Chapter 274: Slugfest?

Those level-one, rank-G, Giant Slugs were huge compared to their non-magical counterparts, but they were merely the size of large mice or small rats. Thus, there wasn’t much of a difference in stature between them and the adorable baby Lamia.

Rachael’s golden scales and porcelain skin made it impossible for her to hide from the brown, slimy monsters that were approaching from three directions at the same time. A tiny grey squirrel, with blue, vulpine eyes, had abruptly appeared and casually held down two of the mucus-covered creatures.

As for the last Giant Slug, it slowly moved towards the chubby snake-girl and the optical tentacles released a threatening gaze. In response to the provocation, the Lamia tilted her head to the left and mumbled “Gagaga~, guga?”

It was then that Sarah deactivated her stealth-field and the busty angelic cat-girl screamed “Stay away from my baby!” Without even casting a spell, that third eye seemed to fire out a concentrated beam of golden light, which deep-fried the shell-less mollusk.

Inari growled at her, barking repeatedly, before finally yelling “Bad Elly! She needs to learn… to fight!” Since the words were coming from the mouth of a squirrel, it seemed a bit strange.

Elina complained “You aren’t even teaching her what to do! What if that thing had been able to spray acid on her, or-or I don’t know, I don’t want Rei-Rei to be covered in that gross goop anyway! What if she tries to eat it and gets sick?!”

Sarah snickered, “Bitch, calm the fuck down. If she was a Goblin brat, Rachael wouldn’t even be able to move around on her own yet, but look, she’s some kinda weird little super-baby; her stats are all so damn high, that I’m pretty sure she won’t be able to stand being cooped up all day at home. Anyway, you’ve shown the kid a good example, now let her kill the other ones on her own!”

The squirrel released the two slimy critters and hopped over to the charred carcass, pulling it away from the curious Lamia. Rachael giggled happily and slithered around the two extremely slow-moving ‘monsters’.

Those slugs didn’t work together, so it wasn’t possible for them to catch the little girl, unless she purposefully moved within their range. However, she didn’t understand what ‘danger’ was, or comprehend fear.

Thus, she casually climbed on top of the slightly-larger of the two mollusks and coiled up upon its mantle. Rachael nonchalantly shoved her tiny arms into the creature’s respiratory pores and it started spraying copious amounts of poisonous mucus from its mouth.

“Gagoguga~!” While she was ‘playing’ with the insides of that Giant Slug, the other one crawled up behind her and sucked the tip of her tail into its mouth. When her health was reduced by one-point, she screamed in agony and started crying uncontrollably.

Elina was about to kill the two of them and heal her daughter, but Sarah used her aura of Darkness to overpower the angelic Oracle’s Light magic. “Don’t interfere! She needs to know what pain is, or she’ll end up gettin herself killed one day when we aren’t there to protect her! If things really get dangerous, Inari is way faster than you and so am I… If ya really wanna fuckin help, then tell her what ta do! Ugh, cept she probly can’t speak yet, huh?”

Rachael’s body suddenly started emitting copious amounts of Light aura, which engulfed a two-foot radius around her tiny body. It lasted for ten seconds, before she completely ran out of mana, but the slug she was riding upon had lost its entire health-pool in the process.

Unfortunately, the second one had managed to escape before it was completely fried and sensing that the little girl was weakened, it sprayed a stream of green gunk towards her curled-up tail. When the acid landed onto her scales, they rapidly deteriorated, causing massive amounts of damage and even more agony.

However, it was then that the Lamia seemed to change from a scared baby, to a furious monster. She tunneled inside of the first slug’s crispy corpse, chomping down on the fresh and tasty organs, rapidly restoring her health, mana and stamina.

After a few seconds, the crimson-eyed serpent erupted from the tail of the carcass and slithered around the left side of her hated enemy. Grabbing a miscellaneous twig off of the ground, she immediately used it to stab a hole through its relatively thick mantle.

It wasn’t a very powerful blow, but two-points of damage was literally half of the creature’s maximum health. Then she stabbed it repeatedly, until the beast was finally subdued, continuing to impale the slug even as most of the stick was melted by the corrosive mucus.

Once it was all over, a blinding light enveloped her tiny body and Inari barked happily. Sarah yelled “Good fuckin job, Kid!” as she allowed the crying cat-girl to run over and embrace her daughter.

Elina noticed that she was able to allocate Rachael’s new stat point, but she wasn’t sure where she should choose to place it. The grey squirrel transformed into a tiny green Seven-Tailed Fox, which subsequently shouted “Pick… End!”

The skull-faced ‘Shadow’ snickered, suggesting “Dex’ll maker way better at castin spells an usin weapons.”

Then Michael’s familiar voice whispered “Perception, Vitality, Endurance or Dexterity, any of the four would be extremely useful… but I’d have ta agree with Inari. I don’t like the idea of my daughter having less than a single point of Defense Rating.”

[Target Information

Name: Rachael
Titles: Slug-Slayer
Level: 1
Experience: 1/10
Age: Infant
Race: Angelic Lamia Fairy
Rank: G
Class: None
Specialization: None
Profession: Unemployed]


Health: 15/15
Mana: 20/20
Stamina: 10/10
Mana Regen per minute: 20
Health Regen per hour: 10

Strength: 4
Vitality: 1
Endurance: 2
Dexterity: 1
Agility: 4
Intelligence: 4
Wisdom: 2
Perception: 1
Charisma: 4

Willpower: 7
Luck: 7
Aura: 8

Attack Power: 20
Defense Rating: 1]


Elemental Attunement Level 1: Able to train 10% faster in Fire, Wind, Earth and Water Affinities.

Dragon Blood Level 1: Organs, bones, tissues and even entire limbs can be completely restored, through Health Regeneration. Immunity from all diseases, curses, poisons, and toxins within 5 levels of your current level. Negates 5% of environmental damage. Reduces magical damage taken by 5%.

Arcane Affinity Level 1: Increases mana and health regeneration dramatically, inside of Dungeons and Raids by 10%.

Light Affinity Level 1: Mana and Health recovery increases dramatically when exposed to Sunlight and Moonlight by 10%. Increases damage against enemies of the Darkness Affinity by 10%.

Vampiric Thirst Level 3: Drinking the blood or milk directly from a humanoid’s body, will cause the Aura stat to slowly increase. Stamina, Health and Mana can also be drained from the target.

Gluttony Level 1: Able to consume and digest food at an exaggerated pace during combat. Accelerates metabolism dramatically outside of combat.]


Microwave Barrier Level 1: Releases microwave radiation in every direction, which is compressed by a shield of Arcane aura. The effect is more significant if the caster has a highly reflective body and the enemy’s body contains large amounts of water. Deals 1 Light damage per second. Costs 1 mana per second to channel.]



Elina ended up heeding her husband’s advice and improving the survivability of their child significantly. It was then that she gasped and asked “Michael, I was worried that something horrible happened to you! Are you okay now?!”

He snickered and her third eye projected a golden, holographic image of the naked Nephilim. The tiny snake-girl in her arms, turned towards him and reached her arms outward, crying loudly.

The illusory man smiled and seemed to walk towards her, draining a bit of the cat-girl’s mana in order to telekinetically give his incorporeal body the ability to physically pick-up Rachael. As he caressed the adorable Lamia, he whispered “I’m proud of you Rei, you’re so OP, hehe~… Don’t worry, you’ve had plenty of ‘exercise’ for one night. I’ll take you home now.”

In an instant, the two of them vanished and even that mysterious wire connecting Elina and Michael’s mana-cores together, had disappeared into nothingness. As her third eye transformed back into a golden tattoo, she heard him say “Elly, you should stay out there with Sarah and Inari… The three of you are falling behind in gear and levels, so go ‘adventuring’. That forest is pretty big and I doubt that there are only low-level magical-beasts lurking around; if you’re lucky, you might be able to find a Boss or two.”


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