Chapter 244: Vendetta?

“He’s here! That evil bastard has finally returned!” The eight-foot tall, grey-skinned, Earth Knight was covered in thick steel plate armor as he excitedly pointed with his huge bronze glaive. Alexander the Decapitator actually grinned at the sight of his most hated enemy, and he was willing to abandon his fortress, if it meant that he could finally kill Michael.

The leather-loincloth wearing ogress with metallic skin, growled “Let’s go rip his fucking head off! I don’t even care about capturing the bastard anymore! Even if he’s immortal, he can definitely still die!”

Aria was about to jump down off of the ramparts, when a bright-red hand clasped her right shoulder. Nataly shouted “Don’t be impatient! What good is killing them? They probably wouldn’t even suffer! Not only that, but they might try to wear us out and catch us off guard! We must capture and torture them, until their souls break from the torment!”

“Wow, that’s kinda fucked up… Who the hell are you bastards anyway?” All three of them could hear an unfamiliar man’s voice in their minds, as they glared at the distant, smirking Nephilim.

Alexander roared “Get out of my head you little monster!” However, even as he oscillated his aura to protect himself from mental attacks, it wasn’t able to prevent Michael from ‘Whispering’ them.

“Hmmm~, nope, don’t remember any of you assholes. Are ya gonna tell me who the fuck you are, or did you wanna die right now? I honestly don’t give a shit either way, heh-heh~…” As she heard that, the Sorceress released an unintelligible scream, which sent out a crimson orb of superheated plasma towards Fort Resilience.

However, when the ‘Intermediate Firebolt’ finally approached within ten meters of its target, Alice punched outwards with her right hand. There was a massive explosion when the ‘Pressure-Wave’ reached the incoming spell, but all of the force and heat was swiftly dispersed before it could deal any damage.

It was actually fairly impressive that Nataly was able to even attack from nearly a mile away. Michael smirked, ‘Whispering’ “Last chance, cause the moment we go over there, you’re gonna die.”

Aria shouted “If you’re so fucking sure of yourselves, then what the hell are you waiting for?!” The Nephilim calmly removed the giant ‘Demonic Siegeblade of Chaos’ from his right palm, before equipping and activating all of his other gear.

Alice leaped off of the ramparts and soared towards the distant fortress, which was surrounded by thousands of Hobgoblin, Orc and Ogre Knights, Warriors, Swordsmen and even cavalry. Rather than horses, there were massive rhinoceroses, scorpions and other similar magical-beasts. Those enormous Rock Golems attempted to hit the wasp-winged dragoness with boulders, but it wasn’t possible; even if she wasn’t completely used to flying, she would simply use ‘Earth Manipulation’ to evade when she couldn’t dodge.

When she reached the halfway point, a hundred level-fifteen orcish Iron Mages began casting an extremely powerful spell together. They were all gathered on the northern ramparts of the castle and chanting loudly.

As Alice approached them by herself, Alexander noticed that Michael was just calmly spectating from a distance. He muttered “This bastard must really be looking down on us…”

Suddenly, one-hundred streams of molten iron began spraying towards the red-robed dragoness. She attempted to dodge them, but there were simply too many and eventually, one managed to strike her right shoulder. After that, the liquid started wrapping around her neck and arm, swiftly hardening. Then the other ninety-nine were easily able to grab hold of her and within moments, she was completely encased in a thick, grey, metallic orb.

The ball was caught by two huge golems and they slammed it down into the ground immediately. Considering that she had been bathing in magma since she was a child, the damage was inconsequential; however, the true purpose was obviously to contain her for a few minutes. Their plan was to then ‘seal’ her body and soul within that prison, while she was incapacitated.

Before they even had time to gloat, Michael abruptly vanished. There was a loud buzzing noise, and the three-meter tall red-skinned ogress had her entire body split from the top of her head, down to her groin.

Alexander roared “No~! Die you fucking bastard~!” as he swung the huge bronze glaive downwards. The seven glowing beads that were orbiting the Nephilim’s left wrist, shot outwards and formed a small, concentrated disk of Arcane mana.

It was then telekinetically bashed into the side of the extremely heavy blade. Aria’s left arm was nearly severed by her own husband’s deflected attack, until the ‘Friendly-Fire Prevention System’ kicked in and saved her.

Michael stabbed his sword into the stone beneath their feet and caused the entire wall to be torn asunder. Most of those Mages and Archers that were about to attack, were sent falling to their deaths, but the Steel Ogress and Stone Orc obviously weren’t going to die so easily.

The Nephilim pushed off of the crumbling rampart and four dove-like wings erupted from his back. Flapping them a few times, he managed to barely stay in the air, though he had to abandon his siegeblade.

Both Alexander and Aria kicked off at the same time, but they could only helplessly watch as their enemy flew up a dozen meters higher than they could jump. As they were falling, the silver-skinned giantess screamed and a ball of lead appeared in her right hand. Then a metal chain emerged from the flesh on her forearm; with a powerful throw, she launched the magical weapon towards Michael and managed to wrap it around his left ankle.

The heavily armored Earth Knight grabbed hold of his wife’s waist and the two of them together, yanked the Nephilim out of the sky. Thus, all three of them heavily crashed into the inner courtyard of the castle.

A dozen level-twenty, Boss, Stone Ogres charged towards the six-foot tall, quad-winged man. However, Michael just laughed hysterically and yelled “Okay, I think it’s time ta stop fucking around now! Grah~!”

That chain around his ankle swiftly snapped, as his body and armor began growing at a rapid pace. Within ten seconds, he was three-meters tall and a huge obsidian, serpentine tail was whipping around behind his back.

There were tusks protruding from his mouth, his pupils became vertical slits, and two enormous, black, antelope horns erupted from his temples. If his ears were long and pointed, he would appear very similar to a pale-skinned Ogre.

A Chaotic aura emanated from his body, as Michael abruptly grew two more arms; the right side was covered in a crystalline material, while the other was silver chainmail and bulky gauntlets. His siegeblade was buried in rubble, but that didn’t matter, because he still gained the stats from having it equipped: even if he wasn’t holding it.

Aria lunged at him from behind, but a thick snake-like tail, smacked across her left temple and knocked her unconscious. At the same time, Alexander stabbed the glaive into the demon’s upper-right forearm; there were also spears, swords and axes from the various Warriors, Knights and Swordswomen that surrounded the monstrous Nephilim.

Most of the attacks were blocked by the shields of light that were generated by the gauntlets on his left hands; many of the others were stopped by his new and improved Arcane Breastplate. At that moment, a furious bestial roar erupted from outside of the crumbled castle wall. A nine-meter tall dragoness, made completely out of stone and molten rock, slowly stood upright. Alice stomped onto the bodies of the relatively small Orcs and Goblins, while she kicked Ogres and she punched the other golems in their chests: destroying the core of their power.

“Welp, time ta end this bullshit!” Michael flapped his wings and leaped up into the air, before swooping down and heavily stomping onto Alexander’s left pauldron. The relatively small Stone Orc had his clavicle broken and his shoulder was instantly dislocated.

There were quite a few healers behind the ‘Tanky’ Ogres, so such a simple injury could be recovered fairly quickly. However, before they even had the chance to notice the damage, the Guardian pushed off of the Earth Knight’s crumpled pauldron and landed behind the man’s back.

Those two lower arms abruptly retracted into his body, allowing Michael to use all of his Strength to plunge his armored right hand, into the center of Alexander’s back. Once he grabbed the Stone Orc’s beating heart, he released copious amounts of static electricity directly into it. Then he snickered and casually said “Oh hey~, my skill leveled-up…”

“Lightning Blast Level 6: The caster creates and stores a large amount of electrical energy within their body and releases it towards their target. Deals 6 Lightning damage per Aura point. Costs 60 mana to cast.”

After that, the Guardian jumped over to the pile of rubble and corpses that was once a stone wall, then used ‘Telekinesis’ to yank his siegeblade out of the ground. Once it was in his hand, he felt a painful and pleasurable sensation, as the sword grew seventy-percent larger.

With his Legendary weapon, it didn’t require too much effort for Michael to massacre those level-twenty Bosses, or the thousands of weaker soldiers that were under their command. Alice was equally successful in her wanton brutalization of everything outside of the castle.

However, even after they slaughtered so many, the battle wasn’t technically over yet. After all, they never really dealt with the low-leveled, rankless Demi-Goblins and Demi-Orcs that were assaulting Fort Reliance.

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  1. I couldn’t help but imagine the story of the Alexander as the MC who worked hard from a low goblin to this current chapter only to be dealt in a single blow…
    Thanks for the chapter

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