CC V1, Chapter 5, Part 3: Unfinished Business

“Ugh, I still haven’t found all of those bastards yet…” Before her death, she made a list of every suspect involved in her sister’s case. It didn’t matter whether they were a ‘client’ or were simply connected to the human traffickers financially, everyone who was even slightly related… Had to die. Of course, she didn’t have any powers back then. All she could do was track down the most relevant people involved: The men who actually kidnapped Alicia and the ones who eventually murdered her.

“I need to get stronger…” There were a few names that stood out, far more than anyone else. Mainly because of how high-profile they were. Celebrities and politicians. Billionaires and other wealthy individuals who never even had any direct contact with the traffickers. Affiliated gangs.

“Fuck~…” Even if she wanted to murder every single scumbag who was even vaguely responsible for her sister’s death, she knew that it was impossible from the start. Unless she was extremely powerful and wealthy. She would also need a lot of help. Becoming a ridiculously high Rank wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing either. On an unranked planet like Earth, if she was too strong and started flaunting her Powers, then she would become a massive target.

Iris was eventually able to sleep after a few minutes of grumbling and cursing in anger. Her dreams were even more cruel and violent than anything she had ever actually experience in her life. Wars that raged through entire worlds, billions of lives consumed and devoured by demonic monstrosities that were the size of planets. Dragons and angels were enslaved, even their captors were merely chess pieces on a massive board.

Two god-like beings were casually playing a game and an entire universe was devoured in the process. Others were simply watching with cold and emotionless eyes, as if those lesser beings were simply actors in a horror movie. Sometimes they laughed, other times they smirked, but not once did they express any sort of outrage.

“I should have never created you~!” Iris jumped up out of bed, completely naked and drenched in sweat. She was breathing heavily, while glaring around the room in a panic. Once she realized what was happening, she let out a sigh and crawled over to the side of the bed.

Her nose was still broken and around both of her eyes were dark-purple bruises, making it hard for her to breath or see properly. She grumbled “Shit… I really need to buy some kind of healing Power first, before anything else.” Although she had a list of twelve Fire-based abilities, even Fiery Regeneration wasn’t that great.

“Ethan said that Nature and Chaos have the best passive healing Powers…” After murmuring to herself, she utilized the Rune on her right hand and a screen appeared. Since it was inside of her mind, she didn’t actually need to use her eyes to see it.


Chapter 5: Powers

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