TDoDK Chapter 3, Day 10b: Sickness

Ow~, ugh~, I think I’m literally dying… again. Not from starvation or dehydration, but tooth decay. I’m not even joking this time guys. One of the upper molars on the right side of my jaw just fell out. It’s seriously pitch-black with little orange specs, which I think might be moving, but really slowly.

Oh yeah! I was in so much agony that I totally forgot that I could do this!


[Scanning… Human Molar detected. Analyzing data…]

[Reporting Target Information…

Rotten Human Molar
Current Condition: Infected by an extremely voracious form of plaque indigenous to Geb.]

“I know that you may be frightened young Kitsune, but fear not, for I have long since prepared for the contingency that you would contract various pathogens. Fortunately, you have an immune system, otherwise you would not have been able to survive this long. However, there are some diseases that are either too difficult to remove with your current immune system, or it may simply take time which you do not have. Hopefully, you did not spend any of your Evolution Points yet, because you’re going to require at least one of them. Did I tell you before that you could only gain new Evolution Points by increasing your level? Actually, that’s not completely true… There is one other way.”

[The Quest “Get Sick” has been successfully completed. +1 Exp, +1 KP. The Currency Exchange Tab of the Shop function has been unlocked. Innate Immune System Boost 1 and Adaptive Immune System Boost 1 have been unlocked.]

“There are several types of currency, but you should have only been able to obtain the first two at this point in the training program. By typing ‘/Exchange’, you should be able to see the different rates. Kitsune Points are the most used type of currency, but Evolution is also extremely important to survival and eventually… completing your tasks as a full-fledged Kitsune. For now, you should focus on the present. If you cannot afford to purchase either of the two Adaptations that you have just unlocked, then you can only hope that your natural immune system is powerful enough to keep you alive.”

Wow, kinda harsh, ain’t it? Well, I guess you can’t get sued when you’re a ‘Deity’… Anyway, those poor trainees out there, who may or may not actually exist, aren’t my problem. It’s a good thing I saved up so much money~!


[Estivation: Able to fall into a sleep that lowers metabolism dramatically, allows the body to keep cool and conserves energy. 5 KP, 1 EP.]

[Shedding: Hair becomes much thinner when exposed to hot weather. 5 KP, 1 EP.]

[Extreme Sweating: Increases the efficiency of the sweat glands significantly. 15 KP, 1 EP.]

[Improved Adipocytes: White and Brown Fat Cells become more efficient. 25 KP, 2 EP.]

[Innate Immune System Boost 1: Increases the body’s inborn ability to identify and remove outside threats. Sends immune cells to areas of infection, clears dead cells and antibody complexes, remove foreign substances, activates the adaptive immune system, and acts as a chemical and physical barrier against infectious organisms. 5 KP, 1 EP.]

[Adaptive Immune System Boost 1: Improves the speed at which unknown pathogens are dealt with and remembered. Future infections of the same type will be far more easily eliminated. 5 KP, 1 EP.]

Holy crap! It’s so cheap! I thought it would be way more expensive. I’m definitely going to buy at least one of them, but which is better? Should I just get both? Either way, I need to think about this for a bit.


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