TDoE V3, Chapter 10: A Chaotic Ritual

Holy shit… Wow. I forgot how vulgar the sex was in this story lol. Anyway, you’ve been warned :P.



“Levi~, my head hurts~… And I’m starving, can’t you go get me some food?” When I finally got back to my room, Mei was awake and feeling terrible. Even though I was super tired, I wasn’t going to refuse the beautiful naked lady’s demands. Yes, she was definitely a nudist, but considering the extreme heat, I didn’t blame her.


Even the most reserved and shy pussies onboard were willing to sacrifice a little dignity, in order to gain a bit of comfort. I certainly didn’t have a problem with the various exhibitionists wandering the decks and halls.


I went down to the galley and picked up some tasty grilled salmon steaks, along with plenty of mango juice. Then the two of us ate our meal in awkward silence. Afterward, she used some water magic to casually wash the two of us off. We obviously used soap too.


“Are you still feeling bad? Do you think it’s morning sickness? I mean, you have been trying really hard to get preggers, right?” We had been injecting jizz into her uterus for months, but she still hadn’t shown any signs of going prego.


Mei frowned, laying down and complaining “No, I thought I was with child, but I started bleeding… I think it’s probably just something I ate.”


“Well, if you can still have your period, then you most likely have eggs left. Actually, it’s also possible that it’s just vaginal bleeding and not menstruation… Assuming that human physiology is the same here as it was on Earth.” She pouted and turned her head away from me. It was her usual reaction when she didn’t understand what I was talking about, but was too embarrassed to ask a ‘little kid’ questions.


Eventually, she murmured “Cuddle with me… but leave your necklace on.” I sighed, then took off my robe, boxers and casually tossed them onto the floor. After getting totally naked, aside from a single piece of jewelry, I laid down behind her.


As I wrapped my arms around Mei’s neck and waist, I whispered “I love you… ‘Mama’, heh~.” When the cold Lunar Pendant touched her back, she shivered and quickly pulled a purple sheet over the two of us.


Although she said that she was ‘bleeding’, I didn’t see her use any kind of tampons or pads. Yes, they did exist. Even if their technology was slightly inferior to what I remember from my old world, there were still plenty of simple things that existed and were actually superior because of magic.


After we ‘cuddled’ for a few minutes, she started fidgeting and whispered “Do you… want to put it inside? I know you had to play with yourself earlier… I’m sorry for being so damn useless.”


I hugged her tightly and my penis was basically trapped inside of her asscheeks. When I thrusted forward a bit, only the head was able to actually reach her butthole.


“It’s not that I don’t want to, but I’m just too small… With the angle and everything, it’s pretty much impossible. And you aren’t useless, you’re super-useful! You’re a great teacher, and you’re adorable… Plus, if it wasn’t for you creating water, then how would I even be able to wash myself off?”


She giggled, then turned around and wrapped her arms around the back of my neck. Her irises glowed bright-red and Mei pressed her lips against mine, prompting me to shove my tongue into her mouth.


Then she laid onto her back and gave me a much easier access point. However, the moment my dick slid inside of her slimy pussy, our faces separated and we both took in a deep breath of the chilled Yin-filled air.


As I continued thrusting, Mei’s crimson eyes started to get darker and reveal a deep, subtle violet. Combined with the lack of light in the room, it was fairly easy to see them. However, if it was brighter, they would have appeared totally brown.


A thick vortex of green, blue and black Qi swirled around our bodies. She nervously asked “L-Levi, what’s happening? Are you doing this?!”


When either of us inhaled, there would be a thunderous roar, as the mana from outside struggled to enter the room through the windows. Every time we breathed out, all of the Qi that we couldn’t absorb would churn and congeal around our naked bodies.


The ceiling fan automatically turned on, along with the light. While millions of bright-red cockroaches crawled out of my flesh. They all scrambled around and frantically began consuming those odd Chinese-ish runes. Those bastards also devoured the thick ambient mana that was swirling around us. Yet, no matter how many of them escaped my body, there were way more inside of my Dantian.


I could feel those creepy critters going crazy. Mei screamed “Ah~! Ew, ew~! Levi, quick, we need to get out of here!”


“Wait, you can actually see them?! Holy shit… You know that they’re Spirits right? Just ignore them and let’s keep having sex.” Maybe if I wasn’t so horny, I would have decided to heed her advice. I coughed a few times and a tiny skull flew out of my mouth, smacking Mei in the face.


When the demonic monster expanded to the size of my head, it turned towards me and said “L-Levi, w-w-what’s going on? I feel all tingly inside~! Ahn~!”


“Ah~! Ghost! It’s a devil! Stop fucking me and let’s get the hell outta here!” Yeah, well, I think my reaction the first time I saw Xiaotong was about the same, so I didn’t blame her for freaking out.


Considering that I wasn’t really stronger than Mei, it was hard for me to keep her from sitting up. In fact, she had a decent amount of leverage over me, so it wouldn’t have been too difficult for her to throw me across the room if she had wanted to. Obviously she didn’t though.


However, the moment that my cock disembarked from her cunt, her eyes immediately turned scarlet again. Then she frowned and scanned the room, asking “Where did all the bugs and that monster go? Was I just hallucinating from a fever?”


“No, when we started having sex… Your Innate Talent went from bright-red to dark-violet. That’s why you could see Spirits, but they’re still there right now… They’re always fucking there. Most people can’t actually sense them though.” I hugged her from behind and as she leaned against the door, I did my best to thrust up inside of her. In that instant, the Qi became turbulent again and all of those cockroaches started going nuts.


Xiaotong shouted “Levi, w-what are you doing?! Stop it! You can’t have sex with Mei! You, you promised that I would be your first! Wah~! You’re so mean~!”


Meanwhile, since that little girl’s voice was only in my head, the horny woman wasn’t able to hear anything suspicious. She moaned and asked “How is this possible?! So much Qi… I’ve never felt Qi this strongly before! It’s like my body is being filled with power! But, why isn’t it entering my Dantian? It seems like… Something’s wrong?”


I yelled “Xiaotong, stop crying and just enjoy yourself! There’s so much Qi all over the place! Do you really care that much about sex?! You have no organs, not even a brain! Is it even possible for you to be aroused in the first place?!”


Suddenly there was a deafening bellow from outside the door, “Shut the fuck up you noisy bastards! It’s the middle of the night! Go to sleep or at least be quiet!”


As the wave of killing intent wafted over the room, the cowardly demonic skull screamed in terror. Then she flew back inside of my body and returned to my Dantian. Half of that cockroach swarm flew out the windows to escape, while the rest of them flooded into all of my orifices or dug their way into my flesh.


The combination of random things ‘almost’ made me lose my boner… However, my mental fortitude definitely increased to an absurd level when I was exposed to Mei’s pheromones and my penis was literally ‘in’ her vagina at the time.


“Aye aye Captain! We’ll try to keep the volume down!” After that, I could feel that vicious and threatening sensation swiftly fading away. Yet, none of the Spirits were brave enough to leave my Dantian.



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