TDoE V1 Chapter 31: The Beginning of My Life

Clearing away the hundreds that were crawling over her body was actually pretty easy. Totally horrible, but not difficult at all. The little fuckers would splatter or explode with even the slightest electrocution. There was all sorts of ectoplasmic cockroach bits all over my arms and hands, not to mention that woman’s skin. However, she didn’t even seem to notice it at all.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that I can feel a huge difference, I would have suspected that you were taking advantage of me… Ahn~, but this is too much! Oh, ah~!” She was moaning and complaining a lot during the last stretch of my ‘treatment’. I basically needed to shove my entire right hand inside of her vagina and pull out all the bugs, crushing and shocking them in the process.

I sighed dramatically, muttering “I just want this to be over with… I’m fisting a beautiful girl and I’m not even horny, fuck my life~. No wonder Di is impotent… He probably had to deal with this kinda nasty shit for so long that he couldn’t get hard anymore.”

After it was over with, she put her clothes back on and thanked me repeatedly. I only accepted the cockroach trinket as payment though. Since Xiaotong was out of power and I was mentally exhausted, I left the office and told Joe “We’re closing for the day, go home.”

There was no one in the waiting room, so I didn’t need to see anyone else. I was really lucky, regardless of how weird it was, at least it was something that I could actually handle. There was a simple solution…

Also, even though I didn’t like it, I was slightly turned on once I thought about what I had done. In retrospect, it wasn’t totally disgusting. Plus, I realized that without Di there, I didn’t really ‘need’ to run the shop at all!

Xiaotong had used up so much Qi that she went into a sort of hibernation. Well, she usually slept a lot even under normal circumstances. That’s why she barely ever spoke to me and missed out on a lot of ‘unimportant’ things.

As I reached my room, I knocked on the door and had to wait a few seconds before I saw Hua Mei open it. I had originally thought that it locked from the outside, but it actually required a special ring to act as a key. For whatever reason, no one ever gave me one.

“Levi~, I thought you would be gone longer… I didn’t really have anything better to do, so I’ve just been eating a lot. Do you want some garlic shrimp?” She was holding a plate of food with one hand and stuffing her face with the other.

I sighed, “No, I’m not hungry right now… I need to take a shower, don’t touch me! I’m drenched in Spiritual Cockroach chunks!” After entering the room, I quickly charged into the shower without even taking my filthy clothes off.

Even after three cycles, I still couldn’t get that nasty glowing red shit off of me. That’s when I remembered the stupid cockroach shaped red-jade trinket that was in the pocket of my shorts. I reached in there and pulled it out, then I touched it onto the goop. Oddly enough, the seemingly inanimate object suddenly came to life. Orange and yellow flames burst out of its back and it started ‘drinking’ the ghastly mucous.

At that point I was just standing in the middle of the rather spacious bathroom and allowing a suspicious Fire Elemental insect to crawl all over my body. I couldn’t help but mutter “Ugh, why isn’t this freaking me out more? Goddamn it, I’ve only been in this place for a single day… I’ve already electrocuted my penis, gored myself in the asshole, been molested by an octopus granny queen, totally recovered, worked out a lot, sixty-nined, had all my skin ripped apart, been massaged half to death, totally recovered again, received most of a BJ, gotten a sketchy job, removed a curse by tesla-fisting some random woman I never met before and now I have a boner… There’s a magical creature shaped like a cockroach on my ear. This is my life now. Wait a second, did that bitch really think I was ‘Gentle Di’?”

When I was finally ‘clean’, I took off my soaking wet clothes and threw them on the floor, then went back into the shower again. That weird fiery bug became lifeless after I placed it onto the sink. I put the ‘Shadow Dragon’ egg right next to it, before washing myself off.

I walked out of the bathroom using a white towel to dry off and noticed that Mei was sitting on the bed, completely naked, eating large shrimp off of a ceramic plate. She smiled at me and asked “Do you want some? Or are you more interested in continuing where we left off?”

“Yes, both of those things!” First, I placed the stupid black rock and the weird red-jade roach onto the nightstand, then I threw my towel into the laundry basket across the room. After that, I carefully crawled onto the mattress, so that the food didn’t fly all over the place.

As I was laying on my back and biting into a juicy shrimp, Mei straddled my waist and started grinding her clit and labia against my penis. She giggled and continued eating as if she were starving to death.

“Wait, so what do you actually do when I’m not here?” It wasn’t until then that I noticed she shaved her pubic hair. I placed the piece of tail-shell onto the plate and used both hands to grab her asscheeks. As I beg rubbing her anus with my fingertips, she fidgeted and moaned a bit.

Then she told me “I’ve been down here before, a few times… A lot of the people are really snooty and obnoxious, so I haven’t left the room yet. I’d rather not have to deal with that. I ordered room service a few times and the maid sneered at me! Can you believe a fucking maid has the gall to look down on I, her mother, like that?! Ugh, this is why I left the palace in the first place… Anyway~, I basically just sleep, eat and cultivate when you’re out doing stuff.”

By the way, she wasn’t actually the girl’s mother, as far as I know. That’s just a weird saying that people used to use for some reason.

Once the shrimp were all gone, Mei seemed slightly depressed. However, she quickly used her mouth for something else. I stood up and she sat cross-legged on the bed, her tongue was thicker and longer than my tiny dick, so it felt a lot different than if I was in the body of an adult. In some ways though, being a child was kind of kinky. There was a bit of moral ambiguity involved. Since my mind was ‘mature’, yet my physical form wasn’t fully developed, was it actually ‘wrong’?

I mean, if a person had some sort of hormone disorder and their body still looked like that of a kid, even when they were in their twenties, would society decide that they would never be allowed to procreate? Probably not and that’s why people like to quantify everything. When you’re a certain ‘age’, a number of years old, that’s what decides what you’re legally allowed to do.

Teenagers and brats have sex all the time, even though they’re considered ‘too young’. My motto has always been “Freedom is the best.” As long as it doesn’t infringe on someone else’s liberties or rights, then there shouldn’t be some silly laws trying to criminalize everything. If people want to inject themselves with deadly poisons, it’s their own prerogative! When they die, it’s their own damn fault! Other assholes should just mind their own motherfucking business! Natural selection would weed out the problems if humanity allowed it.

Well anyway, so I was getting a blowjob. Mei’s eyes glowed bright orange as she gazed up at me. Her lips were touching my hairless pubic mound, even my balls were inside of her mouth and I could feel her tongue rubbing around and trying to reach my anus. Of course, her slimy grey hands were already squeezing my butt and her fingers were spreading it apart.

Honestly, my previous ass was never very sensitive. There were several occasions where I did some ‘experimentation’. Not with other people obviously, but then again, that might have been part of the reason why I never really felt anything from it. Having a beautiful woman touch me anywhere felt amazing. Even when she was brutally ripping my flesh off, I never considered telling her to stop. Although, it’s not like she wanted to hurt me.

Still, there was a bit of guilt on my conscience. Not just because of Xiaotong, but also Mei. Everyone views sex with a different amount of importance. I always wanted to save my virginity for someone I truly cared about and loved. It wasn’t a religious thing, but more like a spiritual choice. When I’m horny, my penis doesn’t really care what happens. I wouldn’t want to be forced to do anything though.

There’s a duality between primal lust for a physical connection and the spiritual desire to have a real partner that wishes to share their life with you. Mei wanted to be loved, but I could tell that what she craved was more of a maternal experience. That was probably one of the reasons she was totally fine with sucking my tiny dick. She might have been a hardcore pervert, but that didn’t matter to me.

As I came into her mouth, she made some moaning noises and quickly spat the milky fluid out into her right hand. Then she frowned, murmuring “I didn’t really think about it before… But if I want to collect good samples, then I should probably stick with using my hands and no lubricant.”

After that, she poured the slimy cum into my hands and bent over in front of me, sticking her ass up high, while her face was pressed against the comforter. Mei giggled, “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and put it inside of me! Did you forget that I’m one of the girls who are supposed to receive your seed? Don’t worry about hurting me, one of my boyfriends had a penis that was bigger than your arm, hehe~.”

I sighed dramatically, because as I fisted her pussy and tried to push the cum directly into her cervix, I got a boner again. “I guess this is my life now, huh? It’s actually pretty awesome though…”


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  1. huh, that reminds me of the fact that there’s some spiders that have an appendage on their face that they use to suck up their own sperm and then they use that thing to put it in the female
    i like how noone in the comments here can really call me weird because they’re reading this aswel

    thanks for the chapter

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