Chapter 144: Preparing for Battle

“Karian the Gatekeeper, Level-20 Ancient Minotaur Reaver, Rank-D, Boss.” He was a six-meter tall man, with a relatively bulky build, silver hooves which created green flames with every step, black fur along his bovine legs, the head of a bull, and brown skin covering his upper-body.

Compared to Michael and Sarah’s lackadaisical attitude, Talia was much different. She immediately stood up, dusted herself off, and then bowed politely to the giant.

The Huntress solemnly said “Honorable Gatekeeper, I sincerely apologize for the behavior of my Companions… They obviously have some, erm, mental deficiencies.”

There was a loud groan coming from across the room, as a three-meter tall, red-scaled, dragon-woman began struggling to get up off of the ground. Then Inari quickly awakened, rapidly growing until she was the size of an elephant, and growling at the Minotaur.

Jasmine shrieked, and started crying, “Wah~, so scary nyah~! Elly~, wake~ up~! Mikey~, save me from the ugly monster~!” However, it was at that moment when she suddenly noticed that Elina’s abdomen had swollen dramatically, and she looked as if she were a few months pregnant.

Michael quickly stood-up, giving an indifferent glance to the massive cow-man, and asking “Hey, Boss-Guy, can you like, come back in an hour or so? We aren’t really ready to fight ya yet… Well, you don’t have ta leave, but we haven’t even had breakfast, and I think my girlfriend’s gonna lay an egg in a few minutes. Can you just, wait over there, or something?”

Karian’s bright-yellow eyes glared at the Chaotic Nephilim for a few seconds, before he suddenly had a shocked expression. He muttered “That face… his voice, I definitely know this guy from somewhere…”

Then the Minotaur turned his giant head towards the southwestern corner of the room, and saw the completely naked Dark-Goblin, who was yawning. After seeing those piercing blue irises, he shouted “The two of you! Wow! You’re the actual Daughter of Umbra, Sarah the Necrophiliac and Shinigami Michael, the Heretical, Immoral, Nudist!”

“Oi, don’t ya mean Immortal? I happen to have a very strong sense of morality!” The Guardian was surprisingly offended by the title that should have been given to him a long time ago.

Talia immediately retorted “Well, an ‘Immoral’ title would be fairly redundant…” and asked “Honorable Dungeon Boss, how exactly have you come to know my two Companions?”

The giant turned towards her while ‘smiling,’ and explained “Ah, well, it isn’t as if people like us get ‘out’ a lot… So the Goddesses installed these neat magical-devices a few millennia back. They basically allow all of us to keep updated with things that are going on around the continent. The two of them appeared in a pretty big Battleground the other day… Hahahaha~, I thought it was hilarious how they were about to start mating before fighting against that idiotic High-Orc!

“The fact that they were able to turn a certain defeat, into a nearly flawless victory, was even more interesting though. Well, I was just flipping through channels when I saw the two of you appear, so I doubt that you guys are very famous yet. Oh, by the way, you guys should probably put some clothes on and try not to do anything too embarrassing in here… See those glowing balls of light around the pillars and ceiling? Yeah, everything that happens in Dungeons and Raids gets recorded and watched by-”

“What?! Wait-wait-wait, you’re saying that you guys were recording my hardcore foursome last night, and ya aren’t even paying us?! Oi, porn-stars don’t work for free, ya know?!” Michael was obviously upset for the wrong reasons…

Sarah stood up and yelled “Yeah! We don’t work for free! If ya wanna watch us fuck, we should at least be gettin paid! Hell, I haven’t even been gettin Aura lately!”

Karian shouted “Hey, you think we do?! What, you think we just stay down here, guarding ancient treasures, for the entertainment value?! Well, actually, that’s why we did it originally… but no one even comes here anymore! Ah, some of the people who get imprisoned in Dungeons and Raids are being punished for killing or angering the Goddesses… While others simply have nothing better to do! Since it’s impossible to ‘force’ anyone to do anything, they ‘pay’ us with entertainment! Ah, I guess we really are here for the entertainment, huh?”

Then the angelic cat-girl screamed “Ah~! Michael, ack! It, it hurts so much~! I think the baby-er, egg, is gonna come out soon!” She completely ignored the giant Minotaur, because compared to the amount of pain and discomfort she was feeling, she didn’t even have the ability to be shocked or afraid.

After listening to the conversation and noticing that the monster wasn’t hostile, Inari shrunk down into her normal size, and then pulled a gigantic, headless, white-tiger carcass out of her inventory. She began voraciously devouring large chunks of meat, and slurping up the copious amounts of blood, which flowed from the spasming corpse.

The Nephilim knelt down next to Elina and gently caressed her swollen belly, while Jasmine was on the other side, casually lapping up silver milk from her left teat. He smiled warmly as his wisp-form entered inside of her body and ‘looked’ around.

Michael muttered “From what I can tell, it just looks like a glowing, white, egg… maybe from an ostrich? Hmmm~, oh, it seems like you’re having contractions? Not sure if that actually means anything though, cause I’m neither a doctor, nor a veterinarian.”

Then he bent down and tried to drink from the suffering woman’s right breast. However, the little cat-girl viciously clawed at his eyes, while hissing loudly. In retaliation, he used his ‘Telekinesis’ to yank out a few of her pure-white pubic hairs and caused Jasmine to scream “Don’t do that nyah~! Owwy~, my coochi hurts now~!” Thus, she surrendered rather easily, and allowed him to take the right nipple without any resistance.

While that nonsense was going on, Talia was nervously chatting with the six-meter tall Boss monster, and distracting the Minotaur, while the rest of her team fooled around. Alice, who was still groaning in pain, crawled across the marble on her hands and knees.

Eventually, she made it over to that huge pile of tiger-meat and began chowing down, without even asking Inari for permission. However, unlike a certain cat-girl, the green fox didn’t mind sharing her food with her Companions. Although, Sarah was by herself, viciously devouring an unrecognizable Human corpse, and she didn’t seem too interested in milk or magical-beasts.

After a few minutes, Michael got up and asked Karian “Hey, does this place have a bathroom… or are we supposed ta just piss and shit wherever we feel like?”

The Minotaur looked around at how much filth had littered his Boss-Room, and sighed dramatically. Eventually, he grumbled “Does it really make a difference at this point? Ugh, well, I’ll just have my minions clean this place up later, so don’t worry about it. Hell, those nasty bastards will probably enjoy it…”

Sarah had already sprayed a black tar-like substance out of her tail, all over the walls near her corner. Inari ‘marked her territory’ right after she finished eating, and had no qualms about defecating only a few meters from her food.

Alice never wore a shred of clothing her entire life, but she was still a little shy when urinating in her corner. Elina was laying on her back and couldn’t move, and with a rock-solid egg pressing against her colon and bladder… the results weren’t very surprising.

However, the strangest ones were actually Jasmine and Michael, because only they had made the decision to just go outside and use the grass. They even left the ancient ruins, and entered the field.

The sky was bright, and it was the middle of the day. Every now and then, he would hear some tigers, lions, and bears roaring in the distance. Since they weren’t very far away, the giant beasts were easily visible. Yet, since the Chaotic Nephilim was so many levels higher than most of them, they actually fled upon failing to use ‘Identification’ on him.

Anything that was too young or weak, to learn such a simple and crucial ability, would still be able to sense his overwhelmingly powerful aura. The tiny cat-girl was squatting a few dozen meters from where Michael was standing, when he suddenly whispered “I’m pretty sure that there probably aren’t any cameras out here, so it should be fine for you to share the info with me, right?”

Then Jasmine’s golden eyes focused on him, as she smiled innocently, “Nyahahaha~, Mikey’s so smart meow~; making Pretty Old Lady distract the Boss, while I secretly spy on him~… Hehehe~, lookie-lookie~! He’s so strong nyah~!”

While looking at the stats, Passives, and Spellbook, Michael grumbled “Cunt-monkeys! I thought it was kinda weird that he could only make it to level-twenty after thousands of years, but now that I think about it, that probably isn’t even his real body in the first place. He would have way more abilities, and how the hell would he have exactly five-hundred Aura? Besides, he has no ‘normal’ skills! It’s like I’m reading a fucking info-sheet for a Boss-Battle…”

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  1. Maybe he should have mentionned too that Emila was the sister of the sexy cat-tribe zombie on Umbra News… Wonder if Inari would make a good reporter… We could call it Fo… oh, wait.

    And has Elina ever told Michael about that “look for papa goblin zombie” quest?

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  2. Thanks for the chapters!

    Egg laying time! Michael wants money for his porn, but it seems the goddesses don’t care. Also, so glad Alice evolved! Sounds like a sweet evolution.

    The Mino seems like a badass boss. Good luck to Michael and Co.

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