TDoE V3, Chapter 9: Record

Speaking of pornography… After ejaculating into a glass jar and storing it in the magical refrigerator, I decided that it was time to finally play around with those pen cameras that Azrael gave me. Yeah, I know that he wanted me to record some footage of me shooting people or whatever, but did I really need fifty of them for that?


My first target was obviously Mei, who was peacefully snoring on our new pink futons. Her sweaty ass and breasts were glistening in the silvery moonlight, so she was pretty easy to record. What, you think that it was wrong?


Bitch please, voyeurism definitely wasn’t a crime on the Titanic Fury! The only people with the right to privacy, had their own individual room. Even then, as long as you had access to the person’s living quarters, there was no rule against watching or recording them naked. Sure, it was definitely frowned upon and you might get the shit kicked out of you if you were being an asshole, but most people didn’t give a damn.


The first couple days, yeah, the newbies were freaking out and uncomfortable all the time. However, after their first battle and shore leave, very few of them were too bothered by that kind of nonsense anymore.


Humans get used to things pretty quickly if they don’t have a choice. They might complain about it, but if they can’t change anything, what’s the point? Novices often moan and grumble about their short, pathetic lives. Apprentices are the same way. Even Adepts wish that they had been born with greater talent or had struggled harder in order to surpass their limits… However, they couldn’t fight against that whole ‘Heavenly Law’ thing, so they just submitted to it.


I put on a black silk robe and wore my Lunar Pendant around my neck, instantly cooling my body down dramatically. Then I grabbed a belt with the bag of video-pens attached to it and went out the door.


It was kind of like a really perverted adventure. There were just so many choices and it was also the middle of the night, so plenty of people were fucking. The day crew was a bit less mischievous and more serious.


Obviously, the first thing I did was climb the mast that was above my cabin and go pay a visit to my sluttiest friend. Before I even reached the hatch, I could already hear loud moaning and slurping noises.


As I pushed the wooden door up, Liara yelped and yelled “Damn it, you scared the shit out of me! Can’t you at least knock first?!” Her face was only a few inches away from mine and I could see a huge hairy dude kneeling down behind her.


“Ah, ain’t you that Shaman brat? Get lost kid, can’t ya see we’re busy here?!” He had a thick and scraggly orange beard, along with long curly hair. His skin tone was super-pale and his facial structure seemed more Irish than Chinese, but it was a bit of both to be completely honest.


I snickered, crawling up into the smelly watchtower and sitting down several feet away from them. Then I pulled out a pen and casually said “Ginger-Dude, I thought you were married? Well, it’s not really any of my concern… I’m recording this by the way. So try to make it interesting.”


“What?! Seriously, stop, are you trying to blackmail me?!” The red-haired beefy giant was nearly three-meters tall and his real name was Johan O’Brien. He was a level-three Adept Archer and one of Liara’s occasional ‘partners’, though he was often stationed in the other watchtowers.


Both of them were huge, so I basically needed to stand up in order to get a proper view. Also, it was hard to find a ‘good’ angle. I mean, I didn’t want to get too close to either of them and it was kind of dark.


“I’m not blackmailing you so calm down. Now both of you need to get into the moonlight over by the window. Also, hmm~, okay, Liara, you ride on top of him cowgirl style. I want to get a good shot of your asshole and his dick going in and out of your pussy…”


Johan yelled “Oi, what the hell is wrong with you?! Get out of here, we aren’t gonna listen-”


Liara turned around and immediately pushed the enormous man onto the ground, riding on top of him as I had instructed. She chucked, “This is kinda kinky… Make sure to only record me in the best light though! In case I die during this war, I want people to remember me doing what I loved the most in life!”


Ginger-Dude seemed flabbergasted for a moment and muttered “You, you love me?”


“Hahahaha~! Hell no, but I do love your cock!” She slammed her ass down, almost splashing me with her nasty juices.




Anyway, most of my pornographic adventures involved the gorgeous brown-skinned muscle-girl giantess. She had a few gangbang scenes, though most of the time it was one on one sessions.


Somewhere along the line I ended up meeting Granny Arin when she was in the galley screwing the fat old man, Jacob Stash. I did some candid videos of some cute girls who were having a small-scale orgy in the barracks.


Then I found a special place… Okay, so apparently, we had picked up a bunch of random people from Hua Ri Keep. Most of them were prostitutes. There was this small group of rooms on the third floor, near the latrines, where they all stayed.


Nearly all of the fifteen-hundred crewmembers, passengers and soldiers were horny men. Obviously about a fifth of them were gay and could just fuck each other, but the rest needed somewhere to relieve their stress. These weren’t really ‘cultivators’ after all. They could barely even be considered military personnel. In order to maintain morale and discipline without executing people regularly, it was necessary to have whores. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have a problem with it. Having sex for money is always morally dubious, but that’s none of my business.


Compared to working in the city, the pay was obviously much better on ships like the Titanic Fury. As far as safety went… It was a dangerous job in the first place. Especially considering how weak all the women were. Also, it’s all about the mentality.


When I entered that disgusting, filthy, cesspool, I noticed that the girls had a surprising sense of ‘pride’ and patriotism. Fucking sailors and soldiers was an honor for them. Plus, Granny Arin was a total beast and anyone who mistreated ‘her’ bitches would regret it.


Rather than sex, the bigger problem for the prostitutes was that a few of them had never been on a boat before. Not to mention that they were in a room without any windows and not far away from the latrines. Even I would feel sick if I had to stay down there. Well, it’s not like they were prisoners, but they couldn’t just wander around the upper decks either.


Anyway, as I looked around, I made sure to get plenty of footage of all sorts of assholes, pussies and faces… There was no audio, so I couldn’t record their voices. I wish that there had been sound. Not for the moaning or the other noises. I should have taken more videos, not just of people fucking or masturbating, but of them talking to each other.


Laughing, arguing, smiling… I think that we used to take our technology for granted back on Earth. All that data, saved and accessible for generations to come. Before the era of computers, internet and cellphones, think about how many people were totally lost to history. Sure, if they did enough amazing or terrible shit, then they would be talked about a little bit. However, there were over a hundred billion nameless humans who lived and died, without leaving any substantial evidence of their existence.


Sure, you could say that once they’re dead, then what would they care if they’re remembered or not, right? Well, that’s the difference between that old world and my new one. Immortals and Deities can live for an extraordinarily long time. All those old memories fade with age, no matter how hard we try to hold onto them. We look back and think “If only I had paid more attention… If I had simply jotted down some notes, then maybe I would still know their names.”


Not only that, but you end up meeting reincarnations of people you used to know. Yet, your mind is so warped that you don’t even recognize them anymore. They could have been a friend, a lover, a child, a parent, even your most hated enemy. I guess that’s probably the most important lesson I can teach you… Record everything, whether in writing or audio and video logs. Keep it all somewhere safe, because you may need it someday. Perhaps in a thousand years, or maybe a dozen incarnations in the future.



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