Voracity, Volume 3: Nature

*Author’s Note*

I’ve been kinda lazy lately and haven’t pushed out this volume for a while, even though it’s been finished for about a month. Anyway, sorry to the 5 or 6 people reading this.

I just need to put a quick disclaimer which is slightly different from the others. I only vaguely understand Spanish and the Goggle-Translate option doesn’t have ‘Argentinian Accent Spanish’, so in case there might be like 1 or 2 people who know that in the south of Argentina, they use Vos and their ‘y’ sounds like ‘sh’ in some instances… I’m not gonna bother going through and changing that. Besides, parts of this story might take place in Southern Patagonia, but a lot of the actual characters are not necessarily from that part of Argentina or they aren’t even from Argentina at all.

There’s also a part in the very beginning where I used a translator to try to make characters sound… Like they’re from the Falkland Islands? Does anyone know what people from there sound like? Who they speak? How to write out an accent like that? Maybe some people from the Falkland Islands will get angry in a few years when this story becomes famous somehow, so sorry ahead of time. Same with Argentinians.

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