TDoE V2 Chapter 13: The Divine Armory

Until that moment, I truly hadn’t realized how crazy the world really was. At first I was with Di, then I went to a ‘peaceful’ underwater palace where everyone seemed pretty nice. I had treated that situation with the random psychos in the woods as some isolated incident that probably didn’t happen very often.

No, it wasn’t strange at all, because Cultivators were fucking nuts. Sure, I might not be the most ‘sane’ person and I definitely had my own anger issues… but I wouldn’t try to murder someone just because they yelled at me a little bit! Let’s gloss over the fact that Mei called me her ‘son’, since that’s a whole other problem altogether.

“Dad, what’s wrong?” A young teenaged boy opened the door behind the main counter. He was skinny and seemed a bit sickly-looking, yet he still had an aura that made him feel like a high-level Apprentice. That guy was wearing a white undershirt which was covered in grease and had toolbelt around his waist. He wore some blue shorts that seemed to be made out of a jean-like material and there was what looked like a revolver holstered on his left hip.

His brown irises turned bright-yellow and he quickly drew the illustrious silver pistol, aiming it at Mei. She had weird shark-teeth and probably seemed like the most dangerous person between the two of us.

I quickly kicked the back of her knee in and made her kneel onto the ground, then I ran over in front of her and blocked his line of sight with my relatively small body. It was at that time that the middle-aged man yelled “This wench tried to murder me! Hurry up and shoot the both of them!”

However, that guy immediately holstered his pistol and let out a long sigh. He turned towards his father and grumbled “It’s just a child and his mother, yet you’re telling me to shoot them? I was worried that the city was under attack again! There’s no point in even having the store open if you’re going to get into fights with the customers every day…”

The nervous woman grabbed my left shoulder and stood up behind me, smiling at the boy with long black hair. She immediately said “My name is Hua Mei, it’s nice to meet you…”

“Liu Azra, but you can call me Azra. Have we met before? For some reason, I keep getting this strange sense of deja vu… I’m fairly certain that I know you from somewhere.” He had a very feminine face, eerily similar to my own and his name did seem oddly familiar to me. I figured that it was probably a character in some cartoon or Anime I had watched before.

When I looked back at Mei, she had a wry smile on her face and she was gripping my shoulder a lot more tightly. Then she asked “Umm, do you have any relation to Liu Yong?”

Azra frowned and replied “He was my biological father… Did you know him?” In response to that Mei averted her eyes and caused her shark-like teeth to fall out, before swiftly growing a pair of new human-like ones.

Then she awkwardly muttered “Yeah, we were uh, ‘friends’ a long time ago. Heh-heh~, ugh, Levi, we should probably get going… We still need to go buy some real weapons. These crappy things are too expensive. Even if they weren’t useless, I wouldn’t let you waste my Contribution Points on them.”

“If you aren’t going to buy anything, then get the fuck out of here!” The angry old man was still furious and even started to reload his ivory flintlock pistol, though it was taking him forever.

However, before we could turn to leave, Azra yelled “What do you mean ‘real’ weapons?! Are you talking about those archaic swords and spears?! Do you honestly believe that those shitty ancient bows and crossbows are superior to actual firearms?! Dad, shut the fuck up and watch the damn store! Don’t shoot anyone unless they’re actually trying to rob the place! You two ignorant fools, follow me! I’ll show you what ‘real’ weapons look like, hahahaha~!”

Mei whispered into my ear “Levi, I think we should leave… I’m pretty sure that I might be this kid’s mother.” Of course, the only goddamn Gunsmith in the country would be my girlfriend’s secret teenage son.

I grumbled “What kind of ridiculous soap-opera bullshit is this supposed to be? Ugh, seriously, wait, do you mean biologically… How the fuck do you not know?! No, nope, don’t care! Let’s ignore that weird flag and skip over to the fortuitous encounter, okay?”

She seemed really confused, so I just sighed and followed Azra into the back room. It was basically a normal house behind the shop, but he led us down a short hallway, to a creepy locked steel door. He pulled a metal panel off of the wall next to it and revealed a device that kind of looked like an old calculator. The key pad had a small screen, the numbers zero to nine and most of them had accompanying letters like a cell-phone.

After he typed in ‘Rapture 777’, there was a beeping noise and the door lock released. Mei didn’t seem too interested in that ‘strange’ technology and murmured “Levi, I don’t think it’s a good idea to follow this kid down there… “

Xiaotong went back inside of my body and whispered “Don’t worry Levi, if he tries to hurt us, I’ll zap him.” I really didn’t understand why they were so worried.

Anyway, the two of us followed the teenager down the stairs. I had to help Mei carry her ridiculously heavy luggage though, so it took a while to reach the basement.

“Welcome, to my Divine Armory! Hahaha~, these are ‘real’ weapons! Probably the only decent guns on this whole backwards planet!” When he turned on the lights, it really did look like an armory. Mei and Xiaotong couldn’t comprehend the difference between the firearms we were looking at and the ones ones upstairs. In fact, they even seemed a bit disappointed at the ‘quality’ of the items on display. They didn’t look like works of art and most of them were rather mundane in appearance.

I immediately walked forward and started inspecting the weapons up close. As he was cackling madly, I asked “Hey, this is awesome and all, but isn’t there a ‘reason’ why there aren’t any decent firearms in Xian Dao? I mean, I have no clue if there really aren’t any… but if they’re so rare, there has to be a reason. Magical technology often makes conventional stuff obsolete, yet I feel as if there’s another hidden purpose. None of these guns have any runes on them, so they’re technically Unranked. Would those almighty Immortals and Deities, or even Legendary assholes actually let you use any of this shit? Fucking pineapple grenades, this looks like an M1 Garand, a Springfield, Enfield, even a Johnson Semi-Automatic Rifle… A goddamn Tommy Gun? Hmmm, I don’t see anything more ‘modern’ though.”

Azra stopped laughing and glared at me, complaining “Yeah, I know! Ugh, those annoying bastards… A few years ago, back when I first awakened some of the memories from my past lives, I tried to build an automatic pistol. This weird naked woman popped up out of nowhere and disintegrated it! Then she warned me that if I wanted to make weapons, I needed to place Inscriptions and Enchantments on them. I’ve tried to use an AK that I created a few months ago, but it turned to dust the moment I pulled the trigger. Wait a second, how the hell do you know all that?! What’s your name kid?”

“Levi Ares, as far as I can remember, it’s always been Levi Ares. Anyway, that Goddess of Nudism sounds like someone I’ve met before… Well, it’s best to avoid talking about past lives or whatever. You never know who might be eavesdropping. Hmm~, so basically what you’re saying is that these runes and markings are also used to restrict or prevent people from using weapons that are too overpowered. It makes sense. Otherwise there would be tanks, jets, nukes and all kinds of other tech… Whoever or whatever is controlling this world, obviously wants to keep Martial Arts from becoming obsolete. A matchlock rifle isn’t much better than a longbow and flintlocks with smoothbores are still inaccurate as fuck, yet they’re qualified to be Rank-G based on their usefulness. Guess that means that your Divine Armory is filled with a bunch of guns that can’t actually be fired, huh?”



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    • Although, he doesn’t really care too much about weapons… By that I mean, don’t expect him to expound on the Dao of Gunslinging or some such bullshit lol. In all Xianxia it seems like the MC either becomes some kinda Sword-Master or Spear-Lord, and they become one with their weapon, yada yada yada~… There will definitely be people like that in the story, but Levi isn’t one of them roflmao.

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