Chapter 81: The First Boss Battle

A white-robed cat-girl was screaming, while riding on the back of a massive green-furred, Quad-Tailed Nature-Fox. Inari had managed to grow to the size of a full-grown rhinoceros, which was nearly hollow inside, but still surprisingly strong.

If Elina wasn’t weighing her down slightly, the kit would have been so buoyant that she would actually have trouble running and jumping around quickly. It leaped five meters in the air, while sprinting towards the enemy, and delivered a powerful bite to the back of its wounded neck.

Unfortunately, the gigantic Chaotic Raptor of Darkness was protected by incredibly tough obsidian scales. However, that was only one part of her attack, and once she had managed to open a small wound, she used ‘Devouring Vines.’

The spell did twice as much damage against enemies of the Chaos Affinity, so she was able to drain roughly six-teen Health and Stamina per second, before she ran out of Mana and hopped off of the dinosaur’s back. Elina screamed “Michael, help me~! Bad doggy, let me down~!” as she was crying helplessly, and desperately holding onto Inari’s fur.

However, he just yelled back “Oi, stop fucking whining and heal me god-damn it! Gah~, my left leg’s frozen! Ow, ow, ow~, shit!” Even after buffing himself with two of all the main stats, he still wasn’t quite fast enough to avoid all the enemy’s magical attacks.

As Michael received the ‘Flash Heal,’ his frost-bitten limb was completely healed, and he managed to use his gigantic Siegeblade to block the raptor’s massive talons. He was launched a dozen meters backwards, and his fragile wings were crushed into golden paste, against the extremely durable green-tree that stopped his brief flight.

He breathed loudly, as he attempted to ignore the horrible, agonizing pain, and calmly ‘Whispered’ Elina “I really shouldn’t have to tell you this, but when I get hurt, you’re supposed to fix that.”

When his whole body was engulfed in a warm radiance, he noticed the screaming cat-girl was riding on the back of a gigantic, yet adorable, fox. Michael’s wings rapidly regenerated to their original shapes, and his HP topped off at 170/170.

As the Priestess stared at his Health-pool, using ‘Identification,’ she couldn’t help but be amazed… for two seconds, before almost falling off of Inari’s back. Unfortunately, he still wasn’t quite strong enough to withstand the attacks of a Boss, which wasn’t that much lower leveled than him, so he had to keep evading.

Michael shouted randomly “If I didn’t get so much practice avoiding touching people for the past six years, I definitely would have died like twenty times already!” Even though he was constantly sending out his Arcane Orb to deal around twenty or thirty damage every two seconds, he needed to keep using his giant sword as a shield, so the fight was taking a lot longer than he had expected.

Also, every time the raptor would fall below one-hundred HP, it would roar loudly, while facing the sky and cast ‘Frenzied Regeneration.’ It never made it past half, but still managed to survive for a few minutes, while struggling to kill the annoying little Nephilim that was constantly avoiding its attacks.

Michael was panting loudly, as he saw that the Boss’ Health had finally dipped below ten-percent. Inari was out of mana, as was the Priestess, and the two of them were too far away to do anything useful.

He sprinted forward, flapping his wings to gain a bit more momentum, and then dove between the raptor’s legs. The beast tried to jump upwards to dodge, but he used the last sliver of his mana-pool to fire his gigantic Arcane Siegeblade into the colossal lizard’s cloaca.

Obviously, the thick scales didn’t allow any physical damage to come from the rubbery sword, but a huge ‘-85’ did appear. Michael yelled “Wrecked!” as the giant carcass immediately fell down towards him.

However, the moment that it touched his right hand, the raptor vanished into his sixteenth bag-slot. Then a monotonous feminine voice announced “You have reached level eight.”

Elina screamed “We won! Goddess, did you see that?! We actually killed a Boss!” Then the fox shrunk and the Priestess fell onto the ground, “Wait, this can’t be real… I must still be dreaming. Ah, I passed out while Michael was cuddling with me; gah, I can’t believe I actually started crying when we were about to fool around… There’s no way that he would ever sleep with that little demon after treating me so nicely-”

He interjected “Nope, I definitely would!” as he was searching the ground for items.

Then she said “Besides, Sarah hates him even more than me-”

Michael shouted “Nah, she’s just a little Tsundere… Okay, maybe more like Yandere! Actually, she probably does hate me, but at least she likes my dick!”

Hearing that, Elina sighed dramatically and had to admit that she wasn’t dreaming, while investing her points into Wisdom and Intelligence. Then she noticed something sparkling by her feet, and quickly picked it up, before using ‘Scan’ on the mysterious item.

“Arcane Cuisses: Increases wearer’s Strength, Endurance, and Vitality by two points; raises Defense Rating by six. Improves the wearer’s training speed in the Arcane Affinity by ten-percent. Soulbound to Michael and cannot be used by anyone else. Rare Quality, requires level-ten to wield.”

It was considered ‘armor,’ but the transparent cloth was essentially just a pair of boxer-shorts. When she started giggling, the Nephilim suddenly appeared before her and snatched the underwear out of her hands, while replacing it with something else.

“Undergarments of Light: Increases the wearer’s Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma by two points; raises Defense Rating by one. Improves the wearer’s training speed in the Light Affinity by ten-percent. Soulbound to Elina Jacobs and cannot be used by anyone else. Rare Quality, requires level-ten to wield.”

Michael snickered and said “I didn’t really expect that Lux would be into g-strings… but, congrats on a pair of panties that you can’t use for another two levels! I wonder if there’ll be a Brassiere of Light? I mean, your tits are gigantic, but I guess Charisma will keep them perky?” He sent the whole set of tiger-fur armor into his inventory and then tried to destroy it, but was instead, given a ‘sell’ option.

After receiving a meager one silver, he immediately Equipped the undergarment. However, once it was on his body, the transparent boxers started glowing dimly, and made it difficult to see through them.

Elina giggled as she looked at his ‘heavy armor,’ that was somehow meant for Tanking. Then she asked “Why did you get rid of the boots too?”

He complained “They didn’t fit anymore, and I don’t really ‘need’ shoes, now that my Endurance is so fucking ridiculous. Anyway, my ‘gear’ sense is tingling, so there’s probably a few more pieces scattered around…”

Inari started barking loudly, and then ran over with a beautiful silver ring in her mouth. She was in her smallest form, so she was able to jump up onto Michael’s shoulder and drop it into his right hand.

Then he immediately got down on one knee and took Elina’s left hand, before asking “Beautiful cat-girl Priestess; will you take me as your Main Tank? Doomed to keep dying and respawning for all eternity, never able to part: unless you really want to…”

Unfortunately, a barrier appeared and preventing him from sliding the marital band, onto her finger. A message told them: “Unable to Equip; level requirement has not been reached.” She giggled while taking the ‘divine’ artifact and using ‘Scan’ on it.

“Silver Ring: Grants the user four points of Perception and increases their training speed of the Light Affinity by ten-percent. Soulbound to Elina Jacobs, and can only be worn by her. Rare Quality, requires level-ten.”

After staring blankly at the two pieces of Rare equipment, the blushing cat-girl felt like she really was in a dream. She stared into the Nephilim’s beautiful golden eyes for a few moments, before closing hers and puckering her lips, while leaning forward.

Michael furrowed his brows and asked “What the fuck are you doing? I mean, I can obviously tell that you’re trying to kiss me, but if you wanna tongue wrestle, then just ask. Wait, do you still think this is a dream?”

Elina slowly inched closer to his face, until finally pressing her lips against his for a moment, and then complained “When a beautiful girl tries to thank you with a kiss, she shouldn’t have to tell you!”

He sighed dramatically, “Well, if you really wanna thank me, a blowjob is way better…”

51 thoughts on “Chapter 81: The First Boss Battle

  1. i finally made an account here lol. i binged this a few months ago but got distracted when i was on book 2 so now im re-binging.
    im also watching naruto so idk how fast ill get through this lol


  2. There is only one issue I have with this story… With how slowly he’s leveling, won’t it be several hundred chapters before he can fight with any of the ‘real’ bosses?


    • Sorry for not thanking, lol. I binge read the whole series one or two days ago because it was just that entertaining. Great job, though I swear the MC’s personality is actually getting worse (scummy).


  3. so the boss monsters drop more than 1 loot
    will it always be the same amount or it just depends???

    tell me
    -if they start fucking nd c another loot on the floor……will they finish first or check the items???
    or they already picked up everything??

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