Chapter 273: Becoming One

“Welp, after listening to that shitty story, at least I know how Rachael managed to get a soul now. I also have a pretty~ good idea of what Arcana brought me to this world to do… but~ we still have two days to have fun~, so let’s go~ play~, hahaha~!” Michael’s wisp transformed into something that appeared to be similar to his ‘normal’ body-shape and size, but completely pitch-black.

The shadowy figure floated in front of Elina and she yelped, unintentionally jumping backwards and flapping her wings. She asked “W-what are you doing?! Wait, how did you do that? Why do you look so scary?!”

He snickered, complaining “Seriously, stop being such a pussy, and also, that’s kinda offensive against mysterious beings of ominous Darkness… Anyway, I’ve never actually tried this before, but I wonder if I can like, go inside of you?”

Hearing that, a faint golden blush appeared on her pure-white cheeks, but then she realized what he truly meant. “Wait, Michael, that sounds terrifying… Are you sure it’s a good idea to, umm, you know, ‘enter’ me? What if you get stuck and I end up getting pregnant with a baby you? Then wouldn’t you be my son, and it’d be really awkward…”

“Hahaha~, holy shit, that’d be fucking hilarious! Besides, there was something semi-similar to that, which happened to me and Talia… Not saying it wasn’t a little weird, but it definitely doesn’t count, cause I was just trapped in her womb and escaped from her dryadic vagina. Okay, enough worrying about things that probably won’t happen; don’t you wanna ‘become one’ with me? What’s more intimate than allowing the disembodied spirit of your lover to penetrate your brainbox and play around in your mana-core?” He snickered, transforming back into an invisible wisp and pressing against the golden tattoo of an eye, on her forehead.

Elina sighed, reaching her arms out and imagining that she was hugging her husband, then opened her mouth and began kissing the air. However, when nothing happened after a few seconds, she asked “Umm~, Michael, did it work? I don’t see or hear you anymore?”

Suddenly, the left half of her body became completely numb and she felt a familiar, delicate hand massaging her right breast. A thought entered her mind, “I can’t seem to enter your mana-core, but I am inside of your brain… It’s pretty weird. I’m gonna try again, so ‘embrace’ me spiritually, you’re focusing too much on the physical.”

She grumbled “I’m trying~, but why are we even doing this? It seems really dangerous and I don’t understand what the purpose is… Ah~, un~, ahn~! W-what are you doing?!”

“Just mind fucking you a bit… literally. Anyway, the reason is because unless my ‘soul’ or whatever the hell this thing is, goes inside of a mana-core, I can’t separate very far from my ‘real’ body. Besides, I can totally teach you how to teleport… or at least try really hard and fail epically. You’re subconsciously resisting, because you feel like I’m ‘taking over’ you, but it’s kinda the opposite… I’m allowing you to ‘absorb’ the most basic essence of my being, into your own soul; at least, that’s what I think will happen. Actually, now that I think about it, this is probably a really bad idea… Ugh, too late to stop now, I guess? Hahahaha~, that tickles~! Ow, what the hell?! Grah~! Agh~! Ouch, umm~, I think it might have worked-ish?” He had stored over a hundred thousand disembodied spirits in his own mana-core before, but the difference was that he ‘captured’ them. They had been dormant and it required an enormous amount of effort for them to put up any sort of resistance; what he had done with Elina was completely different.

Both of them were conscious and she wasn’t a Summoner, nor did she possess the Arcane Affinity. Thus, when their two active souls were compressed together, they managed to ‘fuse’ together.

There were no physical changes at all to the angelic cat-girl, but she did ‘feel’ very strange. It wasn’t painful or uncomfortable, just very ‘odd’. She asked “Michael… are you still there? Weird, what is that thing?” When she turned towards the distant ‘Holy Mountain’, she saw a thread of pitch-black wire, which had a beautiful golden chain coiled around it.

Then she screamed “What, huh, ah~!? Michael~, what’s happening!? Where are you!?” as her third eye opened: It was totally obsidian, aside from a circular, yellow iris. However, even though her tattoo had transformed, her Racial spell hadn’t actually activated.

That strange eye scanned around for a few seconds, before she experienced a wave of exhaustion. She became extremely aroused, as she inhaled a wiff of a familiar feminine scent, belonging to a certain High-Elf’s cleavage. After that, she felt long, dextrous and soft fingers running down her back, neck and grasping her buttocks. Eventually, there was a tight sensation around her pelvis, yet it was a bit numb and she thought that she was being teased by the Nephilim’s telekinesis for a moment.

However, it was then that a pitch-black wisp erupted from her third eye, it appeared as if it were being strangled by a golden halo or ring. In a few seconds, it managed to reach the end of that three-mile long wire and entered inside of a little boy’s forehead.

Michael’s crimson eyes glowed faintly, as he lifted his head and gazed up at Talia’s sleeping face. His hips were unconsciously thrusting and his relatively small erection was passing between her closed thighs, rubbing against her genitals.

Three minutes passed and he finally ‘satisfied’ himself, experiencing a rather short-lived and lack-luster sense of ecstasy. Then he murmured “What am I doing? Where am I? This body… is it mine? I’m so confused…”

That wisp erupted from his forehead and passed along the extremely long, illusory wire, eventually stopping in front of Elina’s blankly staring face. Then she muttered “I’m Muh… Lina? Milina? Erm, no, I’m Elina, probably? I think Michael is mostly sleeping… maybe? Why did we do this again? How do we separate? Will it just happen naturally, or, no, it will definitely stop once he, I, we, wake up… hopefully. For now though, I need to go make sure that my baby is okay!”

The orb of darkness and golden light, swerved around her head and soared forwards at over one-thousand miles per hour. It didn’t take long for her to reach the casually striding bright-green vixen, and swoop down next to Sarah’s head.

“What the hell? Mike, you look a little different than usual…” That skull-faced girl could apparently still see the mysterious wisp. It abruptly took the shape of a six-foot tall, cat-eared, large-breasted angelic woman, with long silver hair.

Elina had actually been able to use the spell ‘Astral Leap’, as if she had cast it a thousand times before then. Not only that, but she also seemed to be funneling Arcane mana along that weird cable, allowing her access to ‘Advanced Telekinesis’, and many of the Nephilim’s other abilities. Oddly enough, her Passives and Spellbook didn’t change and it was more like she was ‘borrowing’ skills from Michael’s body.

Those seven fluffy tails wrapped around her waist and legs, as Inari barked a few times and increased her speed dramatically. “What the fuck? Are you Mike or that whiny cat-bitch?” Sarah couldn’t tell if what she was seeing was an illusion, but even her instincts were telling her that the mysterious woman was somehow ‘both’.

However, the ethereal angel smiled wryly and attempted to explain “I’m Elina… Michael, he umm, entered inside of my mana-core? I’m not really sure what he did, exactly. I think he’s probably sleeping though, while I have complete control over my own body. Well, I can also use some of his spells-”
“I honestly don’t give a shit, so shut-up and take this annoying brat!” Sarah yanked the little snake-girl off of her shadowy tendrils and threw Rachael into her mother’s warm embrace.

After a few seconds, they reached another one-hundred meter tall wall, which the tiger-sized fox easily scaled and leapt off of. There was a relatively large forest of pine-trees, spread from north to south for quite a distance, and it was filled with tens of thousands of magical-beasts. Of course, most of them were ‘Vicious Squirrels’, but there were also various types of small birds, deer, wolves, foxes and leopards.

Unfortunately, there was nothing above level-ten, so Sarah, Elina and Inari wouldn’t be able to gain any benefits from wantonly slaughtering the wildlife. When the vixen landed within the woods, she rapidly turned into a beautiful adolescent, brown-skinned fox-girl, with bright-blue vulpine eyes.

She grinned, exposing her pearly-white teeth and fangs, before growling at her two Companions. Then she reached out and grabbed the confused baby Lamia, hissed quietly and placed her onto the ground.

Rachael slithered across the roots and soil, hiding under dead leaves, playing with random plants and making adorable baby-noises the entire time. Eventually, Elina muttered “I really want to say that it’s too early for Rei-Rei to be playing outside, but she isn’t exactly like a Cat-Tribe Infant at all… Maybe this is for the best? It’s not like there are any predators that would be able to hurt her with the three of us around…”

Sarah snickered “Nah, there’s a shit-ton of hungry bastards lurking around this place… and they can’t even tell that we’re here.” She was using ‘Shadow Cloak’ to make them invisible, while the little girl seemed like an easy target to the level-one, rank-G, ‘Giant Slugs’ that were swarming around the area.

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