Chapter 264: Chaos in Nekoshire

“If all of these fuckers can just use the goddamn teleportation portals, then what the hell is the point in all of those fortresses and other bullshit?! Ow~, grah~, stop shooting me! Ugh, JJ, be careful! Talia, hurry the fuck up!” Michael had all four of his wings out and his totally armored body was in its most angelic state. The little cat-girl in his arms was the only thing keeping him from being totally weightless, as he soared a few hundred meters above that gigantic Nekoshire Lake. Continue reading

Chapter 259: The Infamous Duo

“No, it was true, but she already paid back the millions I spent on her a long time ago. I receive the royalties for all of those advertisements, and every single acting job she’s ever had. Hell, she even sold me the rights to her ‘likeness’, which was used in a T.V. series about her life. Then there were the videogames, movies, and all the modeling… I still pay her enough to be considered ‘wealthy’ in Nekoshire, but most of her money is spent on expensive alcohol, food, child support, and gambling.” Darius was obviously fairly irritated, as he explained the ridiculous situation. Continue reading