Chapter 216: Reality Is Relative

Without waiting for Akira’s consent, Michael immediately designated him as a Citizen and then teleported out of the ‘Arcane Prison’ and into Elina’s bedroom. Two beautiful cat-girls were cuddling under that thick and fluffy comforter; they were somehow able to sleep, regardless of how ridiculously bright it was.

He walked over to the side of the bed and removed a glowing ‘Mystery Cat Egg’ from his inventory, gently placing it between the two adorable kittens. Judging by its ridiculous durability, he was certain that it was impossible for either of them to ‘accidentally’ damage the shell or hurt the embryos inside.

However, he didn’t leave immediately, but decided to lay down behind Jasmine’s tiny body. His arms wrapped around Elina and pulled her into his embrace, with the little girl being mildly squished in the middle.

Michael had a warm smile on his face as he pressed his lips against the golden tattoo on the angelic woman’s forehead. After lightly kissing her, he whispered “I love you, hehe~, both of you… Sweet dreams my adorable nekomimi.”

If it wasn’t for the fact that he already made Alice wait for a few hours earlier, he probably would have fallen asleep with the two kittens. Yet, he reluctantly teleported away, directly into the center of that relatively small island.

“Took you long enough… I’m fairly certain that your semen has a few other properties, aside from being a fairly potent aphrodisiac. Actually, what I’ve determined so far, is that when you’re using only ‘Lightening’, the taste is much better than any other times, but the ‘extra effects’ are kind of non-existent. While using ‘Darkening’, the aphrodisiac is so extraordinary that just smelling it is enough to cause even Talia to get horny. There’s also the fact that drinking it can cause hallucinations, paranoia, rage, and a host of other ‘unfortunate’ side-effects. However, your tiny form literally made me forget my own name for a few minutes, and I think that I might be slightly addicted, so you should let me get a few more samples…” The dragoness was laying down on the pure-white sand, staring at the back of her giant hands, and occasionally rubbing them against her snout.

Michael sighed at her, walked over to a fairly large, empty part of that island and starting to empty his inventory. An enormous golden crab suddenly appeared, then a gigantic demonic dragon-head, followed by a Lesser Water Dragon, which he placed next to the other two gargantuan eels.

Unfortunately, those carcasses were simply so huge that he wouldn’t have been able to fit them all inside of the freezer and refrigerator. Besides that, he figured that the dragoness would ‘use’ them somehow, before they ‘went bad’.

Then he dumped all of his mana-cores, except for a single one, inside of various assorted containers. Alice started snoring in the middle of her rant about the different ways to use semen and other bodily fluids to create interesting ‘medicines’, so Michael decided to leave the sleeping dragoness alone.

As the Nephilim appeared in his room, that giant eyeball intensely focused on him and even squinted. The tongue was writhing around, attempting to lick his body and he somehow didn’t find it to be completely disturbing.

Taking that crimson mana-core out of his inventory, he smiled wryly as he scanned through the list of ‘rooms’ that were possible for him to buy. However, he managed to find what he wanted eventually, though it was quite expensive. Five-hundred gold disappeared from his ‘Currency’ tab, along with the tiny bead in his hand.

The bathroom was the first thing to vanish, then the tongue and eyeball; eventually, everything was gone. He experienced something very familiar and terrifying: a total vacuum. Not only was it unreasonably cold, but his lungs felt like they might explode if it wasn’t for his ridiculously powerful body.

In fact, most of the ways that Humans would be killed outside the planet’s atmosphere without a spacesuit, simply weren’t able to affect him nearly as much. Of course, he would certainly have died eventually, but since he was technically inside of the Player-Home, that would have been impossible.

A few minutes of that horrible discomfort and agony passed, before a gigantic mass of slimy green tentacles appeared before him. It swifty entangled him and opened its gargantuan beak, throwing him inside of its mouth.

Then he found himself standing on the top of a huge spire, gazing down at millions of demonic beasts that were approaching from every direction. He was using a four-armed, blue-skinned woman as a chair, as he casually played with her pitch-black serpentine tail.

Michael whispered “Heavenly Hell or a Hellish Heaven, which do you prefer?” A torrent of violet lightning rained down from the crystal-clear skies and it played a terrifying yet catchy melody.

An instant later, he was standing on top of a circular stone table, with each of his Companions staring at him. However, they then began gouging their own eyes out and offering them up to the four-armed, six-winged, demonic-angel.

Talia asked “Miguel, when will you return to me? I do not know how much longer I can withstand this loneliness…” before transforming into a small maple-tree.

Alice snickered, muttering “Loving is letting your guard down; embracing emotions, that you never found…” as her body completely solidified and turned into a golden statue.

Jasmine giggled, smirking and telling him “Nyah~, nothing lasts forever, everyone has to die eventually, even us… but is death really the end? Does anything ever truly end? Meow~, if nothing ever ends, then nothing can ever begin. Un, I wanna eat sushi~!” A few seconds passed, before she dissolved into a white goop and congealed into the form of a chicken-egg.

Elina yawned, murmuring “Why can’t I just sleep, eat and have sex all day? Why doesn’t the Goddess of Light care about me? Why did I lay an egg? Michael, why did you kill my father?” Ten more wings suddenly erupted from her back and she began emitting massive amounts of solar radiation, until she completely disappeared.

Sarah cracked her neck, popping those eyeballs back into their sockets and glaring at the demonic-angel. She frowned, grumbling “If we’re all just fake-souls, then how can you pretend like we’re real? You know it, that we’re just figments of your fucking imagination, but you still ‘love’ us and can’t tell the difference between reality and fiction. We ain’t real, ya bastard, and you’re running out of time!” The pitch-black aura around her, consumed her flesh, leaving nothing but tiny bones behind.

Inari was in her fox-girl form, but as she turned into a small black cat, the table that Michael had been standing on completely shattered. He was sitting on the peak of a snowy mountaintop, with nothing visible aside from that adorable kitten. She jumped up into his arms and that single tail, split into fifteen, then converged back into one.

Those bright-blue eyes seemed to pierce into his soul, causing him to whisper “A dream is only a dream once you wake up… before then, it’s just another reality. If you spend your whole life questioning whether you’re really alive, you’ll be dead before you find the answer, hehehe~.”

The kitten transformed into a baby cat-girl with black hair and fur; she cried loudly, causing the Nephilim to feel a sharp pain in his head. He was gazing down at the broken egg-shell upon the wooden floor, then he looked over at the chubby Priestess of Light to his left.

She nervously accepted the infant and asked “What should I call her?” The angelic boy with four wings coming out of his back, gazed down at the child with a warm expression on his face.

After a few more irritating whines, he said “Elina… the Goddess wishes for you to raise her as your own daughter. You must never reveal the truth to her, though there will be a time when she will eventually find out on her own.”

Laura smiled at the baby and whispered “Little Lina, don’t worry… From now on, I’ll be your Mom.”

Michael gazed over at a crying cat-girl in the corner of the room, who appeared shockingly similar to Jasmine, though not nearly as attractive. Her eyes had been gouged out and there were scars all over her body, but with a casual wave of his left hand, that woman was completely healed.

He took a few steps forward and knelt down next to her, before placing his right palm against her swollen stomach. There was a fetus within her, but it had died long ago and the soul had already dissipated.

A pink wisp escaped from his forehead and was drawn towards the corpse. Once it had entered inside, a warm light shone from the angelic boy’s hand and the partially formed cat-girl within her body was being rapidly revitalized.

Within moments, not only did the fetus revive, but it actually started growing at an absurdly fast pace. He picked up the weakened woman and laid her down onto a wooden kitchen table, where she proceeded to give birth.

If it wasn’t for his constant healing, then she likely would have died from blood-loss and the shock involved. Laura watched that scene with amazement in her eyes, and she finally asked “Who are you really?”

As the tiny Feline Dwarf was born into the world, the Nephilim snickered and whispered “My name is Mike… and this adorable little girl is Jasmine, one of my closest Companions. Take good care of both of these children… They’re more important to me than this entire world.”
Michael opened his eyes and gazed around at his ‘demonic’ room. The walls, ceiling and floor was all made out of what seemed like Human muscle and flesh. Compared to before, the size was merely ten times larger, but the important part was what was contained within.

As he stared up at that gigantic brain that was floating a few dozen meters above the ground, he grumbled “Terrific, another creepy crack-dream… The first part seemed like a bunch of random bullshit but… that last bit was too realistic. The question is: Was that a memory of something that I’ve already done, or a vision of my own future as a time-traveling shota?”

50 thoughts on “Chapter 216: Reality Is Relative

  1. i dont remember what chapter it was or who specifically but chaos gave a mission to one of the companions while she was in the dining room. was that quest ever shared with the mc?

    i think it was given to the elf

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    • Nope :). I mean, just look at Jasmine’s adorable pink revolver or her pink Meow-Meow Brand slutty loli gear roflmao. Chaos isn’t always demonic, but all demonic stuff is chaotic lol.


    • One of the Goddess of Light’s aliases is Lucy lol(In Hardcore OP-ness). In Immortal Soul, Lucy is one of Helel’s ‘personalities’ :P. You have to remember something kinda obvious though… There are tons of people named Michael, Lucy, and just about every other name in our world. There are also lots of people who act very similar to each other in our world. When you meet two people who act alike, and are named Michael, do you assume that they’re the same person? roflmao

      The MC of Hardcore OP-ness probably isn’t Michael in Immortal Soul… but, that doesn’t mean that there can’t be characters from the two stories that are in both of the stories :P. I definitely wouldn’t make it so simple and give them the same names or appearances lol.

      Luna and Arcana are ominously similar characters. Jasmine and Lucy(from IS) are very similar, but Jasmine is also similar to Lorelei in a lot of ways. Michael and Michael are similar, but different in a lot of ways.


      • he keep reborn after he die, and there are multiple universe, this could be where he started to gain his immortality/unlimited rebirth, lol
        since there are worlds with magic and there are worlds without magic, there prob world that base on game in immortal souls

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      • Not necessarily after he dies; from the perspective of a soul, our understanding of time is rather primitive :P. Also, yeah, it’s possible that the universe/reality in Immortal Soul could be connected to the Arcana’s universe/reality lol.


      • The MC in Immortal Soul is a lot more serious lol. The MC in Hardcore OP-ness is closer to my personality, so he’s easier for me to write about, plus the story is most comedy anyway. I will get back to writing IS eventually, but for the time being, I don’t have time lol.

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      • So you are a kinda of tourette’s suffering mildly psychotic, impulsive, dangerous, germaphobic and disturbed individual?
        Duly noted, remind me to not fuck with you too much lol

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      • Only mildly lol… Well, it’s been years since the last time I had the chance to fight with anyone. Also been years since the last time I had sex. So~, yeah, the premise of this story was basically “If I was randomly transported to videogame-like world while trying to take a shower, what would happen?” Roflmao, I’d get killed by some bunnies, kill some bunnies in self-defense(Lulz) and struggle with my many disorders while attempting to become OP. Of course, I’d probably get dragged into tons of nonsense wherever I went.

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    • It was supposed to be weird and confusing lol. It was a creepy illusory vision of symbolic and disturbing nonsense, but that’s what happens when someone gets bombarded with copious amounts of chaotic mana… Actually, what usually happens, is that they’ll mutate and go completely insane, but Michael has the chaos Affinity so it’s fine~ lol.

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    • Nope, never actually smoked anything… ever. If I breathe second-hand cigarette smoke, I feel like I’m gonna die lol. Also, I’ve never taken any narcotics… Unless you count oxycodone after having surgery a few times, but even then, I switched to ibuprofen, cause it was cheaper and more effective for me.

      I drank very small amounts of alcohol a few times, but it always made me sick rofl.

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