CC V1, Chapter 5, Part 2: Resting

After leaving the lobby, Iris headed over to the General Store and picked out a fancy natural latex mattress that would normally cost hundreds of dollars. However, the price she had to pay was only a single soul. Of course, some might say that using a soul as payment for a mattress was totally absurd.

Iris was pretty satisfied though. She had also purchased the blanket, sheets, pillows, pillowcases and even a washer-dryer to clean it all. In the end, she wound up spending two souls in total.

“I didn’t even know that a mattress could be this fucking comfortable…”

Once she finished washing and drying everything, along with taking a long shower, she laid down on the bed in a white bathrobe. Her hair had been wrapped up in a purple towel and she almost passed out from exhaustion.

“Today was actually pretty fun… I was planning to hurry up and get stronger as quickly as possible but… It’s really not that bad here at all~, heh-heh-heh~… I mean, sure~, everywhere I look around, I see horrible shit that makes me wanna go on a rampage… But rampaging is fun too.”

There was once a time when Iris was merely an innocent child, but things change. When her sister was kidnapped, she didn’t know what to do. All she really ‘could’ do, was pester the detectives who were responsible for Alicia’s case. When she finally saw her sister’s corpse, it was as if a switch flipped in her mind. That little girl was instantly gone and a dark, cynical, psychotic, megalomaniac had taken her place.

She became obsessed with vengeance. It wasn’t a strange reaction really. Maybe if her sister had simply been hit by a car, Anael wouldn’t have become so warped. However, the description of what happened to Alicia before her death, was what truly triggered Iris’ fury. There was evidence that suggested her sister was forced into prostitution for a few weeks. The amount of men who had ‘rented’ her throughout that time…

One of the clients eventually bought her and held a private party. Alicia, along with several other girls, were tortured, gangraped and eventually burned to death.

“Fuck!” Iris only closed her eyes for a few minutes, but she already woke up from a nightmare. Considering the circumstances, it wasn’t that strange. It was her first day back in Hell after all.

Since she was awake anyway, she decided to absorb those five experience points. It was a process that didn’t require much time and since she didn’t level-up, there was no pain either. She blew her nose into some tissues and opened up the scabs, causing blood to constantly leak out. Then she took some ibuprofen and drank a sports drink.


Chapter 5: Powers

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