I Made a Gameplay Video

Okay, so I decided to make a gameplay video of “Total War: Warhammer” because, well, I didn’t think it would take so long to upload lol.

In the beginning of the Chaos Warriors campaign, you can pretty much steamroll any of the Norscan Tribes pretty easily… However, when it comes to the Dwarfs, especially right after the first 2 Norscan settlements, you can’t just auto-win the battle.

Of course, just because it says that the odds are extremely bad, that doesn’t actually mean you can’t win. In fact, even with my ‘tactics’ you can still beat a much larger force of Dwarfs, while playing as the Chaos Warriors.

Obviously there are much more effective ways to win in this situation, but it really isn’t that important. As long as Archaon survives, nothing else really matters.

I use a lot of mods, but none that alter the gameplay too much. Even with the base game units, Chaos Warriors are one of the strongest factions.

It isn’t always necessary, but I find that slow-motion helps a lot during the beginning of a battle. Although, if it’s a really serious fight, you should probably use pause instead.

By the way, this was a ‘Medium Unit Size’ campaign. It took me forever to find out about this, but if you go into settings, then into graphics, you can change the unit size.

Small is nice if you like artillery. I’ve found that it’s also the best size to play as the Wood Elf faction. Since they’re always going to have some of the smallest unit sizes anyway. Plus, the Wood Elves usually do a lot of kiting, so it becomes more difficult with the larger sizes.

Medium works well for Beastmen and Chaos Warriors, but I haven’t tried it for the other races yet. It gives you a decent amount of troops, but at the same time, your computer should be able to handle it well.

Large is the best size for Orcs. I’ve found that on the lower size settings, Orcs tend to be much weaker than the other races. But once you get to Large, artillery tends to become much weaker. Thus, the Orcs can have a fighting chance against the Dwarfs in the early game.

I’ve only ever tried Ultra with Chaos Warriors. Although it’s fun to watch those massive armies fight… The battles become much, much longer. I’ve also heard that many of the spells and the artillery, don’t particularly scale well with the massive unit sizes. Although anything that boosts unit effectiveness will obviously be far more powerful in Ultra.

If you’re wondering why I’m writing such a long description, it’s because this video took about 2 hours to upload.

I don’t really know how to do a proper disclaimer, so hopefully the video doesn’t get taken down… Something like “I don’t own the rights to the product shown in this video”?

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