TDoE V2 Chapter 22: Haunted Waves

“Umm, okay then, I think I get what you’re trying to say… Basically, there’s no point in thinking too deeply about the small stuff in life. Whether I fuck her in the pussy, ass or mouth, it doesn’t really make a difference, because eventually I’m just going to die anyway. So I might as well enjoy what little time I have left? All that pseudo-incest and possible pedophilia stuff is also inconsequential. As long as it’s consensual and we both know what we’re doing, then it’s all good!”

While I was sauntering away, Raphael asked “Did you even listen to my poem at all?” However, I just gave him a thumbs up and kept walking over to the stairs. There were hundreds of people in front of me, but the deck was so large that it didn’t seem that crowded.

If you need some help imagining how much space there was, just think about a football field. Well, it was significantly narrower, but still pretty fucking big. While I was strolling by, I casually glanced up at the top of those masts and saw a crow’s nest at the peak of each one. Rather than small barrels, they looked more like fortified watchtowers. Each of them was made out of ironwood that was painted black and had a bunch of white magical symbols on it. From the holes in the sides, I could somewhat make out either a fancy blue bow or a golden telescope.

Compared to the people on the deck who were just talking to each other or wandering aimlessly, without any clue what the hell they’re supposed to be doing, those guys and girls up there seemed to be on high alert. I glanced out into the distance and didn’t notice anything, other than the cold light from the tiny silver moon, Thoth. It was mostly Elemental Darkness Qi and was great for people who practiced Yin techniques.

I was wearing nothing more than a silken white robe and that mysterious Lunar Pendant was around my neck. The longer I stayed in direct moonlight, the colder it became, until it was actually starting to burn my skin a bit.

As I finally made it back to the door of my room and grabbed the golden handle, I heard a horrible screeching noise. The moment that it stopped, Xiaotong screamed “L-Levi, w-w-w-what is that?!” She had been floating a dozen meters above my head and curiously looking around, but her gaze was fixed on something that was behind the Titanic Fury.

When I reached the highest deck and stared out into the distance, I noticed that there was an enormous shadowy fog rapidly gaining on us. It totally blocked out the island that had been on the horizon. I looked back towards those crow’s nests and muttered “I wonder if we’re the only ones who can see those things?”

Thousands of glowing, wailing apparitions were flying out from the black mist. They varied from crimson skulls, to ethereal spectres that were shaped like bright-red infants. I honestly wasn’t too worried about them, since even in such outrageous numbers, they still weren’t too powerful. The true threat were those seven yellow, slightly transparent warships. Each of them were crewed by hundreds of ghastly orange skeletons.

It seemed as if the oceanic waves were freezing upon contact with that fog, but I also had a feeling that it was merely a hallucination. I murmured “What the fuck am I supposed to do? Warn people? No, it doesn’t seem like they’re coming towards us…”

Even though that fleet appeared to be heading in our direction, within a few minutes they simply passed us by. A few of those ghosts floated down to screech at me and Xiaotong, before leaving without much of a fuss. After that, she transformed into a bolt of lightning and entered directly into my Dantian, whispering “Levi, I’m starting to get worried… We’ve only been out at sea for a few hours and we already met such scary monsters.”

I snickered, telling her “Even though those Spirits looked a bit intimidating, they weren’t very powerful. At most, even the ships were only Rank-F. Honestly, if there weren’t so many of them, I would have tried to ‘catch’ one of those boats… Hehehe~, imagine having our own personal warship. One that I could keep inside of my body when I wasn’t using it and just take it out whenever… Maybe it would even be able to act as a storage device?”

She complained “No, no way! They’re way too big to fit! B-Besides, Levi, you shouldn’t just pick up any random Spirit you find… W-What if they weren’t nice? Wha-what if they only pretended to be your friend and then, and then they betray-trayed you? It’s too dangerous!”

“Alright, calm down~, I’m not that reckless, right? I still haven’t even tried to absorb Zhang Lang yet. Well, that’s mainly because I’m worried that Elementals aren’t the same… I kinda feel like Elementals are closer to Beasts, than Spirits. I’m afraid that if I do shove it into my Dantian, I might rip it away from its physical body and yeah, it would be a little pointless.”

That swarm of ghosts could have easily latched onto unsuspecting crew members and passengers, but it seemed as if they were ‘attached’ to that jet-black mist. In comparison to that potent source of Yin Qi, those bastards obviously weren’t interested in bothering with Humans or Beasts.

When I opened the door to our room, the first thing that I saw was a beautiful naked girl sitting cross-legged in the middle of the floor. Those sleeping bags had been pushed off to the left side, against the wall and the luggage was in the corner on the right, near the door.

“Holy shit, you can do magic?” Throughout all of the time that I spent with Mei, that was actually the first time that I saw her ‘cultivating’. It looked like she was sweating out a thick and slimy bluish gray liquid, which culminated above her palms. That goop swirled around for a bit and gradually separated into pure water on the right and what looked like a clump of azure salt on the left.

She opened her eyes and smiled at me, proudly explaining “Even if I haven’t had to practice in a long time, I still remember the Desalination Aria… Though this is a modified silent version. Hmph~, a lady of the Hua Family must always maintain an appearance of cleanliness and elegance! Hehehe~…”

Mei tossed the weird blue salt crystal onto the ground and then started using both hands to telekinetically move the water around her entire body, rinsing off her skin as if she was in a bathtub. She even stood up and plunged her fingers into her asshole and pussy, casually rubbing the insides a bit before pulling out the dirty liquid while blushing slightly.

“Why are you watching me? Turn around!” Apparently, even she had some things that she was embarrassed about. Then she just tossed the glob of nastiness out the window, before using a bar of soap that she had prepared ahead of time, in order to continue washing herself off.

I sighed, complaining “You make it look so easy… but I don’t even have Water Qi, so how the hell am I supposed to even use that spell?”

Sure, I could start absorbing Aquatic Mana and condensing it, but that would be counterproductive. I picked Nature, because it’s basically everywhere there’s normalish life. Even the middle of a desert would have Nature Qi to a certain extent. Generally, it was pretty difficult to cultivate more than one Element until the Master Stage.

The naked woman giggled, “Aw~, Little Levi, don’t be jealous~… You still haven’t gotten a Beast Companion yet! Besides, it’s a mother’s duty to give her son a proper bath!”

“Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that… Umm, but how do we catch a baby animal though? I don’t think it would be easy to fish for them off the side of the boat… Also, what kind of critter should I go for? What would be the best?” When we were finished shitting our guts out after that catastrophic buffet, I was wasn’t really thinking about anything but making it to the ship in time.

Mei smirked, then took out a tiny blue pearl from her jewelry box. It looked like a normal Aqua Bead. She turned her luggage over onto the side and then crawled into its depths. The naked woman exited the extradimensional storage device while carrying a small glass fishbowl.

After placing it onto the floor, she smiled at me and dropped the tiny orb inside. That ball suddenly exploded into a bunch of water and filled the whole container within moments. I grumbled “Wait a fucking second, if you can do that with Aqua Beads, then why the hell do I even need to learn how to use magic in the first place?!”


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