PS V1, Chapter 30: Survival

*Author’s Note*

When you summon an MC… Or is it a MC? Oh well, the moral of the story is that when shit hits the fan, you don’t wanna be in front of it. Or anywhere in the damn room for that matter.


“Today is gonna be great~! I’m gonna kill so~ many people, today~! I’m gonna kill so~ many people, I just can’t wait! Today is gonna be great!” Michael sang as he jumped out the broken window and tackled the man holding the shotgun to the ground.

Including the armor, he weighed over two-hundred kilograms. Regardless of how thick the man’s coat was, or that he himself was nearly two-meters tall… After having Michael’s sharp left pauldron slam into his chest, his sturnum was smashed and a piece of the bone actually penetrated his heart.

“Oh sweet~! Gotta love a good ole fashioned pump-action riot-shotgun!” The skull-faced knight shouted, as he cocked the weapon and blew off a chubby woman’s head. She of course, was wearing a similar attire to the men and was ‘obviously’ affiliated with the same organization.

“Hey Matt! How many points was that?!” As Michael yelled, he walked over to the dead woman and started looting her corpse. She had a snub-nosed revolver pistol without any extra ammo, but he did manage to steal her purse, which contained a cell phone, wallet and other random items. Then he walked up the steps and entered the house, closing the door behind him.

[Summoner: Matthew Leblanc
ID Code: Trashmob-707
Rank: Unranked
Level: 5
Experience: 9/10
Mana: 5/5
Cards: 35
Description: A Player with zero skill, but a decent amount of luck. The kind of Summoner who makes other Players want to go out of their way to kill him.]

“Oh God, I think I’m gonna be sick…” Matthew nearly threw up after watching that woman’s head explode, but somehow managed to hold it in. His mother on the other hand, vomited all over the burning living room carpet. Coincidentally putting out the fire in the process.

“You know what your problem is Matt? Ya think too much about the morality of shit ya ain’t got no choice in! Apocalypse, Civil War, whatever! Either way, we gotta kill a fuck-ton of people if we wanna survive through this fuckfest! And you do wanna survive, right?!” Michael handed the snub-nosed .38 caliber revolver over to the queasy man and pushed him out of the way.

Then he shoved the shotgun into Anaishe’s hands, growling “And you! I’ve only met you twice now! The first time you were dying like an idiot! Now you’re fucking throwing up over a few dead douchebags?! Grow up! You’re his mother right? What kinda mother’s too much of a pussy to protect their own kid?! Now pull yourselves together and let’s get goin!”

As Michael walked across the living room, the floor creaked and sounded as if it was going to collapse under his weight. He suddenly started picking up his pace, nearly stomping a hole through the ground with every step.

Matthew could hear people yelling and shouting out front, so he whispered “Mom, come on! We gotta go!” He held the pistol in his hand and nervously pulled his mother along, as he chased after the ominous black armor.

When Michael reached the kitchen, he grabbed a steel construction hammer off the counter to his right and charged forward at a startling speed. The whole house rumbled and shook as he reached the very back of the house. Then he roared “Peek-a-boo motherfuckers! Haah~!”

[Congratulations on reaching Level-6!]

Both the inner wooden door and the outer screen door were ripped off their hinges, as Michael plowed through. On the other side, there had been three men in grey National Guard uniforms preparing to ambush the people inside… Unfortunately for them, they were too close to the doors when the armored lunatic came charging out. One of them was directly crushed underneath both doors, and the man standing on them, while the rest were swiftly bludgeoned to death by a simple hammer.

They wore helmets on their heads, while their faces were only covered by gas masks. A few strokes of the hammer and they were blinded, had their mouths bashed open and their noses were crushed. Although their deaths weren’t instant, by the time that Matt and Anaishe reached the hole in the wall that used to be a doorway, all three men were nothing more than spasming corpses.

Michael dropped the hammer, picked up two assault rifles and as much ammo as he could carry. Then he turned around and yelled “Well hurry the fuck up! Grab their sidearms and anything else that you can carry!” He slung one rifle across his back and then aimed the other at the tan, military humvee that was parked in the alley. The woman who was responsible for driving didn’t have time to realize what was happening, before a burst of three bullets smashed into the window next to her head.

“Fuck! It’s bulletproof! Hold my gun and watch this shit!” The armored man tossed the assault rifle to Matthew and then started sprinting through the yard, passed the open gate of the fence and then rammed his right elbow through the already damaged glass window. The woman inside screamed and pulled out her side-arm, yet before she could even pull the trigger, his left index finger plunged through her temple. Her body spasmed and contorted a bit, as he grabbed her by the throat with his other hand and squeezed tightly enough to snap her spinal cord.

“What the fucking fuck are you assholes waiting for?! We gotta go! Now!” Michael reached inside the window and unlocked the door, before opening it. He pushed the corpse into the other seat and then turned to the shivering mother-son duo, asking “Do either of you know how to drive? ‘Cause it’s been ages since I last drove anywhere and beside that… If I’m driving, who the hell is gonna keep you two from dying?”

“What?! Oh my God! You don’t think that stealing a National Guard humvee is a bad idea at all?! They’ll definitely be able to track it and how are we even supposed to get out of Baltimore in this thing?! They’ll definitely have roadblocks set up all over the place!” Matt complained and freaked out, but he still got in the bloody driver’s seat and tried to familiarize himself with the vehicle anyway.

Meanwhile, Michael plucked everything useful off of the woman’s corpse and then tossed her into the alley, like a sack of garbage. After that, he got into the passenger’s seat, wearing the extremely heavy armor. Luckily, the humvee was built to withstand much more punishment than that.

The engine was already running, so Matt didn’t even have to turn the key. However, before he could start moving, he had to wait for his mother to stop throwing up and get inside the vehicle. He unlocked the back doors and she unsteadily got inside, placing down her shotgun, a purse and a few other miscellaneous items that she was carrying. When she finally closed the door, Matt locked up and then started driving down the alley slowly.

“Umm, where do we go?” When he reached the end of the alley, Matt looked left and right, but the power was out everywhere. The street lights and house lights were all off, while he could hear gunshots and explosions all over the place. There was a radio in the humvee, along with some laptops and other tech, but there was no internet connection, while the radio was only releasing static.

“Hmmm,” Michael asked “That depends on whether you wanna kill a bunch of people, or just a few people?”

“I don’t wanna kill anyone damn it!” Matt shouted, then grumbled “Fine… Which is the safer route?”

“Oh, just go left then, ya boring bastard!” Michael complained, then shouted “Wait stop!” After a few seconds, he continued “Not left anymore. I can hear a bunch of sirens coming from that direction, so go right. No, go straight! Just go straight down that fucking alley for a few blocks, then make a left turn. That should be fine.”

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