TDoDK Chapter 3, Day 10a: Bait and Wait

“Muhuahahaha~! Come~, come to me foolish creatures! Do you see it?! Do you smell it?! Yes, that really is water! Now come and face your doom!” Okay, I might be going a little insane, but even with me yelling like a badly written Anime villain, no one seems to care. Besides, if I don’t shout, you won’t be able to hear me over those noisy lizards.

There’s more of them by the way. Ten of croaking critters have clustered together so far and then they started fighting each other in order to gain the rights to mate with Joey.

My plan was a resounding success though!

The first step was using the hunting knife to cut three of those empty plastic gallon jugs in half. Then I filled the bottoms with water and placed them around the Kitsune Drive. Since I needed to be really close in order to identify the animals, I had to place them there.

Anyway, I haven’t seen anything ‘new’ yet, but I’ve gotten a lot of visits from the giant lizards and those mouse-rat-bunny-kangaroos. The Shadow Lurkers aren’t even slightly afraid of me for some strange reason, but the Sand Skippers are super-skittish. Like, if you even look at them a little bit, they freak out and hop away at a ridiculous speed.

I’m almost out of water though, so I need to restock. Should I just get five or, should I buy more? Do I need to open the shop before using it?


[Fabricating requested items, please standby…]

Oh, yeah, that’s a lot more convenient. Let’s try something else now.


[Fabricating requested items, please standby…]

Holy crap! It actually worked! So it isn’t limited to just what it says? Does that mean I can put a number before the other things and then buy a bunch of them at the same time? Hmmm~, can’t really test that theory out right now though. I’ll save that question for later.

I’m going to go put this stuff away in my secret lair now. These lizards and rats aren’t that smart, but they might get curious eventually and figure out where the water comes from. Ugh, I probably should have fabricated the stuff inside of my burrow.

Well, since I’m not going out to explore, I’m going to take one last nap so I can be a bit more productive before this ‘night’ ends. Like most people, I used to brush my teeth every night before going to sleep… It’s been ten days since the last time I brushed my teeth. I think I had a few cavities before I even got to Geb, but now, I’m starting to worry about my dental health. Have you ever heard of people dying from tooth infections? Well, I definitely have… They weren’t even that old either. I think the youngest person was some twenty-three year old guy in Florida.

Out of all the ways I could possibly die, tooth infection has to be one of the dumbest. There are just so many other possibilities. Imagine all the strange and unknown diseases that are out there waiting for me to experience and discover! Okay, I’m sleeping now. Goodnight imaginary friends that I never had.


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