CC Chapter 4, Part 7: Pushing It

Artemis was a large, nearly two meter tall woman, who had rippling muscles all over her body. She didn’t even bother covering herself like Iris did. All the giantess wore was a grey sports bra and tight yoga shorts. The item she chose from the bathroom was merely a mop with a long and hollow aluminum shaft. Her skin was pale white and covered in all sorts of horrible scars, while she had short blonde hair.

Molly on the other hand, was only five feet tall, extremely skinny and had dark-brown skin. She had curly black hair, with light-brown highlights. Unlike her ‘friend’, she didn’t have any markings or scars on her flesh. In her left hand was a gallon of bleach. As soon as the match began, she opened the lid and used her Power to manipulate the liquid. A blood vessel in her right eye burst the moment she continued to use her ability.

Three long arrows made out of bleach appeared above her right hand and with a wave, they were launched forward. Although they weren’t that fast, it was quick enough that her targets were totally unable to resist the bleach that splashed into their eyes, nostrils and mouth.

Iris grimaced as her connection to that large tattooed and bearded man was cut off. He wasn’t dead, but the sensory overload managed to sever her link into his mind. The short and skinny man, along with the giant were the two other victims of Molly’s bleach attack. All three were vomiting and rolling around on the ground in agony.

After seeing that, the teenage girl and the little boy were too terrified to do anything. However, the tattooed woman and Mary were already right next to Molly. Artemis charged forward and attempted to stab the hollow metal shaft of her mop into Iris’ chest, but she overestimated her opponent.

“Die!” The difference in size between Iris and the giantess was rather extreme, but the crimson-haired woman definitely wasn’t weak. She grabbed hold of the shaft and pushed it out of the way, but the giantess immediately delivered a massive elbow to her face. That plastic mask cracked apart and shattered, revealing a beautiful face, which was covered in blood from her broken nose.

“Goddamnit!” Iris screamed as she kicked in Artemis’ left knee and climbed up onto her back. Then she wrapped both of her legs around that huge neck and squeezed so tightly that there were a few loud ‘popping’ noises from her own body.

Meanwhile, Molly splashed bleach into the tattooed woman’s face and then threw her off the edge of the platform. Only a minute had passed, but they were already a hundred feet into the air.

“Woah~! Hahaha~! Did you guys see that?! She actually landed right in the toilet! Hyahahahah~!” The announcer was disturbingly happy after witnessing such a gory display. “Ah, looks like Molly is down for the count though! Oh well~!”

The dark-skinned woman had been axe kicked so hard, that her skull was totally cracked in half and both of her eyes were hanging out of their crushed sockets. After Mary dealt with her target, she ran over and grabbed the mop out of Artemis’ hands. Iris used both of her glove-covered hands to hold open her mouth, as the fearsome Filipina shoved that metal pole straight down the giantess’ throat.

“Holy fuck! Hahahahaha~! Yes~! Yes~! Ah~, oh my fucking cunt! And she pushed it all the way out the asshole! Bravo~! Good job~! Amazing~! I’m really starting to like this kid! What’s her name anyway? Mary Anne Reyes? That’s lame~… Hmmm~, okay, from now on~, you’re called Mary the Impaler! Wait, what the hell? What the fuck are you doing?! What?! Ah~! Damn it! I hate Pushers so much~!”

Once she had executed Artemis, Mary ran over that little boy and teenage girl, tackling them off of the platform. Almost the entire crowd was booing and complaining as Iris began curb-stomping the remaining three men who were already on the verge of death, unable to resist. She never did get to use that can of bug spray.

“Ugh~, although it’s total bullshit, Anael wins…”



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