Bloodline Cultivation Journal’s Table of Contents

Aside from finally updating the table of contents, I also added a ‘Disclaimer’, which is similar to all the crazy amount of warning tags that Webnovels now days are ‘equipped’ with lmao. Seriously though, I remember complaining about not having enough tags back in the olden days, then getting yelled at as some kinda monster… Now look! I just said some basic ones okay?! Now people practically need a tag for every single thing that happens in the entire story! Just reading the tags is like a major spoiler!

So don’t read the “Warning!” unless you want to be spoiled. Also, yes, this is a very long story with like 900+ chapters. A lot of things happen. There is a ton of sex and even a lot of combat later on in the story. The title is Bloodline Cultivation Journal for a reason… The MC cultivates Bloodlines, the old fashioned way. Also with training and stuff, obviously, uh, not that kinda ‘training’… Maybe, I don’t know, I don’t want to give too many spoilers.

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TDoE V2 Chapter 3: Peaceful Shaman Life

The two of them weren’t from the Hua Family, so they didn’t have any Contribution Tokens. They came from the Li Sect of the Southern Islands. Just like the Qing Republic that Di had told me about, the biggest faction wasn’t the governing body, but the various Clans and Sects that had much firmer foundations. They didn’t officially involve themselves with politics, but underneath the surface, they were the ones who truly controlled the nation. Continue reading

TDoE V1 Chapter 7: Spirits

“Shoo~! Fuck off! Ow-ow-ow~! Stop it!” That magical illusory ‘Thunder Spirit’ was cackling madly, as crimson arcs of electricity kept zapping me nonstop. However, it didn’t do any significant damage and only hurt really badly. It tried to bite me a few times, but it didn’t seem to have a physical form. Honestly, there was a time when I was shocked by a taser. The sensation wasn’t nearly that powerful, yet it was still a lot stronger than a bit of static from rubbing socks against a carpet. Continue reading