Chapter 256: The MC’s First Drug-Deal

“Nyah~, Onee-chan was born a year after me! There’s like, lots and lots of other little sisters and brothers too! Mommy and Daddy had so~ many babies! Some of them died though… But-but, but~, most of them didn’t! After Mommy was eaten by a giant hedgehog-monster, the rest of us came here! Un~, this is so~ tasty~… meow~, mew~, nyahahahaha~!” Jasmine was slightly tipsy from drinking half a bottle of Devil-Blood Sake, and was using a pair of chopsticks to steal some Jumbo Lava-Salmon Roe from Michael’s bowl. She had devoured her huge Spicy Dragon Roll in a few seconds, but was obviously still starving.

He grumbled “I can’t believe you actually paid twenty-five gold for a tiny sliver of Lesser Water Drake meat… Ugh, well whatever, as long as you’re happy.” The little boy needed an entire cup of wasabi and a whole bottle of hot-sauce to season his sashimi. “Hmm, this is all really fucking delicious, but kinda… ‘light’? Maybe it’s because we’re pretty powerful now, but it seems like we need a lot more ‘normal’ food, if we wanna fill ourselves up a bit. It’s nice that I don’t have to piss or shit unless I eat or drink something closer to my level, but still… I always feel so damn hungry all the time. Ugh, this must be what Goliath was warning me about. Hmm, actually, I wonder if this is why so many people stay at relatively low levels for hundreds or thousands of years? It’s probably only going to get more ridiculous later on…”

Jasmine yelled “Nyahaha~, so then, Little Tommy was caught by those ugly green monsters! Then, then Sammy was killed by a giant black snaky! Un~, Jakey fell down a mountain and splattered all over da ground like ‘kaboom~!’ and, and we just left him there! Daddy said ‘Only girls are important! Boys aren’t necessary!’ Meow~, then I accidentally murdered Lana, when I kaploded, and, and I died~!”

Eventually, Kina came over to hand them the bill and giggled at her drunk little sister; she turned to Michael and told him “Yeah, don’t take anything she’s saying seriously, hehe~. When she gets like this, my adorable Onee-chan always starts getting reality and fiction confused. I’m pretty sure she’s talking about a hentai anime we watched together… Anyway, I’m not her ‘biological’ sister; I was adopted by her father after they moved from, ummm, I think it was Luxiana? Hehe~, well, we’re a bit more than ‘just’ father and daughter, if you know what I mean…”

He snickered, reaching over the table and grabbing Jasmine’s left hand momentarily, before three-hundred gold appeared, floating above his right. The coins were then caught by the grinning waitress, and he told her “Kinky Kina, you should head over to Luxiana when you get the chance. Cities like this are ‘convenient’ in some ways, but I can literally build you a mansion with a single piece of gold! We don’t have electricity yet though, so you might not be able to stand it there, hahaha~! Just take the Greater Gateway of Light when you get the chance.”

“Hehe~, well, maybe I’ll decide to ‘retire’ there eventually… For now though, I’ve got three kids to take care of and they’re all in school. Even if I don’t ‘move’ there, it’d be nice to go on a vacation for once.” She was obviously extremely tempted by the offer, but apparently had other obligations.

Once Michael and Jasmine were finished eating and drinking, they said their ‘goodbyes’ to Kina and left the restaurant. When they did, there was a huge crowd of people with cameras, not just paparazzi, but also reporters, attempting to receive an exclusive interview regarding the war. Of course, with a single ‘Astral Leap’, the two of them were teleported a mile and a half to the north.

They were on the roof of a gigantic ‘skyscraper’; he sighed as he carried the unconscious cat-girl in his arms and casually walked over to the railing. Gazing around at the massive city, Michael muttered “Seems like there’s actually suburbs in the distance? Interesting… I see a few helicopters, a decent amount of birds, some giant magical-beasts, cars, planes, trains, there’s even a fucking lake over there! How the hell is all of this shit underground? Is this extradimensional space? No, it feels pretty normal-ish, so it’s probably ‘real’. Welp, magic is super-OP, so I ain’t really that surprised. Still, I hate being around so many people… Hmmm, the question is: Where the fuck do I go to sell drugs? If this place is anything like America, then there are probably a ton of regulations and rules against untested, potentially deadly ‘medicines’. Not to mention, they probably have to be prescribed by doctors or some such bullshit! Ugh, I really didn’t think about all of that before coming here…”

From behind him, a relatively high-pitch, but masculine voice asked “You called?” Without turning around, the Nephilim was already able to clearly see that man’s sinister, toothy grin.

“Darius the Crimelord, Level-51 Dwarven Dark-Elf Shinobi, Rank-C,” had a fairly muscular build and was five and a half feet tall. His skin was light-grey, with pointed ears that weren’t incredibly long; the top of his hair was spiked up to the left and dyed blonde, while the shaved parts on the sides were black. He had creepy, thick, circular glasses, which were reflective like mirrors, and his attire was rather odd. On the outside was a pure-white fur fluffy coat, but underneath that was a black tuxedo, which had the neck opened up, revealing a white shirt with golden buttons. There was no tie, and his shoes had silver laces; there were several flashy earrings as well.

However, what Michael found the most peculiar about him wasn’t his appearance, but the fact that he had made it to such a high level and wasn’t even an Elite. It was also obvious that all of that clothing was actually armor of at least Rare Quality, and there were tattoos on the man’s palms, indicating that he knew how to ‘unequip’.

The little boy abruptly grew into a six-foot tall Nephilim and turned towards the ‘Crimelord’, casually greeting “Nice ta fuckin meet cha, my name’s Mike… This is my first drug-deal, so I honestly have no goddamn clue how this shit works.”

Hearing that, Darius took a step forward and flew so quickly, that it seemed like he was teleporting. Then he stopped abruptly, only a few meters away from the Guardian, still grinning and exposing his pure-white, vampiric teeth.

“Heh-heh~, it’s pretty simple: You show me the goods and I’ll tell you how much I’m willing to buy them for… Do you see that hotel over there? Meet me in the penthouse.” After saying that, the ‘Crimelord’ vanished in a puff of smoke.

Michael snickered, holding Jasmine in his left arm and teleporting into the room almost immediately after the shady Shinobi. The moment he arrived, two beefy Dwarven lizardmen hissed at him; their whole bodies were covered in red scales and their faces were closer to cobras than humans. They wore black dress suits and white gloves, and were each level-twenty, rank-D, Bosses.

Of course, when Darius pointed towards the door, they both immediately left. They were in a large office room, with a huge window to the left, so it was possible to see a decent amount of the city.

The Nephilim walked over to a comfortable leather sofa-chair and sat down, with the little cat-girl curled up on his lap, purring quietly. He snickered, holding his right hand out and asking “How much would these be worth to you? I don’t think I need to explain what they are or how they work, right?”

As the large glass jar appeared upon his palm, Darius ‘Scanned’ the hundreds of black, white, red, blue, yellow, brown, grey, purple, orange, and green spherical pills. It took him a few moments to calculate, and he reached his left hand out, telekinetically pulling the container onto his desk.

“Each of these is an Evolution Pill… Hmmm, I have no idea why you didn’t sort these already, but it doesn’t matter. All of them are roughly level ten and rank-E… Four-K for the whole jar, deal?” The ‘Crimelord’ would be able to sell each of them for ten to twenty times that price, so he didn’t even flinch while offering such an outrageously large sum.

Michael snickered, holding out his right hand again and pulling a gigantic transparent wine bottle from his inventory. It was a gallon of a viscous golden liquid, which had many silver worms squirming around in it. He said “Yeah, from what I can tell, this is some kinda weird angelic and demonic liqueur? Hmmm, I mean, aside from getting you drunk, it’s also an Experience Potion of sorts. Wouldn’t work on you, but anyone below level-forty would be able to gain one-hundred experience per ounce. It’s practically thirteen-thousand experience in total, though I’m sure you would probably sell it in half-shots, or less. Either way, it’s made from the blood of Greater Angels and a giant Demonic Dragon World Boss…”

Darius showed an evil grin again, “Twelve-K… Exactly how many more items are you interested in selling?”

After placing the wine bottle on the table, the Nephilim pulled out a glass jug filled with a mysterious, metallic crimson liquid. Then there were five-dozen small vials of brown rusty-looking dust, a box with a large black pill inside, two giant syringes that contained a clear fluid, and a brick of condensed blue powder.

When the desk was completely covered, Darius was about to speak, but Michael said “Welp, this is half of it, I won’t take anything else out until I see a fuck-ton of gold.”

19 thoughts on “Chapter 256: The MC’s First Drug-Deal

  1. At first I was “Oh wow, he is so rich now”, but then I thought “Ah, no, he is just going to use all that gold to buy something really weird like a giant flying-dildo making machine or something”..

    Then again, if he did he would at least have some flying fucks to give out :/

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  2. So I take it that kinky Kina’s kids are Jasmine’s half siblings? First its the Supreme Commander and his sister-daughter now Jasmine is a aunt-sister. Family tree’s for dwarfs must be like those in the backwoods of the south.

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