CC Chapter 4, Part 6: Strength in Numbers

“Shit, my head hurts so fucking much…” Iris muttered to herself as she immediately used all of her mana to mind-control two slaves at the same time. It wasn’t as if she was directly manipulating their bodies though. All she could really do was guide their actions to a certain extent.

Her choices were extremely varied. The weakest was a ten year old little boy, while the largest was a two meter tall and extremely muscular man. However, bigger wasn’t always better.

Iris’ first pick was someone that she knew was rather talented and a capable fighter. A short Filipino girl named Mary Anne Reyes. While the other was a six foot tall middle-aged man, who was covered in tattoos, had huge arms and legs, but also a massive gut.

The reason she chose those two was mainly because they both tried to kill her the moment that the rules were announced. They were also two of the closest people and her Power was much more effective if the target was within a certain range.

“We need to work together!” That was the Compulsion that she gave them. It wasn’t so simple either. With the two of them thinking that way, the giant bearded man proceeded to convince that massive bodybuilder to team up with him. Then the two of them grouped up with a skinny Hispanic man and a pale-skinned woman with similar tattoos all over her skin. Meanwhile, Mary gathered the little boy and a teenage African girl who didn’t seem to understand what was going on.

It took less than ten seconds for all seven of the slaves to unwittingly join Iris’ side. Of course, just because it was a battle royale, didn’t mean that people weren’t allowed to form teams. In fact, it was very common for two or three gladiators to join a match together. They would first kill everyone else and when it came down to the two of them, they would have a battle to determine the winner. Regardless of who won though, they would split the Souls equally afterwards.

Technically, it wasn’t cheating. It was something that gladiators did when they were just starting out, since it wasn’t a very safe or pleasant method to earn money. However, it just so happened that both Artemis and Molly were new enough that they were willing to form such an arrangement.

“Well that was unexpected! Hahaha~! Eight against two! I wonder how this is going to turn out?!” The announcer’s maniacal laughter was accentuated by the cackling from the tens of thousands of demonic creatures in the audience.


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