Augmented Reality Games

So, with all this stuff about Pokemon GO ‘going’ around now days, I had a few ideas.  Apparently some people have already been working on this game called “Night Terrors” for years now.  Well, I still think “Go To Silent Hill” would be a fun game roflmao.

Anyway, let me know if something like this is already being worked on, but here’s my current idea.

An augmented reality xianxia-style fighting game.  Basically, the majority of the ‘grinding’ is just working out in various ways, maybe doing some weird stances and ‘training’ yourself in reality.  However, while you’ll only be able to get in shape in reality, your character is a totally different story.

I mean, he or she will be able to gain superhuman abilities.  Then you can meet with and fight against other people in the game.  The main goal is just stacking stats and stuff like a hardcore RPG though, because the controls for fighting in a phone game would be kinda sketchy.

You can set up ‘Sects’ or create ‘Clans’, even ‘Kingdoms’ or ‘Empires’.  Just imagine hundreds of beefy bodybuilders grouping up to fight a war against each other… on their cellphones lol.

No but seriously, even if it isn’t that complicated, it could still be a pretty fun game.  Look at how easily Pokemon GO was able to trick people into going outside and running around to catch Pokemon.

The main reason that people don’t work out is because they don’t get any immediate satisfaction or instant gratification.  However, if after doing a dozen push ups your character raised his ‘Strength’ by 1 point, you would have more of an incentive to exercise.  Any serious gamer knows how addictive grinding experience and stats can be.  “Leveling Up” and sharing your achievements with the world are what motivates us to do pretty much everything in life.

Unfortunately, reality isn’t so quick and a lot of times, we give up trying to get stronger because we understand our inherent limitations.  Video games are different though.  Any game can be extremely entertaining as long as character growth never stops.

There would need to be items or it would be impossible to make any money without impacting the gameplay and ‘fun’ factor dramatically.  Since it’s a fighting game, weapons and armor would be the main thing that you either go out and find or simply ‘buy’ in the form of a lottery from the ‘Shop’.

Achievements are always important as well.

I’m way too tired to keep thinking about this right now, but hopefully someone will be inspired by my random idea and actually be able to make something out of it one day.  Either that or someone is already working on it and I just don’t know about it lol.  Probably in China, cause in China, Xianxia is life.  Actually, I don’t know how popular Xianxia are… I mean, it’s probably like a very small subculture that very few people pay attention to.  However, since their population is so large, even a tiny subculture is enormous compared to a lot of other countries lol.

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