Chapter 123: Hunting for a Cure

After quickly storing the squirming body and decapitated head, into his first bag-slot, Michael muttered “Okay~ then… From now on, I should probably avoid flying above this crazy ass jungle. Anyway~, gear is super OP, so I should be good, as long as the enemies aren’t above level-twenty and Bosses. Hmm~, it seems like I made it a dozen miles to the northwest of my house…

“I must have been gliding a lot faster than I thought, huh?” It wasn’t that he was traveling particularly quickly, but even at sixty MPH, it would have only taken eleven minutes: since he teleported as well.

However, the interesting thing about his newly unlocked feature, is that all of the areas where Inari had explored, were covered with a myriad of different symbols and colors. The fox had found ore veins, strange herbs, buried treasures, fruit trees, suspicious locations, and most importantly habitats belonging to monsters, magical-beasts, elementals and even regular animals.

Of course, there were simply too many markings, along with the normal ones which displayed Dungeons, villages, and other similar places. Thus, Michael needed to filter them out and search for the specific creature, which he was trying to hunt.

If it had been before the massive influx of demonic activity, he wasn’t sure that the monster he was looking for even existed within the forest. Fortunately, it only took a few seconds before he quickly found it.

He grumbled “Ugh, goddamn it… this is gonna take a while, even if I can teleport.” As he sent his wisp out to the northeast, his body was standing on an incredibly sturdy branch and completely unaware of the looming danger approaching from behind.

Right when he was about to Astral-Step, he felt a sharp pain, as his left wing was brutally torn from his back. Michael shouted “Fucking dick-sauce!” while being instantly sent back inside of his forehead. There was a rule that prevented him from teleporting if something or someone was holding onto him.

The moment he returned, he noticed that a huge hand was wrapped around his arms and torso. It was attempting to crush him, but was unsuccessful, due to the armor on his chest and left arm: though, the right was slightly broken.

A massive, glowing, blue-furred ape was hanging from the side of the tree, while ‘playing’ with the strange shiny creature that it found. Michael glared into those huge, silver eyes and asked “You know you’re gonna die now, right?”

“Azure Gargantuan Chimpanzee, Level-15, Rank-F,” was written above the beast’s head, and it only had two-hundred health-points. Even if it was a relatively low-level and ranked creature, while not even being an Elite, he could tell that it was still surprisingly strong. Of course, given its overly developed Strength, Endurance and Vitality, he was fairly certain that its magical-defense wasn’t very high.

The Arcane Siegeblade was in his hand, so there wasn’t much he could do with that, but the Arcane Orb was still floating above his head: hidden within that golden halo. When the ape slammed his face into the side of the tree, he sent out that magical ball and smacked the creature in the left temple.

Unfortunately, it was a lot more intelligent than he had expected, and the moment it lost nearly all of its Health, the Chimpanzee immediately retreated. Michael was violently thrown into a nearby tree-branch, in the opposite direction, and was stunned for the few seconds that it took for his body to smack against the ground.

Coughing violently, he complained “Ugh, why the fuck don’t I have any self-heals? Oh wait, it’s cause I didn’t learn any Light spells… Ow~, fucking monkeys!” When he stood up, he noticed that he was surrounded by a herd of level-seven to nine, Silverback Gorillas.

The apes were mostly rank-G, but some had affinities and were rank-F. They could tell that he was severely injured, but didn’t know that his Health was actually at 185/360. It was already regenerating at a rate of one per second, so when he cast ‘Stat-Boost,’ the speed was raised even faster.

With a gigantic sword in his left hand, he smirked, while ‘Taunting’ “Hurry up ya dumb cunts! If ya wait any longer, I’m gonna be completely healed!” Though they didn’t understand what he was saying, between his overpowering Aura and Willpower stats, they were even given an ‘Enraged’ buff.

It wasn’t to the point that they would attack their own allies, but they simply weren’t able to resist charging towards him straightforwardly. That also meant, they didn’t have the presence of mind to realize, their fists couldn’t even hurt him.

A level-fifteen ‘Fireback Gorilla’ and a level-fourteen ‘Windback Gorilla’ were each able to deal a few dozen damage with their elemental attacks, but he swiftly dealt with them first. Their ranks were only ‘F,’ so their overall stats weren’t particularly high.

Eventually, he massacred all twenty-nine of the normal Silverback Gorillas, and stored their mutilated carcasses inside his tenth bag-slot. In total, seventeen were rank-G and level-seven; six were level-eight, and the last six were level-nine.

Aside from those, there were the Fire and Wind apes, but also one that appeared very similar to a treant. If all of its allies weren’t instantly killed, the bright-green “Vibrant Gorilla of Life, Level-12, Rank-E, Elite” probably would have been rather difficult to deal with.

It was constantly releasing a healing aura of Nature, and occasionally cast buffs, but Michael was still able to decapitate it rather easily. However, strangely enough, he didn’t receive any experience until the end of the battle, and he was enveloped in that blinding radiance: while being fully healed. A loud monotonous, feminine voice resounded around him: “You have reached level-fifteen.”

[Player Information

Name: Michael
Titles: The Nudist, The Noob, The Immortal, The Lurker, The Survivor, The Astronaut, Shinigami, The Heretic
Level: 15
Experience: 19/300
Age: Adult
Race: Nephilim
Rank: E
Class: Guardian
Specialization: Tank, Melee and Ranged Damage Dealer, Support
Profession: Summoner Level 2]


Health: 360/360
Mana: 65/65
Stamina: 180/180
Mana Regen per minute: 140
Health Regen per hour: 360

Strength: 14(+22)
Vitality: 14(+22)
Endurance: 14(+22)
Dexterity: 6
Agility: 6(+7)
Intelligence: 10(+3)
Wisdom: 9(+5)
Perception: 5
Charisma: 3(+3)

Willpower: 21
Luck: 21
Aura: 23

Attack Power: 180(+57.5)
Defense Rating: 18(+101)]

After quickly choosing to raise his Wisdom by three points, he continued storing the carcasses. Before sending his wisp out, he sighed dramatically and started slowly walking away from the blood-soaked soil.

Even if his Siegeblade dealt Arcane damage, it could definitely slice unarmored opponents apart rather easily. Especially after utilizing his twenty-three points of Aura; aside from increasing the weight, the sharpness and firmness were also dramatically improved.

Michael noticed something rather peculiar as he stared at the mini-map, and muttered “Wait a second… Why are there so many white and yellow dots converging towards me? Shouldn’t they be scared away by… Oh, that’s why.”

Under normal circumstances, relatively weak magical-beasts would obviously try to avoid enemies that could threaten them. There were however, a few situations that could change that. The most common, was when a pack or herd was hunting together.

He yelled “Okay, Chaos, I get it! You can stop now!” huge trees were falling down in the distance, and all sorts of land-animals were struggling to escape the encirclement. In every direction, there were tens of thousands of ‘Demonic Slimes.’

They were literally created from the blood of powerful Demons, who were likely sacrificed in some grand ritual. Almost every single one of them was rank-G and below level-three, so the majority weren’t much of a threat.

However, there were quite a few which didn’t appear as blobs of mucus, but instead, were shaped like monsters or animals. Michael smirked, and whispered “Thank you very much, ya crazy bitch…”

He threw his Arcane Orb towards a level-one ‘Demonic Slime’ and activated ‘Spacial Distortion’ subconsciously. The creature immediately exploded and he noticed something very strange: The mana-core was annihilated in the process.

Then a notification popped-up: “Spatial Distortion Level 3: After over-killing an enemy by eight times their maximum Health through Arcane damage, their body will be converted into pure-mana and can either be absorbed to recharge the caster’s mana, or released in an AoE attack. 200% of the target’s maximum Health can be converted into damage; 20% of the target’s maximum Health can be absorbed as mana.”

Michael complained “It’s definitely convenient, but I can definitely see a pretty big drawback. Welp, whatever, even if I don’t destroy their mana-core, it’ll just get eaten by the others before I can do anything with it… Ugh, this is gonna take a while.” Thus, the Nephilim had begun his battle against the horde of voracious ‘Demonic Slimes.’

16 thoughts on “Chapter 123: Hunting for a Cure

  1. i think the titel doenst fit it should be something like Seems-like-Hardcore-op-but-is-actually-a-little-ant-in-front-of-really-strong-monsters or something like Hardcore-op-equipment-on-a-actually-not-really-op-guy. Well it is your decision at what pace the story is progressing but if he is after 120 chapters still only level 15 and not so op i hope you already planned to write at least 1000 chapters cause thats how long he will need to fight some of the little stronger mosnter with this pace.

    And this is not meant to be hate i actually quiet enjoy your story but sometimes it still annoys me.


    • And sometimes people annoying me, especially when they bitch and whine about stupid shit. First of all, the title is obviously a pun lol. And it sounds funny. Aside from that, if you like the story, then don’t complain about pointless things. It makes the author irritated.

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