Chapter 70: Hardcore Class-Quest

[Player Information

Name: Michael
Titles: The Nudist, The Noob, The Immortal, The Lurker, The Survivor, The Astronaut, Shinigami
Level: 11
Experience: 23/220
Age: Adult
Race: Human
Rank: F
Class: None
Specialization: None
Profession: Leatherworker Level 3]


Health: 80/80
Mana: 50/50
Stamina: 40/40
Mana Regen per minute: 80
Health Regen per hour: 80

Strength: 6(+2)
Vitality: 6(+2)
Endurance: 6(+2)
Dexterity: 3
Agility: 6(+2)
Intelligence: 7(+3)
Wisdom: 5(+3)
Perception: 4
Charisma: 2

Willpower: 21
Luck: 21
Aura: 7.8

Attack Power: 40(+50)
Defense Rating: 4(+7)]

Michael immediately placed his newly acquired stat-points into Vitality and Wisdom. His choice was mainly influenced by his desire to even out his numbers, but an increase in Mana and Health regeneration was always a good thing.

Once his level rose, the ‘Stat-Boost’ buff had been removed, so he needed to quickly re-apply it. “Fucking hell, what’s with that sudden experience jump? Hmmm, I need to get those two outta here first… Well, I guess I don’t really ‘have’ to do anything for them, but Calico-Girl is so damn adorable, and Innocent Blondie is too cute to die.”

His real reason for saving Yuki was actually because he figured that she probably had a decent amount of gold on her, and he wanted to buy things for his house. At least, until he finally reached the two of them and threw the unconscious and bloodied cat-woman over his left shoulder.

A message suddenly appeared: “Class Quest: When faced with a disaster, most people would choose to save themselves, while disregarding everyone around them. What use is there in dying while attempting to help a complete stranger after all? Yet, there will always be those few, brave heroes who are willing to sacrifice their safety, happiness, and even their lives to protect anyone they deem worthy of salvation. Disregarding race, gender, culture, and religion, they would even help someone who hated them.

“The Temple of Asura is under attack by a battalion of Angels and all of the inhabitants have been transformed into raging Demons. You are surrounded by thousands of enemies, but there are still some people who haven’t changed and are desperately struggling to survive. Fill your ten extra-dimensional prison-slots with those you deem worthy of your salvation, and then release them in your Player-Home. Warning: If you die, so will everyone within your extra-dimensional prison. The ‘Return Home’ feature has been disabled, along with the spell ‘Astral Step.’ Reward: New Class, one-hundred experience points, a Soulbound item.”

Michael shouted “What the actual fuck?! Shit, the difficulty level is way too fucking hard on all these Quests!” as he immediately placed Yuki into his first spot. His normal carefree mentality had completely changed, and he told the frightened High-Elf “Talia, listen up, from now on, keep healing me and I’ll make sure that you stay alive. It’s time to get super-serious…”

She glanced around at the chaotic battlefield, filled with Demons and frenzied Angels, before nodding asking “Okay, but you know I’m a Huntress right?” Aside from ‘Rapid Regeneration’ and ‘Nature’s Remedy,’ she didn’t have any other spells that she could use to help him out; she didn’t even have her bow with her, so there wasn’t much else that she could do either.

Suddenly a huge explosion resounded and a shock-wave of aura erupted from the top of the giant castle. The ten-meter tall ‘Asura of Rage’ and a similarly colossal Arcangel named ‘Adonael’ were fiercely fighting to the death; he had a full suit of mirror-like armor, and wielded a huge tower-shield, along with a massive cutlass, while she was seemingly naked.

As the B-rank, level-75 World Bosses were dueling, their forces became even more bloodthirsty and vicious. Regardless of which side actually won, Michael didn’t want to be there for the victory celebration, so he quickly began heading towards the town’s only entrance and exit.

After a few seconds, a five-meter tall, naked Orc man, with crimson skin, roared at them and threw a gigantic punch at the tiny Human. However, size wasn’t everything, and without any kind of magical defenses, there was nothing that he could do against the Arcane Siegeblade.

Unfortunately, after that first incredibly powerful strike, Michael’s giant sword suddenly stopped glowing on its own. He grumbled “Oh for fuck’s sake! I even have to charge the damn thing?!” as he stabbed the tip into the second incoming fist.

Then he finally realized something fairly important: “Is this thing made outta rubber?!” Just like the Arcane Orb, his Siegeblade literally bounced the attack away, without being able to deal any physical damage.

Since the Orc only had a few Health-points left, Michael aimed the tip of his over-sized sword at the enemy and fired an Arcane Bolt. When his enemy died, he didn’t even bother to collect the corpse and sprinted towards a fallen Lesser Angel.

She was wearing heavy plate-mail armor, which was incredibly reflective. In her right hand was a tower shield, while her left was holding a broken broadsword.

Both of the girl’s dove-like wings were shredded and bleeding glowing golden liquid. Above her head was written “Hanael the Righteous, Level-12 Lesser Angel Paladin, rank-F.”

The woman was defending against an obsidian-skinned woman, with four arms and two huge antlers coming out of her temples. In each hand was a large, pitch-black cutlass, and out of her back had grown two huge raven wings.

Behind the Paladin was a relatively small and weak Lesser Angel Priest, wearing a white-robe that was stained with his own golden blood. He was kneeling on the ground and struggling to maintain ‘Healing Radiance’ onto both of their severely wounded bodies.

When Michael arrived, he immediately charged ten points of mana into his sword and then easily bisected the unarmored and demonic woman. He quickly shoved both halves of the spasming corpse into his sixteenth bag-slot.

The Human glared at the two-meter tall, heavily armored Angel and asked “Do the two of you want to live?” At that moment a chorus of simultaneous screams and cries rang out, as a few hundred of the winged Archers fell from the sky at the same time.

They had been hit by a stray ‘Chaos Bolt’ from Asura; while they weren’t instantly killed, they had been driven insane as their wings burned off. Witnessing that horrific sight, the relatively young woman nodded her head and said “Of course we do, but if we flee, we’ll be marked as heretics and hunted by the Holy Council…”

Michael smiled at her and touched her shield with his left hand, sending her into his second prison-slot. He gazed down at the violently coughing Priest named ‘Leo’ and quickly sent him into the third spot, while muttering “I wonder what the rules to this prison shit are? Well, whatever, I just need six more and I can get the hell outta here.”

Actually, under normal circumstances, he would have to either have the person’s consent or they would need to be unconscious, but Quests could temporarily change certain game mechanics. When he saw the Uncommon leather armor and the four cutlasses laying on the ground, he complained “Damn it, there’s so much useful shit laying around, and I can’t even carry any of it!”

There were plenty of other weakened Angels laying around, along with dying Demons, but he was looking for specific types of people. The best way to judge a person at a glance, was based on their main title and the situation that they were in.

Julia screamed “Ah~! Help!” as a heavily armored angelic Paladin swooped down and smacked the High-Elf with her shield. However, before the woman had the chance to impale the stunned Huntress, Michael used Arcane Pull on the long-eared blonde and sent her into prison-slot four.

He yelled “Hey fat-ass, catch!” as he threw the gigantic glowing Siegeblade into the Angel’s chest-plate. It didn’t have nearly enough momentum or power to actually penetrate her armor, but a ‘-90’ still appeared above her head, as her lifeless corpse was knocked backwards a few meters.

She was a level-18, rank-E, so he quickly used his Arcane Orb to pull her corpse back over to him. Not only could he feed it to Goliath for extra experience-points, but the mana-core was also extremely valuable.

Unfortunately, only the body was sent into his inventory, and he had to leave her expensive-looking equipment behind. Then a golden arrow pierced through his left shoulder, followed by a loud shout “Anna, no! Die, monster!” as a dozen or so beams of ultraviolet radiation began targeting him.

When he looked towards his attacker, there was a small Lesser Angel man, but before Michael could even counter-attack, a giant wyvern swooped down and swallowed the little ‘dove’ whole. Seeing that he yelled “Oh shit!” because the situation suddenly became much more dire.

Gigantic parrots, green dragons, massive glowing hawks and plenty of other high-level and rank aerial monsters started appearing. Seeing the enormous flying snake that was casually hovering behind the dwindling battalion of angelic crusaders, Michael started laughing hysterically. “Natural Serpentine Dragon of Wind, Level-92, Rank-A, Raid Boss.”

Even though it wasn’t a World Boss, and had no equipment, it was still a rank higher than the Archangel and Archdemon. Either way, it didn’t change the fact that he needed to leave as quickly as possible.

A small level-one, rank-G Human boy with a horn sticking out of his forehead, named ‘Tyler,’ was running from three rank-F Fire-Imps, and unintentionally bumped into Michael. However, the moment of impact, the little child disappeared into his fifth prison-slot.

Those former-Goblins started jumping towards him, and stabbed at his chest. One of them even teleported behind him with ‘Flame-Step’ and embedded a dull knife into his upper-back.

Fortunately, the attack didn’t actually deal any damage, but at the same time, when he swatted them like flies, he didn’t receive any experience either. The exit was only a hundred meters away, but there was a massive amount of people crowded around there.

A shield-wall of Lesser Angel Paladins, backed up by Priests and Holy Archers, were preventing the horde of Demons and monsters from escaping. Michael complained “These bastards are even crazier than the fucking lunatics that they’re trying to exterminate!”

Their moral was extremely low, because they knew that they had no chance of winning, yet they still followed orders. At least, most of them did, while there were actually quite a few fallen Angels stranded within the town, crying and begging for salvation from their Goddess.

In all the pandemonium, it was obvious that there would be plenty of targets for him to choose from. A small anthropomorphic rat-woman named ‘Zoey,’ was level-two and rank-G, so when she tried to bite him to death, he just shoved her into slot-six.

Michael managed to avoid fighting against any powerful enemies, since most of them were focusing on killing each-other, but that also meant he couldn’t gain much experience. Even after defeating over twenty monsters and people, he only managed to gather eighteen points.

He found an unconscious, but still living, three meter tall Ogre that he recognized: Gatekeeper Alisa. She had a few huge gaping wounds on her body and seemed to be bleeding to death rapidly, but she hadn’t been mutated by the Chaotic aura, because she was of the Nature Affinity.

After shoving her into prison-slot seven, he heard a raspy voice yelling “Help, someone please, help us!” Trapped under the rubble of a collapsed wooden house, there was a small family of three Gnomes.

One was a bearded man with pale skin, whose left arm was completely crushed underneath a large beam. Aside from him, who was a rank-F, level-seven Druid, his wife and daughter were both of the same Class, but were only rank-G and under level-three.

However, they were all alive, and without even saying anything to the desperate and extremely small people, Michael just reached down and made them disappear into his last three prison-slots. Then he stood up and glanced over at the huge battle near the exit and wondered “Now how the fuck am I gonna get outta here?”

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  1. She was wearing heavy plate-mail armor, which was incredibly reflective. In her right hand was a tower shield, while her right was holding a broken broadsword.

    She was wearing heavy plate-mail armor, which was incredibly reflective. In her LEFT hand was a tower shield, while her right was holding a broken broadsword.

    or vice versa I guess, whatever you really meant here, although I doubt it matters?

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      • Well it is technically Thursay now so.. GIVE US CHAPTER!!!
        Dont leave me on this Cliff in this Raging Thunderstorm.
        *Fingers slowly losing grip due to rain*
        Help Im slipping!!!
        Save me Mike!!

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      • So I wasnt imagining that we were only getting 2 chapter a day… Should have at least mentioned it. you know how many time i stayed up just waiting for 3rd chapter of the day?!?!? Q_Q Q-Q Q-Q Q-Q Q-Q Q-Q Q-Q

        Well the readers wouldnt complain at all if your stock-pile runs out since you write new chapters every day so we get at least 1 a day. Its only when you drop us on a CLIFF that we REALLY want the next chapter.

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      • I did mention it lol, a lot of times 😛 Also, for ‘me’it was ending up being 3 chapters a day for a while there, or more, but I feel a lot less stressed out now that I cut it down to two… Also, there’s always gonna be a cliff, which is why I’ve been doing two at the same time, instead of spread it out by like 12 hours :P.


    • They have their advantages and disadvantages :P, one of the main problems they have is that their near weightlessness makes them have almost no leverage lol. Plus, their HP is usually pretty low… and they were ‘Lesser Angels.’ There are obviously full-blown ‘Angels,’ ‘Greater Angels,’ ‘Archangels,’ ‘Cherubim,’ and ‘Seraphim,’ as well. Lesser Angels have higher overall base-stats than Humans, and are born with a few relatively overpowered advantages, but you have to remember that all humanoids rely heavily on ‘Gear,’ more-so than anything else. Even if it looks fancy, those Lesser Angels were almost all wearing Uncommon equipment, while Michael has like 3 rares so far.


      • ok. Oh now I remember why I felt confused. Its cuz of Arcana mentioning that shield earlier. xp

        If Mc can get more of those ball weapons then he will have an attacking shield revolving around him like a solar system. From small marble size to size of a basketball. Then add slight amount of mana from different affinities for color.I think that would be interesting.

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      • That’d be cool, but it’s probably not possible unless he had a specific class that allows him to equip multiple throwing weapons…. otherwise, his stats would be ridiculously OP cause he could just keep stacking them roflmao. There might be a singular ‘Arcane Shield’ that is comprised of a bunch of tiny glowing balls or some shit like that, but the Arcane Orb has no real ‘defensive’ abilities on its own.


  2. It is interesting that when shit hits the fan, our MC really does seem to do the right thing when he can. He could have just grabbed anyone to clear that quest, but he went out of his way to save the helpless and good.

    There may be hope for him after all.

    I mean he is still a selfish, lewd and chaotic asshole but hey, no one is perfect?

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    • Lmfao, well yeah, he’s ‘relatively’ nice? I mean, everyone is selfish, but at least he isn’t a total asshole about everything lol. Also, it’s kinda hard to find ‘good’ people in a place like that :P.


      • I think Dante was a rapist though? The one from Dante’s Inferno right? He was also a betrayer, a greedy murderer and just about everything else that a person could do wrong… I mean, it was a story about a guy who went to hell for being a scumbag, but was able to redeem his soul by saving his wife’s soul from the devil and leaving the evil parts of himself behind… or something like that? lol


      • 100% asshollery is unrealistic, I think. At least in the sense of antagonism.
        If the MC was “neutral evil”, I would get it. These sort of people don’t even have emotions. They’re just killer robots.

        Instead, the MC is more of a Chaotic Neutral character. Does what he wants without being too evil or too good, too lawful or too chaotic. Somewhere in the middle.


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