Chapter 167: Fire-Sale

“I’ve learned many things in the past few weeks; about love, power, myself… and of course, our Goddess of Light. I was so foolish, we all have been. I have seen and heard things that you cannot even imagine… Life is about change and transformation. It does not matter if you were born Human, Cat-Tribe or even a Goblin, because we all have the opportunity to become whatever we desire.” Elina’s words would have been considered heresy in one of the larger Luxian cities, especially ones belonging to Humans. Continue reading

Chapter 137: Prelude to OP-ness

The colossal monstrosity whimpered loudly, as Michael dropped five mostly intact Flamescale-Clan Lizard-Tribe corpses in front of it. He had used three of the mana-cores already, but since they were each Elites, there were still seven remaining. Continue reading

Chapter 136: Desires Are Like Opinions

Talia frowned, “It would be incredibly rude of me to decline a meal so carefully prepared by Ms. Jacobs! Aeris shall not punish me for indulging myself every so-often…” as she sat down at the table and accepted a steaming bowl of rabbit-stew. Continue reading