Chapter 145: The Mysteries of Oviparity

[Target Information

Name: Karian
Titles: The Gatekeeper
Level: 20
Age: Boss
Race: Ancient Minotaur
Rank: D
Class: Reaver
Specialization: Tanking, Melee Damage Dealer
Profession: Dungeon Boss]


Health: 50000/50000
Mana: 250/250
Stamina: 25000/25000
Mana Regen per minute: 50
Health Regen per hour: 5000

Strength: 50
Vitality: 100
Endurance: 100
Dexterity: 5
Agility: 25
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 1
Perception: 5
Charisma: 10

Willpower: 15
Luck: 10
Aura: 500

Attack Rating: 625
Defense Rating: 50]


Dungeon Boss: Level is set to twenty and experience can no longer be gained. All stats are static and cannot be permanently raised or lowered. Will never age; the body and mana-core will be immediately teleported to the ‘Respawn Center’ of the dungeon, every time that HP reaches zero. Soul cannot be captured by a Summoner. Unable to feel pain or discomfort, but can sense the physical state of their body. Health and Stamina are increased by 1000%. Attack Rating is reduced by 50%. Enemy Defense Rating is 200% more effective.

Enrage Timer: After 15 minutes of combat, Attack Rating is increased by 1000%. If Stamina reaches zero, all enemies will be teleported out of the Boss-Room.

Boss Loot: Drops two Epic items, which will be Soulbound to the Party who acquires it; after which, they must be distributed to specific team-members within twenty-four hours. Drops will be in relation to the Dungeon and Boss. It is impossible for an item to drop, which is unusable by any party members. Chance to drop a Token of Arcana, depending on the Party’s combined Luck.]


Fiery Slash: The Boss targets a ranged damage dealer and swings their axe into the ground, creating a line of fiery explosions, which stops at the wall. Deals 500 Fire Damage. Costs 25 mana. Has a 30 second cooldown.

Fiery Whirlwind Axe: The Boss spins rapidly at the center of the room and sends out arcs of compressed super-heated air, which burns as it moves farther away. Deals 50 Fire Damage per strike. Costs 50 mana. Has a 90 second cooldown.
Summon Minions: The Boss opens a portal to allow ten Minotaurs to enter into the room. Requires three seconds to cast, can be interrupted. Costs 25 mana per second to cast.

Fiery Armor: The Boss creates a barrier, which clads their entire body in flames, reducing magical and physical damage by 100%. Lasts for ten seconds. Costs 100 mana to cast. Has a 120 second cooldown.]

Michael muttered “Unlike normal skills, it seems like everything is kinda… gimpy? The HP is super-buffed, while the damage is nerfed like a motherfucker, hehe~. Hmm~, well, if it was super-squishy and able to one-shot everyone in the room instantly, then it’d kinda be pointless.”

“Nyah~?! No~! Mikey~, save me~! I’m done pooping~, but there’s no toilet-paper~! Meow~! Wait, there’s no toilet either!? Where are we nyah~!?” While the Nephilim was urinating in the grass and thinking about the best way to deal with the Boss-Fight, Jasmine was freaking out.

With a casual wave of his left hand, a thick Arcane aura wafted over her, and managed to blast all of the fecal-matter away from her body. He had obviously reached an unreasonably high level of Telekinesis… in regards to hygiene and cleanliness.

The tiny cat-girl felt as if a wave of invisible pressure, entered inside of her and all around her body. Jasmine’s pure-white tail and ears were standing straight up, as she retained her position and her mind went blank.

Once her liquid brain stopped sloshing around within of her skull, she jumped a few meters into the air, while yelling “Nyah~?!” After that, she landed fairly close to him and said “Meow~, I feel so clean now! Un, but what are we gonna do? JJ wants to play~, but she doesn’t have any guns~…”

Michael looked down at the adorable, naked, cat-girl and told her “I definitely saw you shooting goddamn laser-beams outta your fucking fingers, so just keep doing that… and don’t stand in the fire. First thing’s first though… I need ta go help deliver my-er, ‘our’ girlfriend’s egg.”

When the two of them entered the chamber, Talia was sitting on a fold-able steel chair, across from the giant Minotaur Boss, whom was sitting upon a massive golden throne in the center of the room. They seemed to be completely ignoring the incessant screams of a certain Priestess, who was radiating a blinding light from her entire body.

The Nephilim quickly walked over to Elina, while still completely nude, along with Jasmine. When he finally knelt down between her legs, he shoved his index and middle finger inside of her, while caressing the outside with his thumb.

“What are you doing, ahn~?! Ah~, ow-ow-ah~!? Gah~, it’s coming~!” The angelic cat-girl was obviously startled and confused, but her vaginal walls, abdominal muscles and cervix were all trembling uncontrollably from the sudden stimulation.

He complained “Ugh, so much piss and blood… but everything’s golden and silver. Hell, even your shit looks like mercury? Everything smells like fruit, or other sugary substances… Hahaha~, maybe we could sell it as candy? Some kinda fancy chocolate maybe? Damn it, now I’m getting turned on, so stop moaning so much!”

Then he sent his aura inside of her uterus, pushing the giant chicken-like egg past her cervix and swiftly removing his hand. There was no afterbirth, since it was oviparity, but he was still splattered with plenty of golden liquid.

It was much larger than his fist, but he could still easily hold it in his open palm. When he looked back at the extremely small ‘angelic opening’ that it had been removed from, Michael snickered.

Elina sighed loudly, “That actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be… Oh, it’s so pretty~! Can I hold it?!” As she sat upright, still drenched in her own juices, her offspring was casually tossed into her embrace.

The Nephilim told her “You should use ‘Identification’ on it, cause ‘Scan’ doesn’t work, hehe~.” Her irises began glowing brightly, but her head was tilted to the left when she read the information.

“Mysterious Glowing Egg: Will hatch in approximately sixty days. Speed of embryo growth is dependent on the Charisma of the person who is channeling their aura into the shell. The Luck stats of both parents combined, will determine the base-stats of the offspring. Current Luck: 36.”

She asked “Is thirty-six good or bad? Michael, what does it look like inside? You can see it, right?”

After a few seconds of quiet observation, he muttered “Umm~, yeah, I’ve got no fucking clue? It just looks like a bunch of milky goop… Ah, there might be a really tiny little critter floating around, or two? I don’t know, might be three, but I can’t really tell what the hell it is. The needle landed on ‘Mystery Cat,’ so I’m guessing it’s probably supposed to be a goddamn mystery?”

Elina smiled wryly for a few moments, while holding the egg against her bosom, but eventually placed it inside of her first bag-slot. She whispered “What’s the plan now? I’d like to eat and drink something before we start, and I probably won’t be able to move around very well for at least another half-hour…”

He put his left hand behind his back, then made a bright-red, glowing, hunk of squirming meat appear. After that, he flash-fried it with ‘Electrocution’ and finally showed the steaming, fresh and brown steak, in front of her golden-eyes.

Of course, he also telekinetically removed the dubious juices from his and her hands before all of that. When she took it, Jasmine quickly stuck her head over and chomped down onto the delicious meal: Elina giggled and began eating from the other side.

Michael sighed dramatically, but then Talia walked over to the two of them, with a smirk on her face. She tried to ignore the fact that they were all naked, as she held out both of her hands and two beautiful, mithril goblets appeared.

The Huntress ignored the tiny kitten, and handed the two ‘cups’ of crimson liquid to the Nephilim and angelic cat-girl. Both of them accepted the drinks, “I knew that something like this might happen, so I made sure to pack some supplies, just in case… I also gathered a decent amount of pomegranates, apples, grapefruit, pears, peaches, and apricots from the orchard. This extra-dimensional bag is truly amazing; it can actually be utilized to ‘juice’ large quantities of fruit in an instant! Thus, I decided to make a few pitchers of various mixtures… I call this one ‘Pompraple Peachercot!’ How does it taste?”

At first, the two of them giggled at the ridiculous name, but when they actually tested it, they were pleasantly surprised. Afterwards, the Nephilim suggested “Ah, I bet Sarah’s cum would probably be able to enhance the flavor a bit…”

Elina frowned, complaining “It’d be too bitter! Yours has enough sweetness, to balance out the sour… Though, Jasmine’s might-”

“Nah, hers is way too tangy… This drink is ninety-percent tang already, so there’s no way we could put that in there.” Michael argued, and then the little cat-girl crawled over and started drinking from his goblet, spilling it all over herself.

Finally, the infuriated High-Elf shouted “You-you… all of you are such disgusting… mongrels! Even the dog doesn’t… no, no… she does… You’re on the same level of behavior, as beasts! I can’t believe I ever decided to-um, hmmm?” As she was reaching the pinnacle of a mental breakdown, a strange sensation entered her mind.

She asked “Hot chocolate milk? Why am I tasting, what are you doing to me?! No, stop it, I will not allow you to corrupt me with… I don’t recognize that flavor? What is that strange texture?” It was apparently possible to ‘Whisper’ much more than just verbal thoughts.

Michael smirked, “That, my innocent friend, is not a question that you want me to answer. Hahahaha~, it’s definitely not my own semen, cause that’d be weird, right? Who knows? It might even be something from my previous world, which is totally unrelated to bodily fluids… Anyway~, thanks for the drinks, it was delicious!”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    Michael will corrupt her eventually… It’ll take a while, but she’ll be corrupted. Elina was a minimally stuck stick in the mud, and it took just a teency bit to push her out of the hole. There’s just a bit of digging for Talia to be thrown out into the corrupt part of the world.

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