The Dao of Eros!

Okay, so now volume 1 of TDoE is officially totally posted lol.  Yep, it was a lot shorter than book 1 or 2 of HCOP, but… Well, that’s my fault for being inexperienced back then.

31 chapters and a prologue, brings the whole thing up to about… Idfk.  It’s probably close to 50,000 words.  That’s the length of a short book.  Yeah, I know, it’s hard to believe for some of you out there.  But the first ‘book’ of HCOP definitely wouldn’t be able to be a real book, because it’s way way way~ too long.

Anyway, I’ll probably edit and post a few chapters of HCOP soon.  Not today though, cause I just edited like 3 chapters in a row and I’m done with editing for today at least.  I also haven’t written anything yet today and I need to finish at least a chapter or two of TDoE :P.

Also, I finally escape the cesspool of negative Karma on Reddit, but I have an awesome person who is going to be updating things on Novel Translations for me, so my Karmic level is totally meaningless now anyway… But!  If I want to post things there, at least I can now!  Yay~…


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