Chapter 280: Learning to Tank?

Twenty-five miles to the northwest of Michael’s Waterfall Sanctuary, there was a huge field of beautiful, colorful, and gigantic, sentient flowers. It was a level thirty area, where thousands of beasts and plants were constantly fighting for supremacy.

A herd of colossal boars, with black and white ‘zebra’ stripes were brutally tearing apart the roots of a thirty-meter tall ‘Rosebud Treant’. It had the appearance of a large-breasted, Human woman, with pink flesh and long, slender arms. She was fairly skinny, without much muscle-mass, but her power was substantial.

Of course, from the neck up, there was just a massive flower, and below her waist was an enormous stem. She didn’t possess the Chaos Affinity, though her form did ‘seem’ rather demonic to the angelic cat-girl, who was watching from afar.

Inari was shaped like a five-meter tall anthropomorphic fox; thick green fur covered her entire body and her head was that of an adorable vixen, with whiskers. The feet were digitigrade and there were long claws on her fingers, but overall, she was humanoid.

That torn apart hooded robe, seemed like it was still stained with blood, even though she hadn’t actually fought anyone while wearing it. Then there was the gargantuan ‘Guan Dao of the Jade Dragon’, which was able to scale to her outrageous size.

Overall, compared to her two tiny Companions, Inari seemed like a giantess. However, the ‘prey’ they were going to be hunting, were boars the size of rhinoceroses.

In fact, they were likely closer to elephants than pigs; underneath all of that zebra-like fur, there was an incredibly thick hide. Their tusks were silver, instead of ivory, and it was possible to see arcs of lightning constantly jumping off of them. They had trunks, rather than ‘normal’ snouts, and all along their backs were jagged blades.

There were only a few dozen of them in total, but their levels were all around thirty and rank-D. As for the enormous flower, it was much stronger: “Rosebud Treant, Level-39, Rank-C, Boss.”

“I know ya never used a weapon before, but it ain’t that fuckin complicated; ya just jab em with the pointy end or slash em with the sharp-ass edge!” As Sarah yelled at the giantess, she was using her obsidian wakizashi to ‘demonstrate’ the basics of stabbing and cutting.

Watching that, Elina giggled quietly, whispering “I’m fairly certain that Inari was able to figure that much out on her own… What she’s worried about, is ‘Tanking’ the enemies. She isn’t like Michael; each of those beasts will probably be able to hurt her pretty badly. Well, the most important thing is keeping their attention… If they attack me, I won’t be able to fight against them on my own. I’m afraid to fly up into the sky to avoid them, since there are all kinds of scary monsters up there. I’ve managed to lower my luminocity for now, but once I start casting spells… who knows how many enemies I’ll end up attracting?”

Sarah smirked, though it was impossible to see underneath her obsidian skull-mask, she asked “Then why the fuck don’t we just force Mike to get his lazy ass out here? Hell, Kitty-Cunt is awake too… so is Blondie-Bitch. Cum-Queen needs ta stay home, so can’t he just dump the little snaky twat on her ‘actual’ mama?”

“Arf-arf, awoo~! Rawl~!” Inari suddenly began howling, growling and roaring in an incredibly threatening manner. It was deafening to her Companions, but towards the enemies, it simply attracted their attention and fury.

“Taunt Level 1: After channeling mana into the vocal cords, the caster loudly curses and swears at the target, forcing them to blindly attack. Effectiveness depends on relative level. Potency is dependent on the Aura and Willpower stats.”

After casting that basic Tanking spell, the five-meter tall, anthropomorphic vixen sprinted forwards. Each step caused copious amounts of dirt and grass to be thrown up into the air and while her body was fairly light, the gigantic glaive in her hands weighed over two-tons.

Many of the gargantuan ‘Thunder-Boars’ stopped attacking the enormous treant’s roots and began charging at the incoming fox-girl. Inari cackled loudly, mimicking Michael’s usual obnoxious behavior, in order to suitably enrage the giant elephant-monsters.

Her very first strike was a simple thrust, plunging the blade of her ‘Guan Dao’ directly into a massive pig’s forehead. The blade didn’t suffer from any resistance at all going in, but she did have a little trouble pulling it out. It was so heavy, even with her ridiculous Strength, she had difficulty using it efficiently.

Then she quickly remembered how her Companion always dealt with similar problems; instead of pulling out, she pushed in farther. Once her right hand was close enough, she reached out and sent the carcass directly into her bags.

As she cheerfully barked, a large tusk plunged into the right side of her lower abdomen and sent an excruciatingly painful electrical shock throughout her body. Then a huge trunk wrapped around one of the tails guarding her left flank; before she had the chance to recover from the paralysis, her fluffy green limp was completely ripped out from her spine.

Inari howled loudly in agony, but an overwhelmingly potent beam of light descended upon her face. Her HP was instantly recovered to full and she was able to use the bottom of her right hand to smash down upon the forehead of the beast that was impaling her belly.

Before she even had the chance to decapitate the one that removed her tail, Sarah had already used her wakizashi to lobotomize the enormous boar. Elina shouted “Help me~!” as a gigantic pink root wrapped around her waist, arms and wings: nearly crushing her to death in a single tight squeeze.

In her panicky state of mind, she remembered the way it felt to cast ‘Astral Leap’ and attempted to ‘borrow’ Michael’s magic again. It obviously didn’t work, but using her vague experience with teleportation, she managed to create a spell that was more suited to her Elemental Affinity.

“Luminous Escape Level 1: When the caster is rooted, entangled, or otherwise detained by an enemy, they are able to convert their entire body into Light aura and travel up to 10 meters away. The targeted location must be within the caster’s sight beforehand. Costs 50% of the caster’s current health and 25 mana-points.”

A beam of blinding golden light erupted from the tattoo on her forehead, and she teleported a short distance away from the vicious pink tendrils that had been killing her. However, for the price she paid to use the spell, the effect was truly disappointing.

With a raise of her glowing battlestaff, Elina shouted “Flash Heal!” and her broken bones, torn muscles and other injuries were swiftly removed. By that time, Sarah and Inari had already slaughtered five more of the giant boars.

The little ‘Shadow’ was completely unharmed, but the colossal humanoid vixen was covered in horrible cuts, gashes and literal tons of blood. Of course, most of the crimson liquid didn’t belong to herself; it was still rather unsanitary though.

As the Oracle cast a few more healing spells, she constantly used her powerful wings to avoid the subsequent root-attacks. Once half of the four-dozen ‘Thunder Boars’ were killed and collected, a deep and ominous buzzing noise seemed to be coming from beyond the one-hundred meter tall wall in the northern distance.

Hearing that, all of the beasts snapped out of their enraged state and began fleeing to the south. Even that enormous ‘Rosebud Treant’ let out a loud shriek and her entire body immediately burrowed underground.

Since combat technically ended, Elina and Sarah both received ‘+1488 Experience’, causing each of them to jump up two levels. The angelic cat-girl placed all eight of her newly acquired stat-points into Agility, so she would be able to fly faster and move around more easily.

Inari gradually shrunk from five-meters tall, until she was her ‘normal’ height. Then her head and body transformed into their more ‘humanoid’ appearance. She stabbed the blunt end of the guan dao into the ground and twenty-four yellow beads materialized in her right palm. Ignoring the ominous buzzing noise, which seemed to be growing louder by the second, she popped all of the mana-cores into her mouth and swallowed them like vitamins.

A moment passed and her entire body began glowing brightly, followed by a notification that read “Congratulations! You have reached level-36!” That familiar monotonous voice hadn’t appeared for Sarah or Elina either. She swiftly placed all of her stats into Agility and a mysterious message appeared before their eyes.

“The Game Settings for all nine remaining solar systems have been changed for balancing purposes.”



Difficulty: Hardcore
Realism: 100%
Pain: 100%
Gore: Extreme
Sexual Content: Consensual Only
Current Number of Players: 1017
Maximum Level: None
Starting Equipment: None
Starting Stats: Extremely Low
Death Penalty: -1 Level
Respawn Timer: 1 Minute x Player-Level
Friendly Fire: Off]


After seeing that, the three of them finally witnessed the source of that horrible noise. The entire northern sky was dyed blue, purple, pink, yellow, orange, green, and red.

At first, it appeared similar to an aurora, but upon closer inspection, it was actually a swarm of brightly glowing ‘insects’. Sarah screamed “What the fucking shit is that!?”

Inari barked and growled angrily at the incoming waves of beautiful, yet terrifying creatures. However, only Elina was able to recognize the ‘phenomenon’ that was occurring, since she had witnessed it a few times before.

“Run! We need to go, now! What are you just staring at them for?! We need to return to Luxiana! Oh Goddess, that, how could there be so many of them?! No, it’s fine; as long as we evacuate everyone into our house, everything should be okay. Michael built everything so quickly, I’m sure he can just rebuild it all just as easily… but if we don’t leave immediately, we’ll all be eaten!” After frantically shouting at her two Companions, the frightened cat-girl was about to send an urgent warning to her husband, when something unexpected happened. The enormous wave of ferocious ‘Locust Pixies’ suddenly halted and began releasing deafening screeching noises.

Then the seven swarms of tiny humanoid monsters separated, based on the color of their glowing flesh and started slaughtering each other. Watching that, Elina squinted her eyes and saw a beautiful, crimson-skinned elven woman, casually dancing upon the distant ramparts. Two glowing golden antelope horns were protruding from her temples and she was wearing a pure-white gown, which was practically transparent.

Sarah and Inari both witnessed that strange being as well, but they didn’t say anything. In fact, the three girls were completely unable to move, because they were entranced by that demon’s absurdly high Charisma. Of course, there was also something else as well; a voice that was singing directly into their minds.

“Two more days~! I can’t wait~! Just two more days~! Forty-eight hours~! Actually, it’s more like fifty-two~, but that doesn’t matter~! Hehehe~, the game is about to begin~! I really wanna eat something though~! Ah~, maybe some mashed potatoes~?! No~, no~, no~, no~, mashed dragon brains~! Nah~, needs to be fancier~! Umm~, I don’t know~! Grah~! Why don’t I just smash all these stupid pixies into a nice dipping sauce for some nachos?! Hahaha~! Yes~! Except there’s way~ too many~! Wait~!? Nope~! Not hungry anymore~!”

28 thoughts on “Chapter 280: Learning to Tank?

  1. Heya,

    I noticed two things reading this chapter, that felt awkward when reading them:
    “her broken bones, torn muscles and other injuries were swiftly removed.” – I guess it is OK for injuries to be removed, but literally “removing” the broken bones and muscles would cause other problems. I think “recovered” or “healed” would fit better.

    And on the subject of “literal”:
    “The little ‘Shadow’ […] was covered in horrible cuts, gashes and literal tons of blood.” – It might be “not wrong” to add “literal” here, but it feels redundant, especially as it seems debatable if it is really possible to stick such an amount of gore to a person, plus “tons of” already gives a strong impression.
    You may or may not have noticed it, but you use “literal/ly” more often than the average author. I remember a similar sentence in one of the BG-scenes, where some big monsters were “literally” tearing down some walls. Less is more here.

    Just my 2 cents, and I really like the universe and your writing style! One of the few works where the sex-scenes don’t make me cringe. :>

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    • I cant really put my finger on why they are easy to read, maybe part of it is because they are mostly over the top in terms of perversion.

      I havent read your other works (yet), I meant that in comparison to other authors. Most are really bad/awkward/terrible cringy when it comes to describing intercourse. And that includes highly paid authors as well.

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  2. Player A spawns. “Oh wow, this place looks so aw-“*splat*
    Player A dies. Death penalty -1 level. Player A level set to -1. Player A class changed to Compost.
    Exp to next level: YOUR SOUL! (or the equivalent in exp points)
    Decomposition (max level): Able to decompose yourself to increase the nutrients and richness of the soil around you. Rate of decomposition is 1 mana point per 1 day. Be warned, if you decompose too much you will die.
    Silent Growth (level 1, maxed at 5): For each plant you grow you will earn 1 exp point. For each rare flower you will gain a bonus of exp depending on the rarity of the plant. Exp is awarded only when plant is fully grown.
    Noob Rage (level 1, maxed at 10): What? You died just like that? You haven’t even had time to check your stats! Rage for 200 years! All stats increased by 10% for the duration of the rage.

    You are player #361 to have been turned to compost. Please strive hard for the next 2 billion years to grow beautiful flowers.

    And this is what happened to most players that dared spawn.

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