Chapter 215: Everybody Changes, Some More than Others…

“When I said I wanted to do some kinky mother-son role-play, I think you took my joke a little too seriously… I’m not really that surprised that you’re a closet-Dryad, but I honestly didn’t expect you to be Canadian.” Michael muttered as he unsteadily stood up, then his body emitted a bright-white light and all of the disgusting sap was swiftly removed from his skin.

Talia glared at him, before shouting “I am not your mother! Also, this is merely a spell! I am a High-Elf, and I have no idea what this ‘Canadian’ you speak of means, but I doubt that it is anything good.”

“Dryadic Embrace Level 1: The caster transforms into a Dryad, based on their original appearance. Size can be increased or decreased by up to 50%. Strength, Vitality, Endurance, Intelligence, Willpower, and Charisma are increased by 10%. Agility, Perception, and Dexterity are reduced by 90%. Reduces the cost of all Nature Magic by 5%. Stamina regenerates by 10% per hour. Duration is dependent on the Aura stat. Costs 50% of the caster’s maximum Health, Mana and Stamina to cast.”

Michael snickered, “Canada is a place in my world, though there’s probably a village with that name somewhere in this world, hehe~. Anyway, I get that the sexy plant-girl thing is a spell, but what the fuck is up with that big-ass maple-tree? Is it like, our tree-baby?”

“I do not know… but I do not plan to ever use this terrible form again. How can you bear to feel so much pain and discomfort every time we go to battle?” The beautiful Dryad struggled to stand, feeling as if her extremely long legs were completely numb.

However, the discomfort faded swiftly, as the aura of Nature enveloped her body and caused her aching groin to swiftly heal. Alice placed her hand on the little Nephilim’s head and was about to remove the mana-cores from his inventory, but he told her “Wait, it’s pointless, you don’t have enough bag-space to store it all anyway. Let’s just get the fuck outta this place and go to your ‘room’.”

After grabbing Talia’s extremely firm left buttock with his right hand, the three of them teleported nearly fifteen miles to the south. Once their mana was completely regenerated, they all appeared in the living-room, where an adorable Seven-Tailed Fox was patiently waiting.

The little boy suddenly began growing rapidly, until he transformed into a six-foot tall Nephilim. At the same time, Talia was shrinking down to her ‘normal’ height of two-meters and her bark began transforming back into soft flesh. Those vines fell off, as her straight blonde hair abruptly grew out until it was a few feet long. Aside from that, her emerald orbs transfigured into eyeballs and she was able to let out a sigh of relief, that she was able to completely revert to her original appearance.

Michael smirked, casually running his hands across the Huntress’ naked body and complaining “Aw~, I was really looking forward to being inside of you again, just not ‘completely’ inside… Speaking of which, Alice, you still owe me that blowjob! I’ve had a boner for like, half a day now!”

Talia frowned, “Before you forget, you have yet to provide me with proper living quarters!” Thus, the three of them entered into of the High-Elf’s relatively empty bedroom. Of course, before that, he used ten gold and a certain king’s mana-core to buy ‘normal’ magical ceiling-lights for the hallways, living-room, and stairwell.

Using two neutral, Elite, rank-E mana-cores, which came from a level-thirteen princely Knight, he nonchalantly furnished the entire bedroom. It did seem to grow from a mere sixty square meters, to roughly twice that size. Then a majestic ‘royal’ bed replaced her original one, a beautiful crystal chandelier hung from the extremely high ceiling, and the windows became huge and extravagant.

Several wardrobes, a boudoir, and a decent amount of very large mirrors, had suddenly appeared; all of her clothing and items that were laying around, were instantly placed on shelves and inside of dressers. There were even a handful of places where she could potentially hang decorative paintings or other such items.

As it seemed to be finished up, Michael walked over to the door at the southern end of the room and opened it, revealing a huge armory. There were plenty of places that the Huntress could store all sorts of weapons and equipment, as well as places to display her favorite items that she no longer used anymore.

Within that two-hundred square meter extradimensional space, there was actually another door. When they walked over and opened it, Talia gasped and abruptly kissed the smirking Nephilim on the left cheek. She whispered “Miguel, this place is perfect… I truly am satisfied.”

He snickered, “I honestly didn’t expect there to be a gigantic hot-spring in your bathroom, but whatever. Anyway, did you guys wanna do it in the water or on the bed? I’d settle for bending one of you over a treasure chest and-”

“We already fornicated once today! If the two of you wish to engage in your usual depravity, then go do it elsewhere! I am going to take a very long bath and then, finally, go to sleep!” Talia might have been willing to have sex earlier, but after turning into a Dryad, half of her already low Stamina, had been depleted. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was able to slowly recover the lost energy while in that form, she would have lost consciousness long ago.

Inari barked a few times as she unhesitantly dove into the water, and transformed into a fox-eared mermaid. She swam around happily in the scalding, soapy liquid and was swiftly joined by Michael and Alice, who completely ignored the exhausted Huntress. He had surprisingly only spent around twenty gold to purchase Talia’s ‘Royal Bedroom Set’.

The innocent vixen didn’t quite understand why an invisible barrier always appeared when she attempted to join the dragoness, who was using her serpentine tongue to ‘devour’ a certain part of the naked man’s body.

Talia groaned, grabbing the whimpering mermaid and pulling her away from the two horrible role-models. “Zorra, do not imitate their vulgar behavior… W-what are you doing?!” The fish-like part of her body suddenly transformed into seven fluffy tails and from the waist down, she seemed very similar to a Human girl. Inari easily broke free of the High-Elf’s grasp and began floating in the water, using her tongue to furiously lick her own genitals.

The Huntress shouted “Do you see what you have done now?! It seems that you have managed to corrupt all of us!”

Michael snickered, “Nah, that bitch has been licking her own pussy since even before I turned her into a magical-beast! Listen Blondie, people are just animals; they do things that make them feel good, like sex, drugs, violence, listening to music, eating, etcetera… It’s natural, there ain’t nothing strange about masturbating and I would probably have sucked my own dick, if I could have. Sure, people would judge me, yelling ‘Ew, who the fuck are you and why are you in my bathroom?!’ but that’s beside the point! That was a joke by the way; I very rarely left my own house, and I wouldn’t really suck my own dick in some stranger’s bathroom… Back to what I was saying before; you need to stop rejecting the weirdness and just embrace your true feelings.”

“My true feelings are disgust, repulsion and an ever rising anger!” Talia obviously wasn’t amused by the Nephilim’s crude jests, but the dragoness was laughing so hard that she accidentally bit down onto the extremely sensitive organ that her tongue had been wrapped around.

Instead of screaming from the pain, Michael simply sighed and ran his fingers through Alice’s fluffy mane of bright-blue feathers. His Defense Rating was high enough that his genitalia weren’t completely amputated, so the wounds swiftly healed, and the Draconic Fairy was able to drink a bit of his hallucinogenic blood.

After an hour of fooling around and fornicating in Talia’s hot-spring, the Nephilim and dragoness finally left. Inari transformed into a Seven-Tailed Fox, which was the size of a large dog, and ventured out of the house. Her ‘mission’ was to go out into the jungle to gather a bunch of plants, animals, and the members of her pack; she wanted to get started on her ‘room’ as soon as possible.

As for the ‘Fishtank’, Michael made sure to tell her “There were definitely a few fresh-water lakes in your ‘room’, so you should probably catch a bunch of fish from the river to transplant there… Unfortunately, if you put any of them into that ocean-room, they’ll definitely die, cause there’s a bunch of salt in the water… Unless they’re like, magical-beasts who can adapt to any kinda water? Anyway, good-luck and have fun, hehe~.”

Alice received two ‘Water Drakes’ from Talia, before heading back to her lab; while the Nephilim teleported into the basement, stealthily stealing the head of Long Dong from her inventory, without waking her up. Then, he needed to teleport into the ‘Arcana Prison’, where he removed the corpse of Ignis’ son, Lieutenant Akira, from his bags.

The moment that the ghost sensed his own body, he was immediately drawn into his ‘main’ mana-core. Since his organs and everything else were almost perfectly preserved, all Michael really needed to do, was casually restart the lizard-man’s heart.

“Ugh, I guess I have to channel a bit of my mana into his cores, huh? Hmm, that sounds really sexual for some reason… Well, whatever, wakey-wakey motherfucker!” The first thing that the resurrected Arcane Sorcerer of Fire did was teleport a few dozen meters away from the naked Nephilim and yelp loudly.

Then he yelled “Wa-da-fuck is~ dis~?!” as he noticed all the tens of thousands of disembodied spirits. Of course, immediately after that he began struggling to telekinetically orient himself, but it was impossible considering how far he was from the walls.

MIchael snickered, “Calm your slimy lizard dick! Seriously, you act like this is the first time you’ve been decapitated and then brought back to life in a zero-gravity soul-prison! Hahaha~, anyway, you can Astral-Project and teleport, so you should be able to leave here on your own pretty easily. By the way, your daddy Ignis bailed you out from the whole ‘death’ thing, so ya might wanna thank him sometime. Hmmm, this might seem weird, since we just met and all, but if ya want, I could make you a Citizen of Luxiana. It’s a pretty nice little town and it’s growing every day… Oh yay~, I completed the Quest~. Hehe~, two-hundred gold and a thousand Fire Favor for the win~!”

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