New Story

Okay, so I just woke up and thought that I should give you guys/girls some updates on the new story I’ve been working on the past few days.

Why do I keep making new stories?  Well, imagine if you were working a job that pays minimum wage for a month or two and then you make less and less money, until the point where you’re working for less than a dollar an hour.  That’s kind of like how writing webnovels is lol.

Whether it’s donations or views, it’s super hard to keep it up, or maybe I’m just bad at my job?  Anyway, the point is that, it’s kind of like trying to win the lottery, except you can’t just buy a ticket, you have to like… write hundreds of thousands of words every time you want a tiny sliver of a chance to win anything at all lol.

Why do I need money?  Umm, why does anyone need money?  Like most people in America right now, I’m poor as hell and can’t afford to just write whatever I want, whenever I want and not care if people like it or not.

Now, moving on from that depressing topic, it’s time to talk a bit about the ‘New Story’, without giving away any spoilers.

First of all, this is the first time I’ve ever written a ‘Diary’ before.  It’s kind of new and interesting, because with a diary, the story is being written by the character in ‘their’ present.  For example, pretty much all the stories I write are past-tense and happened to the character or whoever the narrator is talking about, a long time ago.  HCOP is written like a documentary, TDoE is basically a memoir, and the others pretty much fall into the same two categories.

Like, you could be writing about something that happened a long time ago, or earlier in the day, but then at that moment, the person who is writing the diary could literally die lol.  Well, at the very least, something could happen to them in that moment.  Which they ‘might’ talk about, or they could just come back later and talk about it then.

Alright, so the name of the story is semi-confidential at the moment.  Partially because I haven’t decided for sure on the name, but also ’cause I don’t want people to tell me the name is stupid or some shit and piss me off so much I’ll get discouraged lol.

Each ‘post’ will be a day or less of the diary, but idk how many posts I’ll do at a single time.  I’ve written the first ‘Chapter’ and it contains about ten days, which is roughly 15 pages total, or 6000-7500 words, I think?  Sometimes a lot of shit can happen in a single day, but other times, it could be very little… That’s kinda the nature of a diary lol.

Aside from all that, I’ll say that there’s no profanity or vulgarity really, it’s pretty PG imo.  Of course, that’s in my opinion, so who the hell knows?!  Hmmm~, aside from that, it is a ‘transportation’ story.  There are game-like elements involved.  Farming and Hunting will be two of the main aspects, but also… ‘Survival’, in the sense that the MC isn’t super-overpowered and they aren’t immortal(like in HCOP rofl).

Anyway, I probably won’t post chapter 1 until I finish writing chapter 2.  In other news, I’ll be editing and posting 1 or 2 chapters of TDoE sometime today lol.


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    • There’s only 1 PoV at the moment and idk if there will be more lol. Well, I guess there might be eventually, but at the moment, there’s pretty much just one character rofl. I’m only on the second ‘chapter’ though.


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