‘Scan’ on the object, and a screen popped-up in-front of both of them: “Obsidian Wakizashi: Increases the wielder’s Dexterity, Agility and Willpower by one, and Attack Rating by twenty. Soulbound to Sarah Carelia, and can only be worn by her. Rare Quality, requires level­-five.”

It was certainly an excellent sword, but she still complained “Didn’t even come with a fucking scabbard…” However, she was amazed to discover the pitch-black blade started entering inside of her right palm, and turning into a tattoo.

Then a notification told her “Right-Hand Weapon has been Unequipped: Obsidian Wakizashi.” Reading that, Elina quickly attempted to do the same for her own Soulbound item.

After the cat-girl’s clothes started glowing with a blinding radiance, they suddenly disappeared and only a white seal was left on the center of her chest. With a thought, she was instantly wearing her ‘Robe of Purity’ again.

The stat-bonuses obviously disappear once an item is Unequipped, but at least it could potentially save a lot of bag-space. Elina exclaimed “This is ridiculous! I can’t believe that something so convenient is even possible!”

Sarah glared at her as she pulled out the short-sword and ordered “Shut-up and help me loot the damn corpses… We should really get out of here before more of these bastards show-up.” Then the Priestess reluctantly started collecting all the coins that she could find on the bodies, while the Goblin unhesitantly tore open their skulls to retrieve the tiny white beads at the center of their brains.

In total, they gained one gold, seventy-nine silver, and forty-three copper; along with five Light-Affinity, rank-G, level-ten to fourteen, Human mana-cores. Unfortunately, all of the clothes and other equipment were completely unusable by either of them.

Covered in blood and grime, Elina started crying again, while asking “Goddess of Light, what should I do now?”

At that moment, a familiar voice resounded in both of their minds: “Oh hey~, so there really is a ‘Whisper’ feature, huh? Well whatever, congrats on the level-up and Class-change… You should probably put a point in Intelligence and Wisdom, since your mana-usage is pretty outrageous at the moment.”

Sarah casually replied “Yeah, that’s what I was gonna do…” as she immediately opened up her status-screen.

[Companion Information

Name: Sarah
Titles: The Tree-Hater
Level: 7
Experience: 67/70
Age: Adult
Race: Bloodworm-Goblin
Rank: F
Class: Shadow
Specialization: Stealth, Melee Damage Dealer
Profession: Unemployed]


Health: 30/30
Mana: 20/20
Stamina: 15/15

Mana Regen per minute: 30
Health Regen per hour: 30
Strength: 2
Vitality: 3
Endurance: 3
Dexterity: 3(+1)
Agility: 5(+1)
Intelligence: 4
Wisdom: 3
Perception: 2(+2)
Charisma: 2

Willpower: 5(+1)
Luck: 3
Aura: 1.5

Attack Rating: 10(+23)
Defense Rating: 1.5(+1)]


Immune System Boost Level 5: Resists Level five infectious diseases and illnesses.

Superior Regeneration Level 1: Organs and bones that have been lost, can be completely regenerated. Recovery speed is dependent on the amount of mana consumed.

Cutaneous Respiration Level 1: Able to absorb oxygen through the skin, as long as it’s properly hydrated. Effectiveness is dependent on Vitality.

Darkness Affinity Level 4: Dark environments increase the speed of health and mana recovery. Increases damage to enemies with Light Affinity by 40%.

Dagger Mastery Level 3: Increases Attack Rating while wielding knives, short-swords, and daggers by 15%.

Aura of Darkness Level 1: Killing enemies of the Light Attribute will increase the Aura stat by 1% of their level.]


Shadow-Step Level 3: Teleports into the target’s shadow. Range is dependent on Agility. Costs ten mana-points to activate.

Shadow-Cloak Level 2: Creates a shroud of darkness around the caster and all allies within range. Range is dependent on the Aura stat. Costs one mana-point per second.

Hate-Strike Level 1: Channels Dark-Mana into the caster’s weapons, polluting the enemy’s body and soul with destructive energy. Damage is dependent on the Aura stat. Twice as effective on enemies of the Light affinity. Costs five mana per second.]

Elina nervously asked “Michael? Why are you awake? Your Stamina was definitely depleted a few hours ago; actually, how are you even talking to us right now?” Telepathic magic wasn’t that uncommon, but it was usually only usable by Arcane-Mages and was completely one-sided; even her sister had been able to send simple messages, but the distance was limited by the mana-consumption.

He snickered and explained “Well, I was sleeping, until a certain cat-girl started talking about a mission they needed to take care of, and woke me up. Before I had a chance to pass-out again, a slimy little creeper started licking and molesting me for no particular reason, so I got turned on and had to masturbate… Unfortunately, with nothing but my imagination, it took me a while. Then right when it was finally about to fucking end, this asshole slime killed me. Sigh, anyway~, I’m about to start hunting with Inari now, so I’ll meet you guys back at the waterfall in a few hours.” He may have left out the fact that he could always see and hear what was happening, even while his body was unconscious.

Sarah was already starting to walk eastward, as Elina was still listlessly standing in the bloody rubble and wondering what she should do. Then that disembodied voice appeared again, “Oh yeah! I checked out that Quest you’re on right now, and was just wondering… Are you a fucking idiot? You’re like level seven, and you found the key to an endgame dungeon or raid, but you think that if you just show up at the destination, you’ll be able to accomplish something? Hell, it says that as long as you’re carrying the fucking thing, some douche-bag is gonna keep sending assassins to kill you. Just let me know when you’re about to die, so I can at least make sure my Health is topped off first. Whether you ignore my advice and try to go there on your own, or decided to meet-up with me in a few hours, we’ll still be seeing each-other again soon.”

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14 thoughts on “Chapter 36: Class-Change

  1. Lmfao…she must feel fucking stupid now. Ah man that was great. Shadow is decent. For his class I hope he gets like a reaper class or something. Just fucking kills everything and gains power from eating the souls. Permanent stat boosts yeeeh.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Edit: He’ll get the title: Death and be given true immortality and a serious upgrade in status. I mean literally primordial primeval status like death that existed before all and exists after all.

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  2. I kinda had a feeling there wasn’t any grand meaning behind your use of the name but it’s nice to have conformation. on the pain side I totally get you with appendicitis, I had acute appendicitis when I was 13ish and it honestly left me just crying in pain for an entire day until I was rushed to the hospital when my parents got off work. Aside from that though, dental pain really is the worst for me. When I was young I had a traumatic experience where I was held down and had a molar forcefully removed so now anything close to dental makes me pale while most other things don’t bother me too much. But such is life. And you’re correct about the short amount of time he’s spent in the new world, His rapid adaption to it makes it seem like longer and his constant deaths are quite enjoyable to me at least lol. Anyway, as said before, I’m really looking forward to new chapters, Love the story and keep up the excellent work.

    Liked by 1 person

    • As he starts to get more gear, spells and increases his level, he stops dying as often. Of course, it’s still a lot lol, but not quite as ridiculous :P. Also, stats are really important: a person with 20 Defense Rating, basically can’t be hurt by someone with less than 20 Attack Rating lol. Of course, if they get hit at a critical area, or with magic, then things are different.


  3. As someone who also has a terrible sleeping schedule I can understand how one days break can turn into two-three. (especially because after a good 30-40 hours of no sleep I can easily sleep for 12+) So I can’t fault you for that at all. As a side note, I’m curious why the MC doesn’t consume more mana crystals? He knows they give about 25% of a lvl worth of hard points and he’s mentioned that (paraphrasing here) “The trick is to eat a bunch before you die” yet he doesn’t when the treant kills him and he doesn’t seem inclined to consume a whole bunch and just suicide to a random panther. Anyways keep up the good work you magnificent bastard.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Well, there’s two reasons… Firstly, when you’re about to die, you don’t usually think, “Ah, how can I make this experience a lot more unpleasant?” lol

      I mean, even if he does die ALOT, it’s usually pretty abrupt. Also, eating mana-cores is terrible, even if you don’t die, and he doesn’t actually know if dying would make things better? LIke, he still hasn’t actually tested that theory yet, but it probably isn’t possible.

      There’s another reason why ‘I’ haven’t let him eat a bunch of stat-boosting mana-cores yet, and I can’t really tell you because it would be a spoiler lol. Besides, the system probably wouldn’t let him ‘cheat’ like that, ya know?

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      • That actually makes quite a bit of sense lol. I knew he hadn’t actually tested eating them then dieing, it was one of the main reasons I had behind asking about him not doing it. It was just confusing to me, because he seems like someone who would try to min/max himself in a game world. Digressing a little, while reading The Epic Tale of the Forsaken Hero which shares the similarity of resurrecting after death (but each time he dies he gets stronger) I had always wondered why he didn’t just repeatedly commit suicide (other than it being massively unpleasant) so figured I’d take a shot at asking and getting an authors view. anyway if you’re feeling chatty, is there any significance with the name Michael? Other than it being a variant of mike, is this Michael an early version of IS’? And sorry if I can’t articulate effectively I’m still learning English.

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      • Mike is the shortened version of Michael. Aside from it being my name, and the fact that I like it, I always thought that the meaning behind it was interesting. “Who is like God?” seemed like a good name for an OP MC lol. Plus it’s funny that my initials are MC rofl. Also, Michael is an extremely popular name, so there’s that.

        I read the Forsaken Hero and the reason why that main character didn’t keep dying to get stronger, was just because he was a pussy lol. That guy’s deaths weren’t even that bad :P. Well, some people just have higher tolerances for pain and discomfort.

        For example, I can ignore sharp pains fairly easily. However, aches and dull, elongated pains are what I think are truly horrible. Probably the most horrible experience of my life was when I had appendicitis… That was not fun.

        Of course he would want to max his stats, and he does take mana-cores every now and then… but it’s literally only been about a week since he got there. I mean, he’s died sooooo many times already and it’s only been a fucking week lol.


  4. Well sir, I for one love your sense of humor and all that it entails. About the burnout I would say take a break, but you know… Anyway thanks for the chapters really loving the story.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Lmao, thanks, I was kinda worried that people would complain about various things… Anyway, yeah, it’s not my first experience with getting burned out; I just wanted to let people know the reason why I didn’t update for two days? Well actually, it was only like 1 day for me, since my sleeping schedule is broken right now lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Waah? you stopped posting chapters for a day when was this? 😛 take a break whenever you want/need, just inform the masses ofc and give us “needy” audiences constant reassurance lol

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      • Lmao, yeah, the days according to wordpress are like 4 hours faster than here? Like, wordpress days end and start at 8pm here lol. However, I don’t have a normal schedule at all, and sometimes I stay up for a really long time? Basically if I take a break for a day, that could basically start 20 hours after the last post, and the one day break might end when I sleep after staying awake for 18 hours, and then after I wake up I might not post until I’ve been awake for 8 or 9 hours? Basically, it ends up into a situation where that one day of break was actually 40-50 hours roflmao…

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  5. Sigh, I’ve been mildly burned out the past few days… Probably because I’ve literally written over 100k words in the past month lmao. Also, I mentioned this many times before, but my sense of humor might be slightly offensive to some people? lol Well, whatever, I decided when writing this story, to try and keep from censoring it as much as possible. The Narrator never uses profanity and attempts to avoid vulgarity to some extent, but pretty much every conversation is relatively realistic? Some people never curse, while others literally swear in every sentence, because that’s just how people are :).

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