Chapter 138: Boar Exterminators

Angelic wings burst out of Michael’s back, and his hair turned from black, to silver: along with all the other effects of ‘Lightening.’ His equipment activated, revealing armor on everything but his head. On the other hand, Sarah had been covered in her ebony leather and cloth, while wearing an obsidian skull-mask, since before she even left the house.

“Hahahahaha~! Time to die, little… gigantic rhinoceros-sized piggies!” He started channeling ‘Aegis of Light’ and a deadly aura of blinding radiance, emanated from his body. Surprisingly, the majority of those normally enraged boars, were lazily loitering around, mating, or sleeping.

Apparently, that tree at the center of the massive clearing, didn’t throw out Life-Fruit constantly. The reason why there were no predators trying to pick-off the lethargic monsters… Well, Michael was about to learn that lesson the hard way.

Casually strolling into their territory, while glowing like a huge target, obviously, every single one of the ‘Demonic Boars’ began charging towards him. Sarah yelled “Try not to die, dumbass!” while teleporting into the sky above the horde.

Her shuriken flew out and stabbed into the spine of a random, level-ten, rank-F boar, instantly killing it. Then, the moment that she fell into the crowd, a huge wave of icy aura erupted from her body.

The ‘Frost Nova’ enveloped several beasts within five meters of her, dealing roughly seventeen damage per target. There was also a ‘frozen’ or ‘chilled’ debuff, which was applied, but her main purpose was simply to level her skill.

With a serpentine dagger in her left hand, a wakizashi in her right, six shadowy tendrils coming from the back of her head, and an armored tentacle-tail, she began her vicious assault. Sarah continued to ride atop various boars, stabbing, slashing, and impaling them without mercy.

While she was ‘enjoying’ herself, without actually being attacked, Michael was roaring “Hahahahaha~! Yes~, come play with me~, turn into~ bacon~!” When any of the pigs came within two meters of him, their faces were doused by lethal amounts of microwave, gamma-ray, x-ray, ultraviolet, and infrared radiation.

Of course, that didn’t stop them from charging relentlessly at his body. However, with a backhanded slap from his left hand, or a massive slash of his Arcane Siegeblade, he could easily knock the enemies away.

The majority of the monsters were level-ten, but some were below and others slightly above. However, all of them were rank-F and there wasn’t a single Demonic Boar whom had the power to overcome his one-hundred and forty Defense Rating.

Michael laughed hysterically, as he stopped wasting mana on his Aegis of Light spell. He decided that it was faster to simply use ‘Telekinesis’ on the giant sword, and glowing ball, sending them randomly into the crowd. Each strike was essentially instant death, though it did require a little mana to keep using constantly.

With a gauntlet covering each of his hands, he started ‘boxing’ a bit. A left-hook smashed into a giant boar’s snout, instantly snapping the beast’s neck, and destroying its skull. There was a huge ‘-310’ which appeared, since it was technically a deadly strike.

He slammed the bottom of his right fist, onto the forehead of a charging beast, causing his hand to actually go straight through its skin and bone. The benefit of punching them to death, was that the moment their HP reached zero, he could suck them into his inventory. Sarah didn’t even consider collecting the carcasses, and simply went on a violent killing-spree.

The best part of the whole situation, was that since it was all considered a single battle, their levels didn’t increase. Thus, the experience simply piled up and they couldn’t out-level the enemies any more than they already did. Anything below ten, obviously didn’t reward Michael with anything, but that was only a small minority.

Although the tusks of those relatively large creatures didn’t deal any damage, he was still being pushed back by sheer leverage. It took him a few minutes to realize: “Oh yeah! Why the fuck am I using Lightening?!”

Once he deactivated the buff, and then cast ‘Stat-Boost’ on himself and Sarah, Michael’s weight had reached roughly nine-hundred pounds. He was only about half as heavy as most of those beasts, but the difference in Strength made-up for it.

In total, there had only been about two-thousand Demonic Boars before the fight began, and in less than five minutes, that number was cut in half. Meanwhile, both of their Passive skills and Spells were rapidly advancing in proficiency.

Since it had started to become monotonous, simply punching and kicking the enemies, Michael decided to practice his ranged attacks a bit more. Sarah’s Stamina was almost completely used up, so she needed to Shadow-Step onto a tree-branch, and wait for her partner to do the rest.

Fortunately, the Guardian had plenty of energy left, and was even singing “I~, haven’t had bacon~, in over three months~! I wanna~, stick my penis~, in your wormhole~! So~ horny~, I’m so fucking~ horny~ all the time~! Chaos even gave me a goddamn Passive, that makes me hornier~! I need to piss~, but I have to keep killing these fucking boars~! It’s so boring~! Hahahaha~, get it?! Oi, Sarah~, are you even listen-”

“Shut the fuck up! Stop shootin off those pointless lightning bolts and just use your bigass sword!” Even though she was on the brink of passing out, she was still helping out a bit, by throwing shuriken from a distance: though her accuracy wasn’t that great.

Michael was aiming his right hand into the middle of the horde, and firing ‘Electrostatic Discharge’ continuously. The spell dealt roughly twenty-five damage per target, but each attack would chain three times, and was a decent AoE spell. Arcane Bolt could only target one enemy at a time, but when five of those orbs hit a single boar, it would usually die.

However, while he was casting those spells, he couldn’t utilize ‘Telekinesis’ efficiently, and he was basically just defended with his shield the entire time. Yet, his Stamina consumption was almost nonexistent, because he was simply standing there and using magic. If the enemies were intelligent enough to stop charging at him randomly and actually use some abilities, then he probably wouldn’t have been able to treat the situation so casually.

He yelled “Bitch please~! If you had learned a few long-ranged skills, then you wouldn’t be so fucking useless right now! Actually, if you just had a Stamina regeneration technique, then you wouldn’t even need them!”

Unfortunately, there was a major downside to his current method of ‘hunting’ the boars. The carcasses and mana-cores were being devoured, and the enemies that were towards the back, started to become ‘feared’ by the strange magical attacks.

Once the population dropped down to seven-hundred, they finally stopped mindlessly charging towards Michael and began fleeing. Once ‘combat’ had technically ended, above each of their heads appeared a ridiculously large number. For the Nephilim, it was ‘+13,562 Exp’ and for Sarah: ‘+16,235 Exp.’

A loud monotonous feminine voice announced “Error! Maximum level increase within one combat session has been exceeded! Converting excess experience points into physical currency…”

Michael reached level twenty-one, and received one-hundred and seventeen gold. Sarah stopped at level-seventeen, and was given one-hundred and forty-seven gold, plus fifty-eight silver.
The Dark-Goblin quickly placed ten stat-points into Agility, six into Dexterity, and then one each, into Endurance and Vitality. The Nephilim chose eleven Wisdom and seven Intelligence, since his equipment barely gave him any of those two stats, and his spells were starting to become extremely expensive.

With the rapid increases in level, their Stamina was completely filled, so neither of them was slightly tired any longer. That was very important, because all of the roars, grunts, squeals, and yelling, along with copious amounts of blood, had drawn the attention of enemies that weren’t quite as easy to deal with.

Michael hadn’t noticed during the battle, but his Quest had been updated: “You have discovered an unclaimed Natural Treant Orchard. Clear away all the Demonic Basilisks infesting the area and plant twenty Life-Fruit in the vicinity within three months. Rewards: Four acres of movable territory to add to your Player-Home, and one-thousand experience points for yourself and each of your Companions.”

A horde of at least a few hundred, gigantic, mutated alligators had appeared and were devouring the carcasses that ‘belonged’ to the two boar-hunters. The new pests were ten meters long, on average, and aside from their heads and tails, appeared more similar to colossal cockroaches. They were of the Earth and Chaos Affinity, and mostly level-fifteen, while some were slightly stronger.

51 thoughts on “Chapter 138: Boar Exterminators

  1. Is there really anything stopping the MC from eating 100 mana cores and then suiciding somehow (drowning himself in Alice’s acid bath, or standing in front of a really strong monster.) after they’re digested and he gets the bonuses? The major issues I see are 1) the pain, which is temporary, 2) if he accidentally throws the weight affecting stats out of balance and ends up way too heavy/light, which necessitates choosing the cores carefully 3) It would unbalance him for plot reasons by making him too powerful too quickly.

    That said, despite how bizarre this series is, I do find it amusing, so thanks for it and keep it up. I do like the stat system which you describe in detail the info dump, and think it’s applied very well.

    (By bizarre, I mean the fetishes, haphazard profanity, semi-self-insert MC, and odd tendency to use the word “relatively”.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’ll find out soon, it’s a game mechanic that I designed like 150 chapters ago, which people have been asking about since the start of this story… but I can’t say it, or that’d be a spoiler, right?


      • Thanks for the reply, glad to see that you already accounted for that, and I’d have probably known that myself if I read the comments on the earlier chapters.

        I know you’re also a fan of “So What if it’s an RPG World?”, and I feel like your story telling is similar in comparison, in both good and bad aspects, except for the aforementioned sex, violence, and profanity, and that you hold yourself to/make better use of the RPG mechanics aspect. SWIIARW literally rewrote its own mechanics in Volume 4, and even before then it was vague about how a lot of it worked, unless there was an untranslated infodump or something. Lin Fir’s resistance to his harem is honestly a bit irritating. There’s a lot of jumping around in both the plot and concepts in both stories, which can ironically be more jarring in RPG world because of how well the author keeps to Lin Fir’s PoV, with a few exceptions.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I haven’t been keeping up with SWIIARW cause I’ve been in a writing frenzy lol. Literally wrote 4.5 chapters yesterday rofl. On the other hand, today’s been kinda slow cause I’m reading Peerless Martial God. 99% of Immortal Soul was in first person… which is fine, but 3rd person is way easier to write in. Mainly because you can jump around a lot, and it’s way easier to make sex scenes less ‘vulgar’ and make big battles more comprehensive. If it’s only from first person pov, you constantly have to worry about “What did this character know? What did this particular character see? How is this character feeling at the moment? How would this character ‘think’ to themselves?”

        Of course, there are pros and cons to everything. Anyway, yeah, I hate it when there’s a guy, who’s sexually attracted to a bunch of women who are in love with him, yet does nothing. Bricktagonists ftl lol… it’s funny sometimes, but usually it’s just annoying.

        I don’t like characters who are too slutty, I will stop reading a story if the MC goes to a brothel or has sex with a prostitute, because that’s just gross. I also won’t read a story if one of the main characters rapes or gets raped, enslaves or becomes enslaved.

        Hmmm, I would rather a character be a complete idiot, than have a character who is supposed to be a genius, yet the author isn’t intelligent enough to pull it off lol.

        Ugh, I need to stop ranting now lol.


      • Hey I’ve been reading for an age, and while of course everyone is entitled to their own viewpoints, I am curious why you are so anti-slave and rape. It is a shitty thing 100% of the time however there is legitimate usage for the subjects in storytelling and I don’t really think everyone would have the same opinions on it. Except for maybe in this story where they literally can’t exist because of the world/game settings. Again not to rock the boat but I was just kinda curious where your viewpoint comes from. Thanks for the novels and creativity that you have 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hmmm, well, as far as storytelling goes, it’s really overused and often glorified. There are so many Japanese “Slave Harem” stories out there… Most of the time, the MC ‘treats his slaves nicely’, but they’re basically just treated like pets, rather than livestock roflmao.

        As for Rape, it’s also really overused and oversimplified most of the time. I don’t even know how many stories I’ve read where out of nowhere, just to add some drama, one of the main female protagonists will get raped. More often than naught, the female protagonist will simply get kidnapped and the MC will save her before she gets raped.

        Also, I’ve definitely had this conversation like a thousand times with people. Sure, I personally hate slavery and rape for various reasons, but so do the characters in the story.

        However, being against slavery and rape is a pretty common ideology lol. At least in America, we tend to hate slavery and rape.

        Also, no every character in my stories is quite so enthusiastic about eradicating rape and slavery. They either don’t give a damn or are rapists and slavers lol.

        For example, Michael in HCOP doesn’t really give a damn for the most part. Him and most of his Companions are kinda amoral psychopaths who care very little about anyone but themselves lulz. On the other hand, Michael from Immortal Soul is totally the opposite. He cares way too much about everyone and wants to save them from themselves and each other.

        Personally, I like sex and violence. If there isn’t either sex or violence in a story, it would be boring to me lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for the thought out response. So basically when it’s used people undervalue how traumatizing or damaging it is? I can see that. Good writing per usual btw 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • They either undervalue it or overvalue it. It all depends though. Some people can get over that kinda shit super easily, while others kill themselves or start a war because of it lol.

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  2. Don’t tell us how many chapters you have done. It makes me want moar!!!
    Yah… I’ve read every chapter and now I’m going to start commentating…
    Damn close extinction of the “buffalo” right there… Well they are pigs but… Fuck it~~

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, they’re demonic boars, so I kinda doubt that it’s even possible for them to go extinct… actually, it’s impossible for anything to ever go instinct, when Naturae and Chaos are around lol.

      Also the reason I advertise how far ahead I’m currently writing at, is so that people have incentive to donate :P. Thus, giving me incentive to keep writing at a steady pace every day lol.


    • Lmao, yeah, there’s a bit more action in the next… idk, it feels like there’s been a decent amount of action in the past 30 chapters that I’ve written lol I’m on chapter 170 atm


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