Chapter 137: Prelude to OP-ness

The colossal monstrosity whimpered loudly, as Michael dropped five mostly intact Flamescale-Clan Lizard-Tribe corpses in front of it. He had used three of the mana-cores already, but since they were each Elites, there were still seven remaining.

However, when the beast was about to crawl closer to devour them, he yelled “No! Bad Cunty!” and fired a bolt of lightning out of his sword. When the attack hit that massive pink, serpentine tongue, it was swiftly sucked back into its mouth.

Then the beast started crying quietly, and begged “P-please, let me eat… I-I’m so~, hungry~…”

Pulling fifty, rank-G, level-one, ‘Demonic Slime’ mana-cores out of his inventory, Michael said “Here, stick out your tongue again and eat these first.” The Ultrasaurus did as it was told, and swiftly swallowed the incredibly tiny objects.

Almost instantaneously, it was enveloped in blinding light and leveled-up twice in a row. After a few seconds, he smiled at the strange anthropomorphic dinosaur, “Good, now you can have the tasty treats.”

It stopped crying and swiftly gobbled up the five corpses, which could only have been considered a single mouthful for the colossal monster. There wasn’t even any chewing involved, as the red-scaled lizard-people slid down its throat, and into its stomach.

Even if they seemed insignificant compared to its overall body-size, each of them was incredibly dense. Thus, the beast was immediately satisfied, and endearing stared at Michael, with its massive eyes. Although, if his equipment wasn’t brightly glowing, then the creature obviously wouldn’t have been able to see him at all.

Cunty hesitated for a moment, before asking “What… did you do… to me? I remember… it was my twenty-first birthday… heh~, I was with my granddaughter and…”

The Nephilim interjected “Yeah, you were that old Goblin ghost… I kinda figured as much, but the souls don’t record the events that happen after death, huh? Hmm~, well, I resurrected you, hehe~. By the way, in case you’re wondering, this adorable little girl is probably about the size of your previous body. Which means that you’ve gotten way~, way bigger! Hahahahaha~!”

As he finished speaking, the mana-cores finally started dissolving inside of the colossal beast’s stomach and ‘she’ leveled-up several times in quick succession. Michael invested four points each, into Intelligence and Wisdom, two into Perception, and then the rest went into Vitality and Endurance.

[Resident Information

Name: Cunty
Titles: Of the Eternal Darkness
Level: 8
Experience: 60/80
Age: Adult
Race: Demonic Ultrasaurus-Tribe
Rank: E
Class: None
Specialization: None
Profession: Unemployed]


Health: 130/130
Mana: 25/25
Stamina: 65/65
Mana Regen per minute: 50
Health Regen per hour: 130

Strength: 14
Vitality: 13
Endurance: 13
Dexterity: 5
Agility: 1.5
Intelligence: 5
Wisdom: 5
Perception: 3
Charisma: 1

Willpower: 3
Luck: 3
Aura: 25.1

Attack Rating: 70
Defense Rating: 6.5]

With those new stats, the creature’s bones and muscles began to rapidly become denser. The size didn’t actually change, but Michael was fairly certain that she wouldn’t start flying away if he let her lose outside.

However, he had to ask “What do you wanna do now? Your old village is gone by the way, and everyone you ever knew is definitely dead now.”

Sarah complained “You aren’t keeping this giant piece of shit in my room!” Apparently, she considered the Necropolis as part of her bedroom.

The massive four-armed Demonic Ultrasaurus was terrified of that strange skull-faced monster, and whimpered loudly, while crawling backwards slowly. Even though she was formerly a humanoid Goblin woman, Cunty was obviously greatly influenced by her new body.

Michael sighed dramatically, and activated the ‘eviction’ feature of his Player-House. However, even though the colossal creature was teleported a few hundred meters outside of his territory, he didn’t revoke her Resident status.

He ‘Whispered’ into the startled demon’s mind: “Oi, from now on, you can live near the base of that giant waterfall! I honestly don’t care what you do, but just don’t die… I didn’t bring you back to life, then spend all of those resources, just so that you could waste them!”

With the giant nuisance dealt with, he unequipped his weapons and armor again, turning towards the naked obsidian-skinned girl. She glared at him with her bright-blue eyes, placing each of her three unspent stat-points into Strength, Vitality and Endurance.

Sarah suddenly jumped towards him, doing a front-flip and attempting to deliver an axe-kick to Michael’s face. However, he easily grabbed hold of her ankle and when she tried to retaliate with the other foot, he stopped it in a similar manner.

She wanted to attack him with her tail, but he was holding her too far away from his body for the little girl to do anything at that point. He asked “Dafuck was that?” as he tossed her a few meters backward.

The Dark-Goblin easily landed on her feet, and then sprinted towards him, vanishing in a puff of smoke and reappearing above his head. Without making any sound, she managed to wrap both of her legs around his neck and squeezed tightly enough to strangulate him.

Then she started punching him in the back of the head at a rapid pace, causing him to yell “Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow, oi, stop it! What the hell are you even doing that for!?” Using his superior Strength, it wasn’t very difficult for him to grab her thighs, slam the back of his skull against her abdomen, and throw her onto the ground.

After landing, she groaned and coughed for a few seconds, before getting up and charging at him again. She hopped up, and began punching his face and throat at least ten times in a second, until he slammed his right palm, into the center of her chest. The little-girl’s body was smashed against the ground, with enough force to make her heart explode, break all of her ribs and crush her spine.

He complained “Seriously, what’s happening right now? Are you being possessed or something? Wait, is because I slept with Elina?”

Sarah coughed violently, as she struggled to stand, and screamed “I don’t give a shit if you fuck that stupid cat-bitch! I’m just pissed off at that lizard-cunt! How can you not care about someone killing you?!”

Michael snickered, telling her “Meh~, it’s not like I lost anything, hehe~. Hell, you murdered me twice, and I still forgave you~. Talia kinda-sorta shot an arrow into my heart, and I almost completely forgot about it. Anyway~, you shouldn’t worry about such pointless nonsense. Besides, you were nineteen levels lower than her, and she was even a Boss. It’d be stranger if she couldn’t kick your ass!”

She scowled, “We need to get stronger and stop wasting time, fucking and… Have we been doing anything else but that lately?”

“Well, maybe you haven’t been very busy, but I’ve been doing all kinds of… er, yeah, we should probably go power-level a bit. Hmmm~, it’s still nighttime, but I guess that doesn’t really matter. We could go mindlessly kill boars for a few hours?” He looked through his Quest Log and realized that there was pretty much only a single option.

The Dark-Goblin walked outside of the Necropolis with him and the two of them equipped all of their ‘gear’ again. He sent his wisp through the ceiling, into the living-room, and she Shadow-Stepped after him.

Since she could see his Astral-Form, it was possible for her to follow the flying object outside, and then sprint after it. Obviously, he couldn’t use his maximum velocity, or she wouldn’t have been able to keep-up. However, as long as he only traveled at around sixty miles per hour, it was like a light jog for the little girl.

Her body was so light, that when she leapt off of the cliff, she was able to soar several hundred meters, and land on the branch of a massive green tree. She swiftly took a step and flew towards the northwest, going around his territory.

As a wisp, it didn’t even require any effort for him to move, and he even altered his perception of time. In what seemed like a moment, two minutes passed and he had guided her to the bright-blue entrance to the Forgotten Grotto.

At least, that’s what the map said, but that colossal, fifty-meter tall tree had completely vanished. After he used Astral-Step, Michael sent his soul underground and tried to find that familiar place, but it simply wasn’t there.

In fact, once he confirmed that it didn’t exist any longer, the map even updated. He wondered “Was that place a Player-Home? Or maybe it was just something similar… Actually, for all I know, it could have just been the inside of a gigantic treant. Hmm~, Goliath could have been an avatar of Naturae, but I kinda doubt it.”

Sarah complained “Stop fucking talking to yourself and hurry up!” as she impatiently waited for him to show her the way.

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  1. this guy is so retarded.. whenever he wants to power level.. he doesnt bring anyone else.. he’ll be like oh shes busy.. dont even remember the last time he had a full party


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