Chapter 260: Nekoshire Catastrophe

“Okay, well, that was fucking awesome, and I honestly don’t feel that much guilt about winning over a million gold… but, they’re literally treating us like mass murderers! We should probably get the hell outta here before we end up having to kill somebody.” Michael and Jasmine were both standing on the roof of a miscellaneous casino, as dozens of news and police helicopters circled around them.

There were even snipers shooting at them, but their weapons were a bit ‘subpar’. In fact, no one was even over level-twenty, and their equipment was uncommon or rare at best.

Of course, the real problem was actually that the two of them were bringing too much attention to themselves. After all, Nekoshire had so many Great Teleportation Gates, which could be reached from anywhere else on the continent of Arcana.

Even if it was impossible to ‘Identify’ the Nephilim in his child-like form, there were plenty of people who had seen him transform into different shapes. Whether he was a giant demon, an angel, or simply in his neutral state, all of Michael’s enemies knew exactly what he looked like.

At first, they were only able to make the local news, but once it was publicised that Jasmine Jade and her partner in crime were ‘Lucky Jackpot Thieves’, it was sent everywhere. The Umbra Theocracy, Luxia, New Atlantis, The Dwarven Republic, The New Goblin Empire, even The Warring Elven States were all able to find out about the two of them.

Michael grabbed the little girl and finally teleported to her house, which was way out in the suburbs. It was a fairly large, three-story building, which had an acre of land surrounding it. He yelled “Shitballs! Go inside and pack everything up! We can’t just shove everything into a bag-slot anymore! Damn it, I’ll deal with these fuckers, but hurry up! Who knows how many more of these bastards are gonna show up?!”

There were dozens of police officers holding flintlock-pistols, crossbows, warhammers and magical staffs, while a few helicopters were circling around in the air. However, the real problem was the rapidly approaching, four-meter tall, angelic woman in the distance: “Sora the Purifier, Level-42 Greater Angel Holy Crusader, Rank-C, Raid Boss.”

However, Jasmine complained “But, but, but I don’t wanna~! Mikey~, I wanted to show you my awesome house~! Nyah~, let’s just kill all these stupid peoples and go inside together~!”

“Halt! Get down on your knees and put your hands behind your back! If you refuse to surrender peacefully, we ‘will’ open fire!” A miscellaneous level-ten, rank-E, Super-Elite Knight was riding an armored warhorse, holding a saber in one hand and a megaphone in the other.

The whole situation was so absurd that Michael couldn’t help laughing, eventually he roared “Fuck off! I won that goddamn money fair and square… ish! If you don’t get the hell outta here, you’re all gonna die!” He sent a massive pulse of Arcane aura towards them, which ‘feared’ the majority of the police officers. Unfortunately, some of the others were more infuriated by him, than intimidated.

A barrage of bullets, arrows and magic started flying towards the seemingly unarmed little boy and cat-girl. At that moment, a second, much more powerful pulse of mana erupted from his body, protecting not just the two of them, but also the house.

Of course, some of the projectiles were launched back at the ones who sent them, but there were no fatalities. After that, everyone received an order over the radio “All units, disengage any confrontation with Jasmine Jade and Michael the Immortal! I repeat, all units, disengage and leave the area immediately!”

Hearing that and seeing what the Nephilim was capable of, very few police officers hesitated to ride their magical beasts, squad-cars and motorcycles away from the vicinity at top speed. Those that didn’t comply with orders, were dragged away by their friends and comrades.

A golden desert eagle abruptly appeared in the little girl’s right hand, and a tiny pink revolver in the left. At the same time, Michael’s body began growing until he was nearly twelve feet tall and extremely muscular. He was swiftly covered by glowing white armor, except for his head, which had seven pulsating orbs floating around his horns like a halo. Finally, he removed his right gauntlet and pulled a gigantic bright-blue, demonic siegeblade from his palm.

By the time he finished doing all of that, the distant angel turned into a beam of blinding light and rematerialized a few meters in front of him. She was holding an extremely long, but relatively thin two-handed, golden daikatana in her left hand.

Those two enormous dove-like wings furrowed and she sneered at the Nephilim; her body was covered in thick silver plate-mail, and there was a helmet covering most of her face. She took-up a stance and cast ‘Encumbering’, which caused her wings to retract inside of her body, though there weren’t any other visible changes.

“Isn’t this the part where you start raving about how you’re going to kill me in the name of your Goddess or some such bullshit?” Michael smirked, as he held his sword with both hands and cast ‘Illusory Shield’ on both himself and Jasmine.

During his three month long ‘vacation’ with Alice, he had managed to learn ‘Scan’ and ‘Identification’, before training them to max level. Thus, he could easily tell that Sora had nearly twice as much Aura as him, and her equipment was all at least Rare.

“Nyah~! Mikey, look out~!” Jasmine suddenly fired both of her pistols at the mysterious blurred space behind the Nephilim’s back. However, sparks flew everywhere, as the ‘Blood Bullets’ were deflected by two transparent daggers.

Fortunately, being attacked caused the invisible ‘High-Inquisitor’ to be decloaked, and severely wounded by the force of the projectiles. A two-meter tall Greater Angel was thus revealed, though he was also using ‘Encumbering’ to hide his massive wings and allow him to have a lot more leverage, when fighting on the ground.

Jasmine vomited out a bright-blue kitten, which roared “Meow~!” as it pounced towards the retreating, white-leather armored man: “Samuel the Fixer, Level-40 Greater Angel High-Inquisitor, Rank-D, Boss.”

At the same moment, Sora screamed “Die, you filthy Nephilim!” and charged forwards. She dodged the falling siegeblade, and made three swift strikes with her daikatana, slashing Michael’s neck, face, under his right armpit and finally, impaling the blade through his lower-abdomen.

The first attack was mostly stopped by his ‘Illusory Shield’ and ridiculously high Defense Rating, but everything after that wasn’t. There was a huge gash from his left horn, down to his chin, crimson blood was spraying from his armpit and a decent amount of his large intestines were perforated.

After punching the beautiful woman in the face with his left gauntlet, Michael yelled “Ow-ow-ow-ow~! For fuck’s sake! Ugh, damn it, I seriously need to buy one of those! Or at least something a bit less ridiculous than this siegeblade!”

As the bright-blue kitten exploded, the level-forty ‘High-Inquisitor’ teleported away. He coughed up a decent amount of golden blood, which sprayed out of the holes in his pure-white mask.

Sora’s golden irises glowed brightly and two beams of blinding light erupted from them. The attack was aimed at the seemingly defenseless little girl’s head, but at the same moment, Jasmine’s eyes fired out ‘Sundering Beams’ as well. Those instantaneous attacks seemed to crash into each other momentarily, but the Raid Boss had far higher Aura.

The Gunslinger’s protective ‘Illusory Shield’ managed to negate the remainder of that vicious ‘Solar Glare’ spell. Michael’s seven Arcane Orbs flew towards both enemies at the same time, while he teleported behind the two of them and attempted to impale the distracted angel from behind.

Samuel turned around and threw his left dagger into the Nephilim’s right eye, before leaping forward and stabbing his right into the saw-like blades of the giant sword. Of course, the golden knife was almost instantly sawn in half, then the severely wounded demonic man rapidly changed his target.

First it was his arm, then the High-Inquisitor’s chest was torn into chunks of mutilated flesh and bone. That armor was completely incapable of protecting him from Michael’s absurdly high Attack Rating.

Sora’s golden daikatana began glowing brightly, as it swept across the seven Arcane Orbs, causing them to fly away without dealing any damage to her. Then she turned into a beam of light and appeared to the left of the tiny cat-girl; reaching out and grabbing her with a single gauntlet-covered hand, she unfolded her wings.

The Crusader cackled hysterically, shouting “You lose, Heretic!” as she activated her emergency teleportation scroll. Before Michael was able to move, the dagger that was embedded in the back of his eye-socket abruptly exploded, completely obliterating his relatively huge head.

All of the equipment vanished from the giant corpse and it remained standing for a few moments before falling down slowly. “No~, Mikey~, save me~! Nyah~!?” Both the four-meter tall angelic woman and Jasmine were abruptly engulfed in a sphere of light and vanished.


19 thoughts on “Chapter 260: Nekoshire Catastrophe

  1. The police knew how strong they were from the videos by still chased after them? To arrest them and get back the money?
    And wow the MC at a real disadvantage for first time?
    Thanks for the chapter

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  2. Oh they fucked up… They just declared war on a Immortal just for the sake of them abusing their gambling system for a day and… This is not gonna end well for them at all… They attacked first too! And they brought religion into this again which I can’t remember if Mikey hates or not, but I assume he really hates being called a Heretic as would most Heretical creatures.

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