TDD V2, Chapter 3: Parts 5-7

*Part 5: Temporal Modification*


“This is… ridiculous.” It was a power so great that even Yuri was astounded.


Azra muttered “Yeah, but well, I guess it isn’t that strange. There’s something that I’m a little worried about though. If we pick the one that lets us pass a whole year, in a single day… Will the day and night cycle still exist? It’s pretty important after all.”


[For Double, Triple, Quadruple and Quintuple, the movements of the star within the Divine Chessboard World will be synchronized with the star outside. However, if you choose any of the more dramatic Temporal Modifications, days and nights will be roughly twelve hours each. Also, once you engage a Temporal Modifier above Quintuple, you will not be able to disable it. Entry and exit from the Chessboard World will also be restricted.]


Yuri murmured “It would be unwise for us to spend any Karma on Temporal Modification. DC, how much time do we have before a Quest will be created?”


[I estimate that due to the nature of your assault earlier, someone will likely come to investigate the current location of the Divine Chessboard within several hours. Although, a Quest to deal with them might not be created immediately. You have roughly twenty-four hours.]


“We should probably go with… Six months. Although we would be losing about fifty Souls in the deal, it’s still worth it. We have a lot of shit to do after all. I don’t think three months would be nearly enough.”


After hearing Azra’s suggestion, Yuri nodded in agreement and the Temporal Modification was initialized.


[180x Speed has been engaged. Time within the Divine Chessboard World will now pass 180 times faster than on Elysium.]

Then the two of them decided to spend some Karma and raise the levels of Threat, Usefulness and Technology from zero, to one.


[Current Currency

Karma: 900

Souls: 1494]


“Seriously though, Sis, you really need to take a bath. How did you even… No, I don’t want to know. Maybe you should go swimming in the ocean? Actually, we have some free time now… Why don’t we go spend a day at the beach?”


Yuri nodded, but then shook her head, explaining “We won’t be able to spend an entire day at the beach. At most, we would be able to stay there for a few hours. I need to make sure that the Goblins and Ratkins under my care do not kill themselves or each other.”


Azrael sighed, complaining “I didn’t mean a literal fucking day! Ugh, come on, let’s go before these assholes wake up…”


*Part 6*


Yuri, Azra, Reaper and Ailyn seemed to materialize out of thin air in front of the giant spiral seashell. However, they didn’t expect to be surrounded by over a hundred scared and confused Asian women. There were also a few little girls and boys mixed in as well. Many of them were horribly scarred or disabled. Some couldn’t muster the strength to move.


Yet, regardless of how badly traumatized or debilitated they were, everyone immediately gathered around the four mysterious ‘deities’. Some knelt down, others just stood there without moving and some whispered to each other.


“Oh my God, what the fuck is that horrible smell?!” Azra almost threw up, as the stench of feces, rotting corpses and urine wafted out of the watchtower.


His sister muttered “It appears that they simply left the dead and mortally wounded within the basement… This is extremely irrational.” Then she glanced around at the weary faces in the crowd, before calmly asking “Why haven’t any of you begun constructing shelters or searching for food and water? Do you wish to perish?”


A naked young woman with most of her teeth missing and horrible brands covering her bald head, walked over and knelt in front of Yuri. Then she nervously answered “Your envoy… The huge bear-like man… He told us that we would be taken to a new world, where we would be free. But… What are we to do? Many of us were born into servitude… Most of us only know how to please men.”


Another girl came forward, but she seemed much healthier. Although there were a few scars from being caned on her back, the rest of her body was relatively unblemished. She didn’t bow or kneel, but instead, stood a head taller than Yuri and proudly declared “I was the favorite concubine of Anthony Rust! No one else has ever had their way with me…” Then she gazed up at the handsome and fidgeting man, suggesting “You should take me in as your servant! I’m definitely the prettiest and most skilled at fellatio out of everyone here! I even have all my teeth!”


Yuri smirked slightly, then announced “Very well… Everyone has talents and skills. If you wish to continue to live as sexual servants, you’re free to do so… In fact, there are many tasks that need to be assigned. However, my brother is not interested in your offer. Soon, there will be a large amount of Ratkins and Goblins who will need to be taken care of… Creatures similar to these two.”


She pointed towards Ailyn and Reaper, before continuing “They have an extremely high sex drive and aren’t much different than beasts. Becoming their guardians will require you to devote an enormous amount of time and effort to nurturing them… They will essentially become your family members. I will send them here… Then you may pick and choose them as you see fit.”


Azra muttered “Ugh, fuck… Sis, let’s get the hell out of here… We don’t have time to waste screwing around. Besides, it reeks…”


After hearing that, Yuri instructed “For now, those who are physically capable, should remove all of the corpses from the basement and drag them into the forest. Nature will do the rest. Those with wounds should wash yourselves in the ocean. The salt water will burn, but it will also act as a disinfectant to a certain degree.”


*Part 7*


Although Yuri didn’t seem to care about whether the former slaves lived or died, she still helped them out in various ways. She taught them how to find fruit to eat, herbs to help deal with injuries or chronic pain, and the location of the singular fresh spring on the entire island.


Azra was annoyed, but he also showed them some simple techniques to build basic tools. Then he demonstrated the proper way to construct mud huts and similarly primitive shelters. By the time they finished teaching the women, they only had a few minutes left to swim around in the ocean.


“Hey, DC, can you clean out the basement for us? We don’t really have any decent cleaning tools at the moment…” It wasn’t a matter of whether or not she ‘could’ do it, but rather, if she wanted to assist them.


[I’ll be deducting one Soul as my fee.]


After hearing that, Azra grumbled “Ugh, fine, it’s still worth it.” There was blood, urine, feces, dismembered limbs and appendages, along with intestines, eyes and plenty of bugs crawling around. The women got rid of the whole bodies, but they would have needed to spend a long time using bleach and scrubbing the floors if they ever wanted to truly clean the basement out. The girls needed to use it as their primary shelter, so obviously the twins couldn’t leave it covered in filth. When DC was finished, the underground structure seemed as good as new.


Yuri murmured “I need to create a portal between my two territories.”


Her brother snickered, muttering “Do whatever you want… I’m going back to my keep now. Call me if anything important comes up.” Then he disappeared, along with Ailyn.


[Creating two Small Teleportation Arrays will cost 100 Karma. Are you certain you wish to make this purchase?]


She tilted her head to the left and wondered “Is it possible to connect the portal in my bedroom, to this one?”


[Yes… However, there is a limit of one unit per minute. It will also require significant downtime if you wish to reconnect with Azrael’s king territory.]


The little girl nodded, then decided to place her second portal within the grand hall. That way, people would be able to use it within intruding into her bedroom. Of course, there was also the direct route. Both of her territories were connected together. Thus, once they had access to small boats, it wouldn’t be too difficult to ferry the general populous across. Those who didn’t have Runes of Samsara wouldn’t be able to utilize the portals after all.


Then she made an important decision… To move Obsidian, Elfy, Greenie, Helion, Nos, Arctic, Gabby, Abby, Tabby, Squeakers, Busty, Molly, Scarlet Squeaks, Fluffy, Shade, Snow, Nudist, Bunny and Unicorn to the island. The only one who wasn’t sent there was Chocolate, and that was because he was receiving special care from Joanna in Azrael’s Keep.


With Azra’s permission, Yuri was able to order Goblins to be created without restraint. Although it was possible to spend a bit more and randomize the genetics, she already had plenty of material to work with as it was.


In order to limit the variables and establish a control group, Uriel chose to order a massive amount of adult Ratkin and Goblins: One-hundred of each race. Half were male, while the other half were female. If she wanted to maximize the breeding potential, then she could have purchased mostly women and very few men. However, her purpose wasn’t mass production, but establishing a genetic baseline. Aside from that, it would be rather problematic if there weren’t enough males to satisfy the desires of the females.


Of course, she chose to spawn the men first, so that she could assign them to human women on the tropical island. They might have been created as adults, but they were basically blank slates. Even the uneducated former slaves, who had spent most of their lives servicing bandits, had plenty that they could teach the newborn creatures about life.

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