Chapter 261: Juked

Within a huge open, pure-white cubic room, there was an adorable little cat-girl, floating around helplessly. Her naked flesh was covered with a variety of pink or blue kitten tattoos; she was curled up into a ball and her eyes were closed, as she whimpered quietly.

Suddenly, an overpowering aura of pure Light, spread from one of the walls. A moment later, a two meter tall, feminine man, with four large angelic wings was floating out towards her.

He was dressed in exquisite priestly vestments, with a golden circlet floating above his head and an ornate pure-white and unadorned battlestaff in his right hand. There was also a thick, glowing book in his left hand, which he was reading nonstop, without even sparing a glance at the tiny kitten.

Eventually, the Cherubim started chuckling and gazed up at her, “The infamous Jasmine Jade… Until now, you didn’t pose much of a threat to our plans, but things have changed. We can’t simply kill you, so the best course of action is to simply seal you in this prison. Fortunately, I was able to sever your connection to that disgusting whore, or things might have gotten ‘troublesome’. Not that Chaotica would be able to save you now… Still, it’s best to leave nothing to chance. If you have anything to say, now would be the time; perhaps a message to your Companions? Once I leave, you will likely spend an eternity here, unless you decide to destroy your own soul… Hmph, fine, remain silent, it doesn’t matter either way.”

As he was about to turn around, the little girl started giggling, before asking “Did you honestly believe that I would let you capture JJ? Hehehe~, it’s been a while Zachy~…” The Pope of Luxia grimaced, as he faced that ‘familiar’ and infuriating aura.

Jasmine was no longer curled into a ball; instead, she was casually floating, with her arms across her extremely busty chest. A few moments later, she began growing rapidly, from one meter tall, to over six feet.

All of the tattoos vanished and were replaced by pure-white, glowing porcelain skin. Six pitch-black, raven-like wings erupted from her back and those breasts shrunk slightly. She seemed to become fairly muscular, but not to the extent of Michael or Alice. Those eyes were serpentine and crimson, glowing with a bit of insanity and rage, pulsating out of them. The obsidian hair turned bright-red and seemed to actually be on fire, as it whipped around in the air behind her.

The cat-ears turned silver and a set of long elven ears began growing along the sides of her head. That feline tail grew much larger, but didn’t change in any other way, and continued to wag around randomly.

Zachael glared at the strange woman, but he was unable to see through her concealment spell. Infact, he couldn’t obtain even a tiny piece of information about her, so he had to actually ask “Who are you?!” However, he only received a smirk and a snicker in response, before that mysterious creature casually teleported away.



At that same moment, Michael’s ‘new’ body materialized next to his gigantic demonic corpse. He grumbled “Fuck my life, that makes death number twenty-eight, huh? Ugh, JJ, where the hell did they take you anyway? What the… seriously?”

The naked Nephilim walked over to where the angelic giantess had supposedly abducted Jasmine. He found a puddle of pink slime hiding in a huge footprint; however, when he came closer, it abruptly grew golden eyes, a fluffy black tail and ears, before ‘meowing’ really loudly.

Its gelatinous structure transformed into that of an adorable bright-blue kitten, which jumped into his arms and purred happily. Michael smiled wryly, whispering “I should have figured that you wouldn’t get captured that easily…”

“Nyah~, Mikey~, I wanna show you my awesome house now~!” Jasmine turned into a sphere of pink goop, then her body swiftly entered it’s ‘normal’ state. Of course, she was completely naked and had tattoos on various parts of her beige skin.

He snickered, hugging her tightly and petting her head gently, murmuring “Yeah, we should take ‘those’ first though.” After grabbing his demonic corpse, along with the level-thirty mana-core that was laying on the grass.

Then he picked up the gorey carcass of that ‘High-Inquisitor’; unfortunately, when he died, the majority of his equipment vanished as well. All that was left, was the ruined chest-plate and one-hundred gold.

However, it was at that moment that Michael yelled “Holy fucking cunt-nuggets! Sweet~! Hahaha~!” That was the first Boss he had killed since the ‘System’ was working properly again.

“Helmet of the Arcane Guardian: +120 Defense Rating, +16 Strength, +16 Vitality, +16 Endurance, +14 Intelligence, +14 Wisdom, +10 Dexterity, +10 Agility. Increases Perception by 50% while in ‘Ocular Enhancement’ mode. In ‘Full-Helm’ mode, it is possible for the wearer to create breathable air using mana; can also completely block-out excessive pressure, or protect the wearer from extremely high or low temperatures, radiation, and other such threats. Soulbound to Michael. Epic Quality, requires level-40.”

In its neutral state, the amazing item in the Nephilim’s left hand was merely a pair of eyeglasses. They were relatively small, but they would fit on his head, assuming that he was the proper level to wear them.

Unfortunately, he could only store them into his bag and continue searching for more items. Jasmine was still cuddling against his chest, while being held in his right arm, as she pointed towards the sidewalk and yelled “Nyah~, there’s a thingy!”

Using telekinesis, he easily snatched the mysterious object off of the broken and bloody cement and caught it in his left hand. “Ew~, what the fuck?!” was his reaction to the disturbing ‘creature’ that somehow was considered a piece of equipment.

“Demonic Half-Cover Face Mask: +20 Defense Rating, +15 Strength, +15 Agility, +10 Dexterity, +10 Perception, -5 Charisma, -5 Willpower. Increases the wearer’s arousal by 50%. Soulbound to Jasmine Jade. Rare Quality, requires level-40.”

He frowned, complaining “Ugh, what the hell is this thing? It kinda looks like a… really pink pussy, covered with blood. Could be due to the fact that it’s probably been ripped outta something’s body, or maybe it’s just on its period? Ew, and I think it’s having an orgasm? Either way, how the fuck do you wear something like this?! Damn it, now I’m horny… Actually, I haven’t had sex all day, so it’s probably not because I’m holding a vagina. Well, part of the reason is definitely because you’re completely naked and rubbing against me… and purring. I might have a cat-fetish?”

“Nyah~, let me see it~!” The little girl immediately began ‘playing’ with the mysterious ‘gear’ that she couldn’t use yet. Aside from that, there was one other piece of equipment, which was laying on the dirt.

“Holster of Light: +10 Defense Rating, +10 Agility, +10 Intelligence, +10 Wisdom. Can hold any type of firearm, anywhere on the wearer’s body. Soulbound to Jasmine Jade. Rare Quality, requires level-40.” It appeared as nothing more than a glowing, pure-white ribbon, but could obviously transform into a myriad of useful shapes, judging by the description.

Jasmine placed the two items into her inventory as Michael casually carried her into the house. From the outside, it was a fairly normal-looking red-brick structure, but inside was… terrible.

In the living room, there were seventy-five adorable felines meowing and fighting with each other, hissing and yowling. It smelled like urine and feces, plus gunpowder and decomposing meat. It wasn’t surprising, considering that she hadn’t returned home in months, but most of the food in her refrigerator was rotting. There was also plenty of fruit that had been left out, which had turned to brown mush. All of the bread was moldy, there were also tons of cockroaches, mice and even rats scurrying around in the kitchen.

Michael quickly sucked all of those cats into a single bag-slot, before ‘Scanning’ around for possible items of value. However, it was mostly just trash and garbage, so he continued to follow Jasmine to a much cleaner part of the house.

The exercise machines in her personal gym seemed expensive, but he only had a limited number of space in his inventory. Thus, they moved onto the ‘game-room’; it was a fairly small office, which had a huge two-meter wide flat-screen monitor. There was a desktop computer, a nice speaker and subwoofer set, plus a few laptops and a well-maintained wooden computer desk. That tiny pink-leather office chair was nice as well, along with a dozen different kinds of consoles. Then there were also hundreds of physical disks, USB drives, and thousands of music-CDs.

Fortunately, most of the smaller objects could be placed into a single plastic trash-bag and stored in one slot. The bigger things were placed into their original cardboard-boxes and somehow they managed to find an enormous bin to shove everything inside of.

After that, there were numerous gigantic plasma televisions, and it didn’t take long before Michael had completely run out of room in his inventory. Thus, he had to use the ‘Return Home’ feature, store everything into Elina’s ‘Closet’, before being ‘Summoned’ back to Jasmine’s house again.

19 thoughts on “Chapter 261: Juked

  1. Didn’t Jasmine have a skill where she could put herself into one of her kitten bomb things and leave the body as a husk as an escape mechanism? I thought when she was with Alice there doing all those alchemy experiments something like that was shown.

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    • Yeah, they all have a ton of weird and overpowered escape maneuvers. But the general joke is that, in most stories, the characters have all these awesome escape moves, but they ALWAYS get captured somehow roflmao.


      • Didn’t I say not to say it? Well, it’s fine now, cause I ‘censored’ the spoilers… roflmao. Anyway, yeah, it’s not even that hard to figure out, but there are still people who don’t quite understand yet and I don’t wanna spoil it for them :).


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