Chapter 186: Abusing the Battleground Sanctuary

In that Battleground Sanctuary, not only was it nearly impossible to die, but even Stamina was swiftly regenerated. Of course, it wasn’t as if anyone could just stay there for free; the price was one-hundred Favor per week.

A seven-foot tall man, with tan skin, four arms, pitch-black gazelle horns, an obsidian scaled, serpentine tail, blood-red, cat-like eyes, tusks protruding from his mouth and deadly claws on all of his digits, was surrounded by enemies. The first challenger was a three-meter tall, red-robed, orange scaled, humanoid dragoness, with bright blue feathers for hair.

Her arms were coated with a thick bronze-colored metal, and her first move was to fire ‘Volcanic Lightning Bolts’ from both hands at the same time. However, Michael’s white shirt transformed into a breastplate and began glowing brightly, creating a magical barrier around his body.

“Hahahahaha~! Stop being such a pussy and fight me like sexy dragon-girl!” As he shouted, a tiger-sized fluorescent-green fox, lunged at him. Inari launched vines out of her mouth; it was one of her only spells, but also incredibly effective.

Unfortunately, her opponent wasn’t such an easy target; the moment that those vampiric tendrils approached Michael, he grabbed them with his left hands. Squeezing tightly, he actually caused the vixen an incredible amount of pain, before using her body as a flail and smacking away the rapidly approaching, naked Dark-Goblin.

Sarah screamed “You fucking cunt-whore-bitch!” as she was flying away, but before landing on the ground, she teleported behind him. The little girl swiftly wrapped her tail around his throat, but at the same time, a pitch-black serpent had begun strangling her as well.

The demonic man roared “What are you waiting for?! Get your scaly ass over here!” as he smashed the fox against the ground a few times and then threw towards the spectating High-Elf. Talia nimbly soared into the air, avoiding the unprovoked attack, and Alice charged towards her opponent.

Michael used his upper-right hand to violently crush the tail that was wrapped around his neck. The moment that Sarah lost her strength, his snake-like limb was able to smash her face against the floor, three times.

As soon as the first bronze fist smacked into his chest, the little girl was able to escape; she landed dozens of relatively light, punches and kicks, all over his legs, back, and head. Meanwhile, the Nephilim was blocking a flurry of much stronger blows, from that three-meter tall dragoness. Then there was a loud “Meow~!” as a bright blue kitten sprinted towards them.

Alice quickly jumped out of the way, and Sarah teleported outside of the blast-radius, but Michael just stood there and activated his breastplate. The adorable creature exploded into thousands of icy needles, which stabbed into his body.

He screamed “Goddamn it Jasmine! If you start shooting me, I’ll take out my sword and saw you into tiny cat-steaks!”

After hearing that, she immediately sucked the two guns back into her palms and yelled “Nyah~! Mikey’s scary~!” Of course, she also used that opportunity to nuzzle into Elina’s bosom.

The Nephilim’s ‘chilled’ debuff quickly disappeared and Sarah ‘Shadow-Stepped’ between his legs, sending her tail inside of the left side of his boxers. It latched onto one of his testicles and she swiftly tore it off, while he roared “Why would you do that?! Fucking hell!”

Crimson blood had gushed out in great quantities for but a moment, before the injury was swiftly healed. However, Michael used that opportunity to reach down and firmly grasp the little girl with all four of his hands.

She was completely naked, so her Defense Rating and HP was ridiculously low. Grabbing her by the shoulders and thighs, he squeezed so tightly that violet liquid was oozing from her obsidian flesh.

Sarah screamed “You fucking bastard! Grah~! Pussy, bitch, cunt!” as she released her ‘Devouring Shadow’ in an attempt to escape. Unfortunately, she was unable to prevent him from first, crushing the bones, muscles, veins and skin, then literally tearing all four of her limbs off at the same time.

If it had been when they first met, she certainly would have fainted from the pain… but her Willpower was far too high for that. Elina gasped in shock, and even Talia had an expression of horror, because he didn’t stop.

The girl continued shrieking in agony, so he shoved his clawed fingers into her wounds and prevented her from regenerating. The limbless Dark-Goblin glared at him with pure hatred and fury, as he revealed an evil grin.

Michael used his incredibly sharp teeth and the increased size of his mouth, to chomp down onto the left side of her neck. He kept chewing through, until he had torn her head from her torso.

Obviously, at that point, Sarah had no way to prevent herself from losing consciousness. Thus, one of his enemies was thoroughly disabled, and there were only two left.

Inari was whimpering and shaking in fear, but Alice was actually snickering. The moment that the Nephilim severed the little girl’s head, all of the tattoos on her skin had vanished, and from her neck, a new body was starting to form.

He tossed ‘Sarah’ over to Elina, who caught ‘her’ with ease, but nearly fainted. Talia on the other hand, just sighed and grumbled “And this is how he treats the women who he supposedly loves…”

As for the rest of her body, Michael stored it into his inventory and quickly defended against a series of ‘Pressure Wave’ attacks. He was blown backwards a bit, and Inari pounced onto the base of his tail and began ferociously tearing it off with her ridiculously sharp teeth.

The effect of her collar even allowed her to utilize bright-green flames in the attack: though they weren’t very potent. The Nephilim laughed hysterically, as he activated one of his most overpowered spells: ‘Aegis of Light’. As the blast of blinding light enveloped Inari, she was just barely able to escape, and avoid being disintegrated.

When Michael’s body became visible again, he had cast ‘Lightening’ and ‘Angelic Grace’. Those two wings were actually two more limbs for him to fight with, and reducing his weight had allowed him to move a lot faster.

“Die, you fucking bastard!” Sarah had not only fully recovered, but also regained consciousness and equipped all of her gear. After teleporting in front of him, she used a swift wakizashi strike, to slash off his left arms, before slicing him diagonally, from top to bottom.

It happened so quickly that he wasn’t even able to react, but there was a fatal flaw in such a maneuver: His two halves reconnected and healed before they could even separate. He also grabbed his dismembered arms and kept them from completely falling off of his shoulders.

Michael roared “Seriously, it’s your own damn fault for not using ‘Frost Nova’ when you had the chance! Fine, if that’s how you wanna play, then I’ll use all of my gear too!” His entire body was swiftly engulfed by a blinding light, and the Dark-Goblin wasn’t able to get close enough to stop him.

Once the radiance faded, the Chaotic Nephilim was wearing all of his armor and holding a nine-foot long, Demonic Siegeblade of Chaos with both right hands. The teeth on the weapon were moving back and forth, almost touching, but gracefully avoiding each-other slightly; it was just like a gigantic blue organic chain-saw.

However, something unexpected occurred, there was an incredibly loud ‘bang’ noise, and Sarah’s entire torso was obliterated, sending plenty of gore splattering all over Michael. Jasmine yelled “Nyahahaha~! I pick Mikey’s team~!” before using her Desert Eagle to fire another round, severing Alice’s gigantic left leg.

Yet, her supremacy was short-lived, because a vicious green fox had dashed over to her, avoiding several deadly bullets and easily chomping down on her neck. With a swift bite, the little girl was decapitated; all of the clothing and weapons on her ‘dead’ body had immediately disappeared, and she even lost consciousness.

Elina screamed “No~! JJ~! Grah~! Die!” as she instinctively fired ‘Solar Flare’ out of her swiftly opened third eye. Inari’s torso had a gigantic, gaping, hole seared through it and she was forced to drop the severed head onto the ground, while scampering away.

Talia sighed, shaking her head a few times and muttering “They’re all insane… I’m surrounded by homicidal immortal perverts…”

Michael smirked, as he shouted “Oh stop being so melodramatic! This is practice! In this place, we can’t die, we don’t have to sleep, and if we get hungry… we’re the food! Hahahah~! Anyway, none of us is gonna age, so we might as well make the best of it, right? Plus, while we’re in here, time in the outside world has basically stopped… This is an amazing opportunity to finally get some ‘real’ training in!”

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