Chapter 86: Cats Are Cute, but Mess

“Wait, since when are Dwarves British? I always remembered them having Scottish accents… Well, I guess the original Dwarves in this world were probably English then?” While Michael was wondering about the least important part of that notification, Elina had a serious expression.

She stopped cuddling with him and searched underneath the various pillows, before finally finding a glowing pearl and unhesitantly swallowed it. Nothing happened for a few moments… Then the Priestess received a message: “Congratulations on reaching Rank E; please choose your desired evolution.

“White-Tiger Cat-Tribe: Most people would not wish to change their race. By choosing this path, you will be given nine stat-points, which you can invest however you wish.

“Lesser Feline Angel: There are many variations of the angelic race, and this is the weakest possible version, but if you continue to follow this path, you may one day become a mighty Feline Seraphim. Appearance is similar to Cat-Tribe, but with two large, dove-like wings that spread from behind their shoulder-blades. Weight will be reduced by seventy-percent from the original value. Aura +7, Agility +3, Charisma +2, Perception +1, Luck +1, Willpower +1.

“Feline Nephilim: When an Angel and a Cat-Tribe successfully produce an offspring, it will be something in-between. Appearance is nearly identical to Cat-Tribe, under normal circumstances. They have a Racial Skill, which allows them to sprout large dove-like wings from behind their shoulder-blades. Physical stature will increase slightly. Aura +3, Strength +3, Vitality +3, Endurance +3, Charisma +1.”

Elina was dumbfounded by the sudden choice and didn’t know what to do. She didn’t even know that Feline Angels or Nephilim existed, and she was actually slightly terrified of changing her race again.

However, before she could pick the first option, Michael muttered “I wonder if it always gives us the option if the mana-core is from a humanoid? Well, my Luck did reach twenty-one points, so maybe it’s because of that?”

After making her decision, her skin began radiating much more light than usual. Then it felt as if her internal organs were being obliterated, as her bones were hollowing out.

She screamed in agony, while crawling over to the Nephilim’s chest and laying down on top of him. He complained “I really don’t think this is the best time to sixty-nine… What the fuck, ew, so much nope!” as her bladder and bowels were immediately emptied onto his face.

Michael had coughed and gagged, but managed to avoid vomiting in that brief moment before the bed activated its ‘self-cleaning’ feature. Then he just stared at the constant stream of golden blood that was pouring out of the three orifices.

He grumbled “Goddamn it Elina! I’m not interested in shit, piss or vomit play! Fucking hell! Ugh, at least I was able to cover my mouth and nose in time… Sigh, and now you’re menstruating all over my neck. Ow, ouch~, gah, it feels like you’re pouring battery acid on my throat!”

Fortunately, when he activated ‘Lightening,’ the pain and damage had immediately ceased. Then the tail that had been sticking straight upwards, began losing all of its fur and becoming completely bald.

The hair on her head and covering her pubic regions had simply turned silver, while fluffy, white feathers began growing on her cat-like tail. Her skin-color remained porcelain, and her irises didn’t change from their previous golden luster.

Elina was calm for a few minutes, but then she started screaming loudly, while biting down on Michael’s left thigh with her elongated canines. She wasn’t sucking out his blood or anything of the sort, and her teeth weren’t even able to pierce his Defense Rating anyway, but she was just trying to vent her anguish.

At the same time, she was using her surprisingly long and sharp fingernails to claw at his buttocks: which she had been gripping tightly. He gently massaged her lower-back, waist, hips and legs, while quietly humming a beautiful melody.

While her pain was soothed momentarily, that was when the skin behind her shoulder-blades finally erupted into two plumes of golden blood. A muffled screech erupted, as the fully feathered dove-like wings burst out of the wounds.

Watching that scene, Michael asked “Where the fuck did they even come from?” but decided not to think too deeply about it. After all, he had a spell that created a similar phenomenon every time he used it.

Then a notification popped up: “Elina has gained Angelic Body Level 1: Completely breaks-down waste in the large intestines and bladder, transforming it into mana, which is used to satiate hunger. When Stamina becomes dangerously low, mana is consumed to slowly replenish it. The Aura stat determines the rate of decomposition.”

After that, there was another one: “Elina has learned Encumbering Level 1: Increases the caster’s weight by 20%. Duration is dependent on the Aura stat. Costs ten mana to cast.”

The wings that were relatively large compared to her body, began flapping violently; Michael had to hold her against himself, or she would start flying away. Before the transformation, she only weighed roughly seventy pounds, but afterwards, she dropped down to twenty.

However, after the three points of Agility came into play, she was only about fifteen pounds. Compared to her relatively large size, her weight was absurdly low and even with her insignificant Strength, it would have been possible for her to easily produce enough force to fly.

Michael on the other hand, was far too heavy to lift off of the ground, even with his unreasonably high Strength stat. With all of his equipment, his weight surpassed six-hundred pounds, even while under the influence of ‘Stat-Boost’ and ‘Lightening.’

After the sharp pains finally faded, Elina was only left with the dull aches and burns all throughout her muscles and internal organs. If she wasn’t inside of the house, it was possible that she might have bled to death, but fortunately or not, she wasn’t allowed to die within the Player-Home.

She sobbed for ten minutes, while continuing to stay in the same awkward position. Her long and fluffy white tail was simply resting to the left side of Michael’s face, and occasionally smacked into his temple lightly.

However, whether it was due to the increase in her Charisma stat, or that her genitals were spasming only a few inches from his face: he was aroused the entire time. He continued to massage her back and thighs with his left hand, but began rubbing himself with the right.

It was as if he had completely forgotten about the terrible scene that he had just witnessed a few minutes prior, and wasn’t even phased by the golden juices that were pouring out of her. As he rubbed his beardless cheek against Elina’s incredibly smooth thigh, he muttered “It’s amazing how you can be completely hairless on every other part of your body, yet your pussy is still covered in fur… even your asshole is impossibly hairless. Well, the actual lips, clit and vagina obviously aren’t furry, so it’s all good.”

The cat-girl complained “Do you always need to be so vulgar about everything?!” Her internal and external bleeding, along with the pain, had finally started to fade away.

Michael retorted “You literally had explosive diarrhea all over my face, and you’re saying that I’m the vulgar one? Do you have some kinda scat fetish?” as her tail repeatedly smacked against his face.

Elina lifted her head, trying to move, but she couldn’t dislodge her hands from underneath of him. She yelled “It’s not like I did that on purpose! Anyway, lift your butt up so I can get out of the way… Unless you want me to throw up all over your penis?”

He quickly did as she asked, and then the Feline Angel vomited profusely all over his left thigh. The Nephilim sighed dramatically, as he grumbled “Welp, there goes my boner, thanks a fucking lot.”

After seeing how quickly all the filth was washed away and disintegrated by the bed, he got up and looked around the light-brown wooden paneling. Then he stared at the closed bathroom door, and asked “Seriously, how long are you gonna keep creeping on us for?”

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  1. Huh, where did that level up for the cat girl suddenly come from? Or that pearl? Michael just got a quest, shouldn’t she have gotten the same or a similar quest as well or something?

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      • I feel like you would like the story I’m currently writing lol. Well, I’ve only edited and posted like 135 chapters, but I’ve written over a thousand so far. Lots of breeding, reproduction, all that good stuff lmao.


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