TDoE V3 Chapter 7: Roaches

“You’re all just fucking cockroaches! Worthless slaves! How dare you pathetic minions rebel against I, your great-grandmother, Immortal Yi!” I heard a deafening roar, as the little bastard literally burrowed into my brain. Then I blacked out and had a really disturbing dream.

There was a seemingly endless sea of mostly naked people, though there were plenty of Beasts mixed into the crowd as well. They were all doing various menial tasks. Men and women, children and elderly, cows, horses, plus plenty of unorthodox creatures.

It was a hellish world, filled with constantly erupting volcanoes and the sky was totally covered in black smog. I had trouble breathing, even though it was only an illusion. Millions of huts were scattered about in half-assed villages, but they were often washed away by random streams of lava.

The humans and animals were suffering from all sorts of horrible diseases, from leprosy to the Black Plague. In the distance was a beautiful golden palace, with a huge ivory city and gigantic silver walls surrounding it.

As I floated over, I noticed that the inhabitants had dark-red skin and long, pointed ears, along with pitch-black bat-like wings coming out of their shoulder blades. They lorded over the humans and treated them as slaves. The more attractive and healthy people would be used for sex or labor, while the others would be culled for sport. Then I reached the palace, where those haughty crimson-elves were nothing more than pets and toys for the royalty who lived inside.

I sighed, muttering “Even the slavers are still slaves… What’s the point? Even though you know first-hand what you’re doing to those below yourself… I suppose this probably has something to do with the Karma Sutra, huh?”

The King, Queen and everyone else who ruled over the ivory city were Humans. It was a cycle, the Dao of Domination. All that mattered was power and those who were weak, were treated like insignificant bugs. At least it went on that way for a long time.

Generations passed; over and over, the cycle continued. Beyond the palace was a much more dangerous force. An empire, filled with plenty of Adepts and Experts. They lorded over thousands of countries, who each had millions of starving villagers living within their borders.

Throughout the entire hellish and desolate continent, I watched hundreds of empires rise and fall. Each of them competing for what little resources they could scrounge; though no matter what they did, it was simply impossible to support their own growth. They went to war in order to kill off the ‘worthless cockroaches’ who were leeching off of them. However, without the support of millions of ‘weak’ slaves, it wasn’t possible for them to survive at all.

There was a single place that seemed somewhat habitable. A gorgeous bright-green kingdom, filled with life and the illusion of peace. Of course, they still had servants and minions, but they were living much better than the kings and emperors of all the other shitty countries below them. Every single person was at least an Expert, while the nobles were Masters and the King was an extremely powerful Legendary Warrior.

They were the high and mighty overlords of the Hellfire Continent. However, compared to the rest of the world, they were nothing. Well, I have no idea what planet they were on, since I didn’t really get any useful information like that. It was all very vague and not very well defined.

I was attracted towards the highest spire upon that mountainside castle. At the very peak, there was a gateway of some sort. A huge crystalline platform, which had a giant floating ‘mirror’ above it.

Nearly a thousand Masters and the Legendary King were all gathered around that mystical device. There were men and women of many different races: Humans, Orcs, Ogres, Werewolf looking motherfuckers, cat-people, anthropomorphic tigers, Elves, Dryads and plenty of others. They all had their weapons out and armor on, staring nervously at that oval-shaped reflective thingy.

The three-meter tall Ogre King dude had huge horns coming out of his bald head. His eyes were glowing dark-yellow and he wore a suit of obsidian armor, which was nearly the same color as his flesh. There was a gigantic battleaxe in his left and and a massive greatsword in the right. To his sides were several busty green-skinned elves, who had orange wasp-like wings coming out of their backs.

He roared “Activate the soul-binding array! Hurry!” and those black-gowned women started chanting some kind of weird magical spell. Runes started flying around through the air and landing on everyone in the enormous hall.

“The portal’s opening! Everyone prepare yourselves!”

I looked out the window and noticed that there were billions of illusory chains shooting off from the tower. Each of them struck a single humanoid or Beast, connecting them all together. From lowly sub-Novices, cripples and infants, all the way up to Rank-B giant monsters, nearly every single person and animal was bound together.

If you’re wondering why I was some sort of omnipotent God-like spectator… I don’t fucking know? I’m basically just speculating for a lot of this weird dream-world shit. It was kind of like reading one of those ‘Jade Slips’. The information was there, downloaded into my brainbox. I’m simply relaying the thoughts in my own words and trying to make them as coherent as possible. I mean, come on… There was a magical bug burrowing inside of my skull. It’s impressive enough that I can remember anything at all.

Anyway, after a few seconds, that mirror transformed into a pitch-black portal to… Somewhere really dark? I couldn’t really see anything through the grey fog that was spewing out of it though.

“Hohohoho~, so the puny little insects have banded together? Hmmm~, interesting…” A small, five-foot tall woman casually strolled out of the mysterious abyss. Her body was covered by a pitch-black gown and her face was obscured by a blank silver mask. Only her bright-blue irises could be seen. I couldn’t tell for sure, but she just looked like a normal Human to me.

“Immortal Yi, there’s no possible way for us to keep supplying you with Fire Gems any longer! I, Legendary King Orion the Seventeenth, refuse to be your slave anymore! My people refuse to live in fear of your tyrannical rule! You’ve forced us to this! We would rather die fighting than starve to death!”

In such a desolate place, they basically couldn’t survive through normal means. They used Qi Stones and Beads to replace regular food, though it obviously wasn’t able to keep up with the outrageously large population.

That woman casually waved her left hand and an enormous blast of Yin Qi flew over, smashing against the giant Ogre’s chest. His armor cracked apart and he coughed up a gallon of light-green blood, but he didn’t move an inch backwards. However, I noticed that at least a hundred thousand of those mystical chains had shattered and dissipated.

Yeah, in case it wasn’t easy enough to guess by the name, that whole soul-binding array thing was pretty fucked up. It transferred most of the damage taken by the thousand Masters and singular Legendary Prick to basically every other person on the continent. Kind of like a Novice’s life was nothing more than a few health points. Well actually, that was only one aspect…

Three tiny purple pixies were flying around in the air as they combined their power and channeled it into a ball of golden radiance in between them. A few Human Mages and something that looked like a giant Lamia also began pumping mana into the spell. However, as they continued powering their Forbidden Daoist Art, thousands of chains were consumed by the brightly-burning sun that they were creating.

Meanwhile, King Cuntbag and hundreds of other melee assholes charged forwards and started launching all sorts of weird abilities towards ‘Immortal Yi’. She chuckled as a horde of obsidian-armored Masters charged out of the portal behind her back. They formed a defensive wall and mindlessly used their deep-purple tower shields to block the onslaught. Each of them had dark-blue sabers and used them to attack the myriad of enemies.

Weapons clashed, but more often than naught, they fired off all sorts of illusory attacks. Condensing giant swords and barriers out of elementally charged mana. It seemed really wasteful to me… Especially considering the fact that the ‘united’ group from the Hellfire Continent was basically sacrificing thousands of random people per second.

Even with their fancy soul-binding array, when Immortal Yi physically slapped one of those beefy Orcish Masters, his body exploded into a green mist. The only one who could ‘tank’ the OP bitch was Orion, so he couldn’t go around slaughtering the obsidian knights.

Yet, no matter how strong she was, that little twat wasn’t invincible. Not only did those Mages sacrifice millions of lives in order to cast that crazy spell, they also fused their own bodies and souls into it.

That golden sun exploded into a condensed Solar Beam, which blasted a hole straight through Immortal Yi’s left shoulder. She screamed out in agony as her entire arm was separated from her body.

“You, you, grah~!” As she was distracted, the Ogre King slammed down both his greatsword and battleaxe at the same time. They didn’t manage to break her mask, but it did fly off across the room and obliterate the northernmost wall.

As her haggard and ancient, tanned scar-covered face was revealed, she roared “You’re all just fucking cockroaches! Worthless slaves! How dare you pathetic minions rebel against I, your great-grandmother, Immortal Yi!”

Six massive shadowy wings erupted from her back and a dark-blue glaive appeared in her right hand, which she immediately used to decapitate the King. After that, there was absolutely no possible way for anyone to resist anymore. Hell, she even slaughtered her own knights in her fury.

“Good, hahahahaha~! Good, good, good~! So you don’t want to be my property anymore?! Fine! Then your whole shitty continent can die! No, no, no! That’s not much of a punishment, now is it?! Hahahah~! I know~, not even your souls will be spared for infuriating I, the level-one Immortal Apprentice Yuan Yi! Hyahahahahaha~!”

That pitch-black glaive and the wings vanished into thin air, and that mask flew into the room, landing on her face. Then she reached out with both hands and tiny pieces of crimson crystal flew out of the shattered corpses of those thousand Masters. After that, she used her glove covered claws to dig into the Ogre King’s abdomen and yank out his pulsating Dantian. It just looked like a green bladder to me, but considering that she ripped a magical ruby-red core out of it, I was able to figure out what it was pretty easily.

“From now on, you bastards will be nothing more than an insect, heheheyahahah~!”

She didn’t seem to put much effort into creating it, but it still looked pretty impressive. Well, it was a cockroach, but at least it was a cool-looking one?

However, when she was about to shove all of those souls into the thing, a soft voice whispered “What an interesting idea… But wouldn’t it be sad, if they didn’t have you to accompany them?”

A small shadowy Goblin appeared out of thin air. Immoral Yi didn’t even have the chance to understand what was happening, before her body was torn asunder and three obsidian beads fell down from her eviscerated remains.

That portal shattered into a million pieces and right as I was about to get a clear view of that newcomer, I felt a sharp pain in the back of my mind. When I opened my right eye and came back to reality, I yelled “Oh for fuck’s sake! Where the hell did that bastard go?!”



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  1. Is he going to be able to escape this endless cyle? I mean even if he becomes a immortal sounds like he’s destined to turn into a murdering asshole maybe he could settle down. Kinda explains why god has all the power of we had even the ability to play one finger on his throne we killed our selfs trying to toss him off it

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