TDoE V1 Chapter 11: Genesis

Xiaotong was the name of the creepy floating red skull that I ‘played with’ every morning. Now, I knew that there was definitely some sorta fucked up story behind that thing, but Long Di would never tell me anything. He just got all serious, smacked me around a bit and sternly shouted “Don’t go into that shitty tree-house! It’s a deathtrap!” Continue reading

TDoE V1 Chapter 4: The Path of Desire

After Long Di stopped making a bunch of green smog swirl around him, I tried really fucking hard to ‘sense’ that Qi stuff. I mean, it was basically just mana, right? I’ve played enough video games and read enough manga to figure out that all that martial arts bullshit is pretty much magic. Unfortunately, my bladder didn’t seem to care about cultivation. “I have to piss.” Continue reading