Chapter 139: Knowing When It’s Time to Go

Michael yelled “Oh for fuck’s sake!” as he attempted to shove as many carcasses into his bag-slots as possible. However, the Demonic Basilisks were firing globs of slime at him from a distance.

Unlike normal physical attacks, it wasn’t something that he could just shrug-off. The muck would stick to his armor and skin, then harden instantly, while dealing Earth-damage. His magical protection wasn’t nearly as amazing as his Defense Rating, but they were mostly meant to weaken him anyway.

Each time he was hit by a ‘Petrifaction Orb,’ his Health would drop a few points, along with his Stamina. Even worse, was the fact that when the giant alligators chomped down, they had a Passive, ‘Sundering Saliva’ technique.

His Defense Rating was dropping rapidly, and no matter how much he wanted to keep farming experience and mana-cores, the two of them just weren’t enough. Thus, Sarah and Michael were forced to give-up and return back to the house, so that the Player-Home could repair their Soulbound equipment.

The two of them managed to kill a dozen Demonic Basilisks before leaving, but it wasn’t enough for either of them to level-up. More importantly, Michael wasn’t even able to retrieve those carcasses, because he was being constantly bombarded with what seemed like ‘instant cement,’ combined with battery acid.

Even Sarah had trouble dealing any damage, because they would create ‘Earth-Armor’ over their bodies, which could reduce physical damage taken by fifty-percent. Once that shell broke, it would explode outwards, along with their bodies, and cover her in an effect similar to ‘Petrification Orb.’

She screamed “Grah~! Those fucking lizard-roaches! Ow, shit! It feels like my skin’s burnin off!” as she was being carried in the Nephilim’s arms. It was taking a while, but she could slowly remove the crusty material with her ‘Devouring Shadow’ spell.

However, as long as she was covered in that, she couldn’t move on her own, or teleport. It was also impossible for him to shove her into his Companion-slot, because she was suffering from a debuff.

Michael grumbled “Ugh, I should’ve fucking taken the others with us… almost thirty-thousand experience was turned into less than three-hundred gold. The inefficiency… it hurts so much~!” The left side of his face was completely hardened into stone, and he was complaining about their lost experience.

Both of them were forced to unequip most of their armor and weapons, because they were considered ‘broken.’ Soulbound items couldn’t be ‘destroyed,’ but they did have durability, and needed to be ‘recharged’ or ‘repaired’ eventually.

He muttered “Hmmm~, but it’s really weird how easy it was to kill those boars… Less than half an hour and I managed to gather three-hundred and fifty-two rhinoceros-sized, level ten-ish, magical-beasts. Each of them were rank-F, so there’s more than enough mana-cores for Inari to reach level-sixteen, but I doubt that she’ll be able to go higher than that. There’s only a few dozen cores above level-ten…”

Sarah complained “What the fuck are you even talking about? Ugh~, we killed all those shitty bastards… and not a single item dropped!”

Michael snickered, explaining “I’m pretty sure that the system or Goddesses, only reward us depending on the difficulty. Since there was no real danger, the loot was nonexistent. Hell, Arcana probably coaxed those Demonic Basilisks into charging over, so that I couldn’t complete the Quest so easily… Besides, you ran out of Stamina way too fucking fast! Learn some damn spells, or at least pace yourself! Hell, ya could’ve used your Shadow-Cloak and stealthily assassinated the Basilisks one at a time! You aren’t a Berserker or a Warrior!”

When they were a mile away from the waterfall, the ground began rumbling violently and a horrible shrieking noise resounded throughout the entire jungle. Hundreds of miles to the west, at the center of the Forbidden Forest, the enormous pit, which was once Mount Chaotica, had started spewing out unreasonably large amounts of purple miasma.

Sending his wisp-form above the canopy, Michael was able to see that ominous plume hellish fumes, polluting the distant skies. Then he saw something truly terrifying, from beyond the clouds, an absurdly large beast was falling from outside of the atmosphere.

It was shaped like a massive sphere, with millions of differently-colored eyes coating its entire body. Each of those pupils began firing lasers out randomly, each had different effects when impacting the giant treants and dragons that were attempting to fight against it.

However, that strange monster was able to instantly freeze a Fire-Drake with but a glance, make a Natural-Wyvern burst into flames with a vicious stare, and cause all of the ancient trees within its sight to swiftly whither and die. He wasn’t able to see its level or rank, but it was easy to tell that it was definitely at least an ‘SSS’ World Boss.

Yet, the more ridiculous thing was that after a few seconds, an absurdly gigantic and feminine, bright-blue arm, reached out of the abyss. With no effort at all, it swatted the creature, as if it were nothing but a fly.

The enormous eye-ball monster, burst into a rainbow of colorful liquids, which scattered into the atmosphere in every direction. Then it mixed in with those purple clouds and a hurricane seemed to instantly form.

Rains from that horrible storm seemed to possess qualities from every Element aside from Light and Nature. As he gazed to the north, Michael noticed that there was already a dreadful storm headed towards the jungle.

For the moment, all of that chaotic nonsense was far away and unable to affect his ‘Waterfall Sanctuary’ in the near future. However, he still grumbled “Ugh, shit, we’re gonna have ta move soon… The question is, where? Carrabelle Plains, near the Archean River, is pretty nice. If we settle down close to where your village used to be…”

Sarah asked “What the fuck is that horrible noise?!” as she used her tiny hands, to cover her delicate elven ears.

Michael sighed, “Just another annoying disaster… I really need to piss though, so let’s stop for a moment.” She could barely hear him over the deafening roars that were resounding around them, but once he came across a large terrified brown-tortoise, he placed her down on top of the relatively flat shell.

Then he walked a few meters away and began urinating against a silver tree. Since he was using ‘Lightening,’ the liquid that sprayed out of his body, looked like a stream of melted gold.

The forest that was normally glowing so brightly, started to rapidly dim, as if its source of power was suddenly cut-off. However, even if there was complete darkness, both Michael and Sarah had plenty of Perception and could still see the surroundings rather easily.

Yet, the absence of light was a terrible calamity for the weaker animals, whom had never had the chance to adapt to such an environment. Their bodies still glowed, but that only made them easy targets, rather than serving as a type of camouflage.

Raphael’s Jungle, like so many other places throughout the continent, was suffering from a terrible calamity. Compared to when the Temple’s of Asura activated, the scale of the devastation was far greater.

Of course, rather than staying in such a place, most of the magical-beasts and humanoids who didn’t possess the Chaos Affinity, simply migrated to the surrounding zones. Carrabelle Plains, Ariel’s Meadow, Michelle’s Prairie, Aeris Village, and many other formerly ‘low-leveled’ areas, were suddenly being filled with powerful creatures and violent races.

Even though, ‘Michael’s Waterfall Sanctuary’ couldn’t be ‘attacked,’ he didn’t want to live in such an irritating place. All of those ‘normal’ jungle noises were bad enough, but if the air was being polluted, and the weather was awful, there was no reason to stick around.

Picking up the exhausted and furious naked Dark-Goblin, the Nephilim began walking swiftly towards his home. He sent a ‘Whisper’ to all of his Companions and Residents at the same time “Return to my territory immediately! If you aren’t there within ten minutes, I’m gonna leave you behind!”

Hearing that, Inari hurried back to the waterfall, while leading her ‘pack’ of thirty brownish-green ‘Nature-Wolves,’ twenty yellow ‘Twin-Tailed Foxes,’ seventeen glowing-orange ‘Striped Deer,’ and fifteen Silver Lionesses. Those three Gnome Druids were following her, along with a handful of Goblin Shamans, whom had all transformed into ‘Spirit Wolves.’

Cunty was already cowering against the cliff, which was only a few meters taller than her enormous body. While the two Tyrannosaurus-Tribe were on their way back home from a hunting trip anyway.

As for everyone else, they had either been sleeping, or hiding in their ‘homes.’ Even those two Lesser Angels were terrified by that oppressive aura, permeating the air. Especially after they went to the top of the mountain and saw that three-kilometer tall monstrosity in the distance. They couldn’t ‘Identify’ it, but with their knowledge of the region and experiences over the centuries, they were able to guess who ‘She’ was.

“Abbadon the Annihilator, Level-??? Titanic Human Wrestling Master, Rank-SSS, World Boss.” With the appearance of a relatively toned, beautiful woman, she was completely naked except for what could only be considered a massive golden ‘string bikini.’

When Michael used his wisp to observe that large-breasted girl, with pink-twintail hair, and relatively ‘normal’ bright-blue irises, he muttered “Definitely Chaotic, there’s no fucking way that something like that isn’t related to Chaos…”

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    • Well, against enemies that have debuffs, it’s pretty rough if you don’t have any way to negate them…. Plus, you aren’t really supposed to go into a horde of 2 thousand demonic monsters and just kill them all, while gaining so much exp that you reach the level cap for that combat session rofl.


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