Chapter 143: Starting the Dungeon?

Considering how voracious Michael’s sexual-appetite had been as a Human and ‘normal’ Nephilim, becoming Chaotic obviously only increased his desires. Even if his Willpower stat had been raised, it actually lessened his ability to resist certain temptations.

Rather than pain or arousal, his Willpower was mostly being utilized in order to suppress his excessive phobias and mental disorders. Of course, it also assisted in the utilization of certain spells and the manipulation of his aura.

At some point, Jasmine’s eyes turned yellow again and she stopped simply watching the orgy. Running over to the center of the room, she yelled “Don’t hurt Lina! Nyah~, bad Mikey! Take your pee-pee out of her coochie~! Meow~!”

“Ah! Un~, ahn~! JJ~, come here, okay? Don’t worry, he isn’t hurting me… Here, don’t you remember that game we used to play in the Convent? Lay down and spread your legs, scooch your butt closer, good girl~… I’m going to lick your happy place now, so just relax and enjoy it~, ah~! Mmm~, um~!” Elina was easily able to convince the confused cat-girl to calm down, and allow her to enjoy a rather extensive tongue-massage.

Michael was laughing hysterically, as he received an new title: “The Exhibitionist: Most people require privacy when engaging in sexual activities… you don’t. In fact, you find it thrilling to be watched while performing all sorts of deviant acts of vulgarity, obscenity and general lewdness. You have pleased the Goddesses of Chaos and Darkness, and thus have been rewarded with increased stats: +2 Luck and +2 Willpower.”

Talia was trying to sleep in the corner of the room, with a tiny fox covering one of her ears, and using her shoulder to block off the other. However, all of the moaning and other noises were incredibly nerve wracking.

Meanwhile, Alice was on the other side of the chamber, sitting down and debating whether or not she should take the mana-core that was in her hand. She knew that the amount of pain involved, wasn’t going to be pleasant.

Fortunately, in many of her experiments, she had experienced far worse, so she wasn’t too worried about suffering a bit. The only reason that she hesitated, was because she knew exactly how terrible it was going to be.

After snickering while watching the four ‘tiny’ creatures in front of her mating, Alice brought her hand up to her mouth and slurped the little bead up: with her long and pink, serpentine tongue. Almost immediately, there was a message that popped-up: “Congratulations on reaching Rank-E; please choose your desired evolution.”

“Tyrannosaurus-Elf: Most people would not wish to change their race. By choosing this path, you will be given nine stat-points, which you can invest however you wish.”

“Draconic Fairy: A proud, ferocious and incredibly intelligent race of Dragon-kin, whom also have Seelie blood in their veins. They are a breed that is closer to serpents, than lizards, but also obtained some benefits from their Sidhe lineage. Physical stature will be reduced dramatically, but weight will not be altered. +3 Aura, +4 Strength, +3 Intelligence, +2 Agility, +2 Charisma.”

“Lamia Sidhe: Once upon a time, a reckless Alchemist, who happened to be a Fairy, ingested an untested potion. Her goal was to replicate the effects of a Druid who specialized in serpentine transformations. Unfortunately, she not only failed to produce the full effect, but also accidentally added in a mana-core and turned it into an elixir. Thus, a new race was created from her mistakes. Physical stature will remain the same, though your legs and tail will fuse into a much larger and longer, thick, snake-like lower-body. Large moth wings will erupt from your back, and the scales on your upper-body will be replaced with brown skin, but your head will remain the same. +6 Aura, +2 Strength, +2 Vitality, +2 Endurance, +4 Willpower, -2 Luck.”

Alice giggled, “Not much of a choice, is it? I wonder if anyone would actually pick the first or last option? Well, I know what I want… now it’s time to suffer a bit, I suppose?”

Letting out a deafening roar that shook the entire chamber, that five-meter tall lizard-woman rapidly began shrinking. Her bones, muscles and organs were compressing and condensing, thus, the pain she felt was truly excruciating.

However, she somehow managed to remain conscious, and instead, turned her agony into pure rage. Flames enveloped her body, as she rolled around on the ground, screaming incessantly in a shrill voice.

The horrible noise startled Talia awake and forced her to look across the room… Unfortunately, between the source of that sound and herself, was a sight that made her want to vomit and gouge her own eyes out. Of course, that was only because of her ‘sheltered’ life, and strong aversion to nudity, sexuality, demons fornicating with angels while being anally stimulated by worm-like tails, and cat-girls ‘playing’ with each-other: She was also not very fond of pubic hair.

As soon as she saw that spectacle, she immediately turned around and continued using the miniature Inari as a pseudo-earplug. When that didn’t work, she started manipulating her aura to create a vacuum, a few meters away from the two of them. With an airless barrier, the only vibrations were coming through the marble floor and weren’t able to disturb her too much. However, while producing such an effect, it was impossible for her to sleep.

Alice’s draconic maw had a decent amount of long, fang-like teeth, and even some which seemed as if they belonged to a shark. Her vertically slit pupils contracted and expanded a few times, as the irises changed from silver to dark-brown.

After that, her long and feathery orange mane molted, as fluffy, blue and grey feathers took their place. Large, fin-like ears grew out of the sides of her head and spread backwards, as her serpentine scales suddenly turned bright-orange.

At the tip of her extremely long and slender tail, a glowing azure plumage quickly grew out. Her previously lithe frame had changed; as she shrunk, her abdominal, pectoral, back, leg, and essentially all of the muscles throughout her body, were becoming defined.

There were small, red nipples on her extremely firm breasts, and blue feathers started covering her mons and even the formerly visible vaginal opening. In the end, once the transformation had died down, her size certainly was reduced dramatically: from five-meters to three.

She was still the ‘biggest’ member of the team, but even after all of that, she only weighed four-hundred or so pounds. Michael was probably always going to be the ‘largest,’ as far as mass was concerned.

Considering that everyone was mentally exhausted before they entered the dungeon, it didn’t take them long to finish-up their four-part orgy. The Chaotic Nephilim returned to his normal, unbuffed state eventually and slept with the Dark-Goblin in one corner, while the two cat-girls picked a different one. Talia was cuddling with a dog-sized fox in her corner, with the last one was occupied by Alice.
As they were sleeping peacefully, all of the various juices from across the room, were slowly converging at the center of the floor. There was a very mild parabola, and hidden within the seemingly random greyish patterns in the white marble, were a myriad of strange symbols.

After nine hours, the runes were clearly defined and colored in with red, golden, silver, violet, black and blue liquid. They glowed brightly in a sequence, and fifteen minutes later, those huge double-doors were abruptly blown open.

A massive, six-meter tall minotaur had burst through the gates and wielded a huge double-edged, golden battleaxe. He roared “Hahahahahaha~! Finally! After seven-hundred years, someone has finally released me again! Now, mortals, you have the honor of facing me… The mighty and powerful, Karian the-”

“Shut the fucking hell up!” Sarah was the first to be awoken by the irritating monster.

Immediately after that, Michael shouted “Goddamn it! Fuck off, asshole! Can’t ya see we’re tryin ta sleep here!? I need at least five more hours, maybe six… Nope, I gotta piss too badly, and I’m really thirsty. Oi, Elina, come over here and let me suck on your tities for a second!”

It had been so long, that he was pretty sure that people had forgotten about the Dungeon that he guarded, so the giant bull-headed man was actually looking forward to the new challengers. Thus, he was completely caught off-guard by how obnoxiously rude they were.

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  1. I wonder if there is a chapter where another player is summoned.. It probably is? Maybe? I don’t know.. I’m just a super late reader, so Mike.. there is a chapter where another player is summoned.. right..? /o ^ o\

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