Chapter 264: Chaos in Nekoshire

“If all of these fuckers can just use the goddamn teleportation portals, then what the hell is the point in all of those fortresses and other bullshit?! Ow~, grah~, stop shooting me! Ugh, JJ, be careful! Talia, hurry the fuck up!” Michael had all four of his wings out and his totally armored body was in its most angelic state. The little cat-girl in his arms was the only thing keeping him from being totally weightless, as he soared a few hundred meters above that gigantic Nekoshire Lake.

The Nexus Temple had been completely destroyed when a gargantuan Aqua Dragon came through the Great Gateway of Water. Fortunately, they had managed to remove everything of value from Jasmine’s house, before the massive monster wrecked the entire neighborhood.

To avoid further casualties and property damage, Michael decided to Astral Leap to the least populated area of the whole underground city. Of course, fighting a giant sea serpent overtop a lake, was a lot harder than near the land.

He nearly decapitated the irritating bright-blue snake a few times, but whenever it became injured, it would hide underwater and swiftly regenerate. Then came the ‘fleet’ of angelic Knights, Crusaders, Templars, and Paladins, who swarmed around the Nephilim like hornets. They were incredibly weak on their own, but each of them was at least level fifteen and there were a few Elites.

The Nephilim grumbled “Ugh, the most annoying thing about these bastards, is that no matter how many I kill, they won’t give me any experience or drops!” He fired off a bolt of lightning from his right hand, while jumping across a squadron of ten heavily armored Holy Warriors; the spell dealt a ‘total’ of three-hundred damage, but it was spread out between each of them.

They were stunned and fell down into the violently churning whirlpool below, being devoured by a furious and ferocious Aqua Dragon. Jasmine vomited out an angry blue kitten, which she tossed into the battalion of fanatical angels. As it exploded, dozens were frozen solid, while some were merely slowed temporarily.

Then there were the six level-thirty, rank-D, Ultra-Elite Storm Witches, who were spread out around the edges of the lake, channeling a powerful ‘Hurricane’ spell. Violent winds were whipping around the area and waterspouts occasionally occurred because of it.

Michael and Jasmine together were incredibly lightweight, so it required a decent amount of effort for the Nephilim to keep his bearings. Fortunately, Jasmine had absurdly high Dexterity, Agility and Perception, meaning that it was fairly easy for her to have a steady aim, even under such unfavorable conditions.

Every bullet she fired from either of those pistols was fully capable of instantly killing those heavily armored Paladins and Guardians, regardless of whether they tried to block with their shields or not. The problem was that there were simply too many of them and the little girl wasn’t a Tank; every time they attacked, Michael had to use his body and spells to protect the defenseless Gunslinger.

“I have arrived!” Talia abruptly appeared next to the soaring Nephilim, with a recurve bow in hand and unhesitantly fired six Enchanted Ironwood Arrows, one after the other. They soared nearly a mile, before each of them plunged into the chest’s of those chanting Storm Witches. Half of them instantly died, while the other three were gravely wounded and fell from the sky, crashing into the relatively soft beaches.

“Hehehe~, nice shot nyah~! So ruthless! Meow~, good job!” Jasmine giggled as she fired her desert eagle three times in a row, blasting a hole through a beautiful Crusader’s face, a handsome Knight’s groin, and a busty Priestess’ sternum.

Their corpses lifelessly splashed down into the whirlpool accompanied by a deafening roar: “Me Ka El! Why don’t you face me?! Coward!”

Michael yelled “Shut the fuck up, you stupid slimy cuntwhore! Goddamn it, get outta the shitty lake and come fight me like these stupid assholes are! Sure~, they’re losing really badly, but that’s beside the point! Stop being such a pussy and get your scaly twat up here!”

Talia nocked three arrows and fired them all at the same moment, slaughtering three different Holy Warriors who were only a few meters away from her. Then she shouted “Miguel, you made the situation sound so much more dire in your message! I do not understand how these fools could possibly threaten you, if you were retaliating against them seriously!”

He snickered, admitting “Okay~, so maybe I did over exaggerate a bit… I missed you, Blondie, and not just our weird mother-son roleplay.”

The Huntress swiftly turned around and pulled an arrow from the quiver on her wrist, blocking a dagger-strike from a gorgeous angelic Inquisitor, before stabbing the arrowhead into that woman’s left eye socket. After kicking the corpse into another of the nearly invisible assassins, Talia soared forward and shouted “Usted jodidos pedazos de mierda piensas que no puedo vencer a sus asnos perra estúpida, sólo porque soy un arquero?! Die, te mueres putas molestos!”

That wooden bow was used as a blunt weapon and viciously smashed into the face of a fairly lithe and feminine man. With the first blow, his nose was broken, the second cracked his skull open and the third made his right eyeball pop out of its socket. Then a vortex of wind whipped around her right hand, as her hand wrapped around his throat and tightened abruptly, bursting the arteries and veins in his neck. Golden and silver liquid sprayed all over her clothes as she screamed “Miguel! Stop joking around and end this! Now!”

Michael smirked, tossing the adorable cat-girl behind him, where she used her rocket-boots to stay airborne. Then he yelled “Fine~, calm your perky elven tits! Besides~, don’t tell me that you don’t enjoy slaughtering these overzealous morons!”

The weightless bright-blue scaled ‘Demonic Siegeblade of Chaos’ that was floating around his body, was swiftly sucked into his right hand and held tightly. Then those seven Arcane marbles began orbiting his left wrist, and they were promptly charged with enormous amounts of electricity.

He pointed outwards and casually released a horrible onslaught of chain-lightning attacks, which swiftly killed or paralyzed every single one of the Lesser Angels that were gathered before him. As their corpses began falling, he dove down towards that swirling whirlpool of death, and a gargantuan serpentine head emerged.

A jet of corrosive, poisonous green liquid was spewed from the beast’s mouth, but Michael didn’t even bother avoiding it. He had three stacks of ‘Illusory Shield’, along with regular telekinesis, so he wasn’t too worried as the stream of acidic fluid seemed to be torn apart by some invisible force.

The Nephilim’s skin abruptly began losing its porcelain sheen, and his hair turned black, along with his irises returning to their ‘normal’ crimson color. However, the most important factor, was that his weightless body instantly gained its usual density.

As his ridiculously heavy siegeblade was swung downwards, it had a massive amount of momentum behind it, and tore a gaping hole straight through the serpent’s right nostril and upper lip. Of course, with the size of that absurdly large Aqua Dragon, it wasn’t a particularly costly wound.

Yet, Michael kept falling at an astounding speed, diving directly into the wound and continuing through the nasal passage. It violently whipped its head around and sneezed a few times, but there wasn’t enough force to dislodge the rapidly growing monstrosity. Once the demonic man had fully completed his ‘Darkening’ transformation, not only was his body too huge to fit, but his sword was even more ridiculous.

Talia and Jasmine were taking on their rightful roles as ‘Ranged DPS’ and staying at a safe distance in the air, bombarding the furious snake with bullets, arrows and explosive kittens. However, it swiftly dove back down into the lake and outside of their range, so the two of them could do nothing but ‘deal with’ the three surviving Storm Witches, who were attempting to escape.

“Stephen the Wanderer, Level-35 Aqua Dragon, Rank-B, Raid Boss,” was the father of that miscellaneous Lesser Water Dragon that Michael and his Companions had killed less than a week prior. However, he was far older and wiser, so he obviously had ways to deal with similar situations as the one that he was currently facing.

Right as the demonic-angel was about to start drilling into the giant sea-serpent’s brain, it roared “Wait, stop! I surrender! Please, don’t kill me!” Of course, the Nephilim couldn’t hear or understand anything it was saying, since they were underwater.

Thus, it had to move onto plan-B; giant draconic arms erupted from its neck and those huge claws stabbed inside of its own nostril and pierced through Michael’s back. He roared “Grah~?! You fucking~ gakufajfuasi! Fkafufajfo! Aflirisciololololololo!” as his Strength, Vitality and Endurance each reached nearly two-hundred.

12 thoughts on “Chapter 264: Chaos in Nekoshire

    • Whatever it was somehow I doubt it was “Oh please mr big scary sea-snake, don’t eat me! I am just a little harmless player! I seek peace and love to all monster kind! *tiny glittery hearts floating around*

      But hey, what do I know, I don’t speak demonic-berserk-mode. For all we know he could have said “Asparagus! Paper Airplane! Hard-boiled Tomato!”..
      Basically whatever you decide he said you will probably be 72.62% right.

      unless you think its “Sunshine! Rainbows! Butterflies!” in which case you will be 10000% wrong..

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  1. As to the last part, I couldn’t help but imagine that Michael was saying lolololololol… Please don’t have characters start speaking text speak, that sounds so rediculous when you actually say it. I mean, have you ever tried saying lol, or laugh out loud, in an actual conversation? I know people who do, and it isn’t pretty.
    Thanks for the chappie!


    • I talk like that in reality though 😛 But if Michael said “Lol” it would look like “El oh El” but “Rofl-mao” would sound like it looks… same with “Lulz” etcetera. Anyway, the last bit of gibberish was phonetic obviously lol. Just phonetically scream that last part and that’s what it’s supposed to sound like.


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