Chapter 245: The Procrastination Sanctuary

The demonic Nephilim and the orange-scaled dragoness were both standing next to each other; she was wearing nothing but that fiery red-robe, while he wore a white t-shirt, pants and shoes. Michael stared over the top of her head and yelled “Holy fucking shit-balls! I’m actually taller than you now?!”

Alice snickered, shoving her right hand down the front of his pants and muttering “Interesting… your height and frame increases by seventy-percent, but your penis seems to grow far more dramatically. We still have a few minutes before those guys finish up over there, so why don’t we test out your new capabilities?”

Her tail wrapped around his and pulled the slithering black-scaled tentacle up and into her robe. Michael smirked, swiftly retracting his wings and unequipping all of his remaining gear as he embraced the beautiful dragoness.

Then the two of them vanished, leaving piles of mutilated corpses and plenty of rubble behind. Of course, they hadn’t actually killed every single person and magical-beast that was around the castle, but it was close enough.

After they disappeared, an extremely muscular, silver-skinned ogress opened her eyes and unsteadily stood up off of the ground. There were discolorations all over her flesh and she coughed up a mouthful of rusty brown blood.

She grit her teeth and was seething in her hatred, but there was nothing that ‘she’ could do. Not only had her husband and wife been killed, even their souls were stolen from the corpses.

Fortunately, their mana-cores were all intact and with a strong enough healer, it wouldn’t be impossible to ‘Revive’ or ‘Resurrect’ them. Thus, she grabbed the corpses of her loved ones and loaded them onto a huge wagon behind the castle.

Aria growled “Michael… it doesn’t matter how strong you are, my Papa will definitely kill you for this!” With her ridiculously high Perception, she was actually able to see the dragon-girl and demonic Nephilim fornicating on the southern ramparts of Fort Resilience.

“Oi, can the two of you please cut that shit out?! If ya really have ta fuck that badly, then do it over there! Gah~, these crazy bastards just never stop coming! Ugh, and you guys aren’t really any better!” Captain Shiro fired his blunderbuss at a huge dark-green Orc, who managed to climb onto the walls. However, there were many other fatigued soldiers who didn’t have his level of concentration.

Alice let out a violent roar, as she was deeply penetrated by a huge serpentine tail, the hilt of a gigantic demonic siegeblade, and an extremely large humanoid penis at the same time. Michael asked “Are you okay? I’m pretty sure that this sword wasn’t really designed for anal insertions…”

She snickered, “Yeah, as long as I wear my gear, it won’t deal any damage… I’ve just never been stretched out this much before; well, relatively speaking. Ah~, I can feel those little beads rolling around inside of me~!”

They completely ignored the gunfire and explosions, as they performed their ridiculous Battleground ‘sex-show’. In fact, they both knew that they were being recorded and also streaming live, but they simply didn’t care.

By the time they finished indulging their carnal desires, the conflict had finally ended and the two of them were brought away in a single beam of light. When they appeared in that pure-white Sanctuary, they were still laying on the ground; Michael was on top of Alice, but his body had entered its ‘neutral’ state. Both of them were completely naked and didn’t have a single piece of gear equipped.

“I can’t really tell if you’re trying to get me to make some more ‘ingredients’ for you to play with, or if you’re just really horny all the time, hehe~.” The Nephilim was laying his head between the giant woman’s large and muscular breasts; even though he wasn’t ‘big’ enough to physically satisfy her in that form, he couldn’t help but become aroused in that position.

Alice gently placed her huge right hand against the back of his head, while the left reached down and grabbed his buttocks tightly. She shook her head, explaining “Before we met, I sometimes went for weeks without becoming horny. There were a few aphrodisiacs that I created on purpose or by accident, but aside from that kind of nonsense, I usually didn’t get turned on very often.

“It wasn’t until that night in the Dungeon when I started to get like this. We both evolved and you went from looking like an interesting ‘test-subject’ to a potential mate. The reason why I’m constantly aroused around you is likely due to the way you smell and taste… You’re almost always releasing sexual pheromones, but it also has to do with the addictive properties of your seminal fluid. The little fox is probably being influenced by your scent as well; not to mention all the times she’s watched the rest of us enjoying ourselves.”

Michael gazed up into those bronze, serpentine eyes and smiled; he hugged her body tightly, asking “Ya sure it isn’t cause of ‘love’? Charisma and Aura probably have something to do with it, but I’m fairly certain that love is a crucial factor as well.”

That giant hand was gently caressing his head, as he slowly thrusted inside of her. After moaning softly, Alice snickered, retorting “And what the hell is ‘love’ anyway? Heh~, never-mind… Mike, I’m actually kind of afraid; this, what I need to make for us, and the time limit… It’s all way too stressful. I wish we could just loiter around in here for a few weeks, or at least a couple days. More than having sex, I really need to take a break from it all.”

“Just what the fuck are you trying to ‘cook’? Like, is it some kinda time-travel medicine? Or maybe some sort of magical crack that can alter destiny? Hahaha~, I don’t smoke, anything, ever, so that might be an issue…” The Nephilim was ‘probing’ for information, while fondling those gigantic breasts.

The dragoness giggled, murmuring “Nope~, the problem is that I need to concoct seven ‘Master’ ranked pills, and to do that, I have to become a Master Alchemist within a few days. After that, I’ll have to get all seven of the pills right the first attempt, cause we don’t have the time or materials for a second try. Then, there’s the fact that we won’t actually know if it works, until we test it out on ourselves… I don’t want to scare you, but if I can’t do this, it basically means that this entire universe will be destroyed and none of us will ever be able to see each-other again.”

Michael’s expression suddenly became extremely serious, “Why the fuck didn’t you tell me this sooner? Ugh, if the problem is time, that can probably be solved pretty easily… We have to either buy a room with some sort of temporal alteration involved, or we could just take your Alchemy shit and bring it into a Battleground Sanctuary.”

Alice snickered and shook her head, muttering “No, they were pretty clear that I ‘had’ to do everything in seven days, without doing exactly what you just suggested. I have no idea why, but I’m sure they have a reason for it. Anyway, I’m confident that I can do this, it’s just that I’m anxious. I’ve never experienced this much pressure before and all I want to do right now, is stay here with you. The chance of this place getting screwed up like last time isn’t very large, as long as we don’t do anything ridiculous.”

He smiled wryly, “Yeah, I was going to grab a few thousand souls, but I decided against it. I dumped all of them back in Fort Resilience, so it should be fine. Also, I shoved those ten angelic assholes into the Arcane Prison… I think I said this already, but I could literally have sex with you all day, every day, and I would never get bored. Besides, we could wrestle, fight to the death, do all kinds of transformation play, and we have two tablets: There’s generic board and card games, along with movies and even books. Hell, I could also write, practice magic, and other stuff if you get tired of me, hehe~. As long as we’re together, we probably won’t go insane, even if we have to spend thousands of years trapped in this place…. not that we can’t leave.”

After hearing all of that, she sighed and abruptly flipped over, pinning Michael against the ground. Her massive, muscular thighs and calves were rippling as she squated down onto his ‘lap’; she grasped his waist with both hands and complained “This is why I didn’t say anything to you earlier; now you’re freaking out way more than I am. Ugh, stop thinking about the possibility that we might be eternally separated and just fuck me!”

16 thoughts on “Chapter 245: The Procrastination Sanctuary

      • Who knows it might staten him out. What happens if u make some one insane, go threw something that makes the sane insane? Would it tern the insane to sane?
        We’ll wirh Michael it’s not like we could fuck him up more. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • It definitely could and would lol. You can’t make an insane person sane by torturing them with isolation for thousands of years roflmao. He’d just be so fucking crazy, that he wouldn’t be able to function at all anymore lol.


      • Well fort the “Mind Games” there is something that is named i think Memory Vault or Memory Lock (not the one from Sherlock Holmes)
        You it almost looks like brainwashed Sleepers (secret agents from Cold War)
        Getting to the point:
        By hypnotizing a person you create in their mind a “Checkpoint” and a commend that activates it.
        When you activate a checkpoint the things that you went through (torture, accidents, marriage etc.) are somewhat counted by the person as a memory form distant past or a dream and is still aware of those things but the personality that was saved before checkpoint takes over and is unaffected.

        It’s like you would go to park and found a book that have written inside like 6 months of your life that you were in some horrid shit and all you think of it “Ah what a nice story”.

        Mind is capable of many such things. Most known issue is “Post-traumatic amnesia”

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      • Except, in the context of my story, those people would literally have had their souls replaced lol Since the physical body is merely a tool and the soul is the actual consciousness, but even then, those wisp things aren’t ‘really’ the souls, but more like semi-physical anchors for the souls to keep a foothold in that reality? Anyway, the point is that instead of the mind being capable of things like what you mentioned, it would simply be that the soul was replaced and the person is different lol


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