TDoE V2 Chapter 3: Peaceful Shaman Life

The two of them weren’t from the Hua Family, so they didn’t have any Contribution Tokens. They came from the Li Sect of the Southern Islands. Just like the Qing Republic that Di had told me about, the biggest faction wasn’t the governing body, but the various Clans and Sects that had much firmer foundations. They didn’t officially involve themselves with politics, but underneath the surface, they were the ones who truly controlled the nation. Continue reading

TDoE V1 Chapter 31: The Beginning of My Life

Clearing away the hundreds that were crawling over her body was actually pretty easy. Totally horrible, but not difficult at all. The little fuckers would splatter or explode with even the slightest electrocution. There was all sorts of ectoplasmic cockroach bits all over my arms and hands, not to mention that woman’s skin. However, she didn’t even seem to notice it at all. Continue reading

TDoE V1 Chapter 30: The First Job

“Sorry bout that Kid! But it took forever ta find someone dumb enough ta work for an ear uh corn a day!” That was the first thing that Di said, when he returned thirty minutes after that creepy Necromancer left. Behind the giant shirtless old man was a tall and scrawny dude, who seemed to be in his forties. Continue reading