My New Series: Observing the End

This is a tentative synopsis of a new story I’ve been working on lmao. Yeah, I know, I have so much shit to do already and yet my brain is forcing me to do even more… Well whatever, it’s important to various other series that I’m working on because of reasons that I can’t disclose.

Let’s just say that you can probably guess which stories are related within the prologue and first chapter, assuming that you’ve read my other stories already. Even if you haven’t though, and this is your first, it’s still a good place to start lol.

I’ve written a book and a half of this story already. It’s only a matter of when I feel like editing and posting the chapters :P.


This is a new story that I started writing in July. I don’t like to put out a synopsis before at least the first 10-15 chapters are posted, because it’s too easy to give spoilers. However, if you read the prologue and chapter 1, it’s much more effective than a synopsis anyway.

I normally give out long and complicated disclaimers, but do you really need one?

Disclaimer: Mature Content, reader’s discretion is advised or some such bullshit. If cursing bothers you, then you aren’t mature enough to read this story.

Wow, honestly though, that disclaimer could pass as a synopsis. No, everything I’ve said so far could be a damn synopsis!

Well, whatever, it’s the first time I’ve ever written a non-fiction story. Although, you kids probably won’t believe me even if I say that… It’s basically just a journal that I started working on after the world ended.


Table of Contents

Prologue: Michael
Chapter 1: Observer 131

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